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WOW, what a title!!! No wonder folks can't understand the Christian faith with a title like that. Go back and read the first three parts to this theme of "Unique Importance", and it may become a little clearer. We have learned, and accepted, that each of us is unique in all the world, and uniquely special in the eyes of our God, who made us, and loved us even before the creation of the world. But sometimes, for reasons we have discussed, we do not feel very special, or loved, or needed. How can we express this pent-up special uniqueness given to us by our creator? I promised I would give my 1,2,3,4...feelings on the matter. So, here goes!

1. Wake up each day with an attitude-of-gratitude. Write down a gratitude list. This act helps arrange our relationship with God, and with our space in the world -- at this moment. How can we express our unique importance if we are at war with the moment? If I feel at odds with God, the world, my circumstance, my life, how can I feel positive about any unique importance? I may feel unique, but I will not feel important, or loved, or needed. Isn't that what we are really seeking? At this point, I thank God for everything that is happening in my life -- at this moment. Do I always like it? No. Do I ever pray for a change? Yes. But for this moment, I try to accept where I am.

2. Speak and think positively, even if that is not your natural way of thinking or speaking. A friend once taught me this little truth:

"I can reveal, the way that I feel, by what I say and do.

----But if I change the things I say and do, I can change my feelings too."

Clearly I remember it 30 years later because it spoke to me about what I was doing. Start with the gratitude list, and if you have finished and still do not feel grateful, shift into second gear and repeat that little ditty. And think about it. Are you still fighting? Then start over with step one --- if you are seeking a positive way to express your unique importance. Or are you just planning to spend the day in misery? God has much better planned for your day. Do you?

3. Find someone to serve. If you are in your home, perhaps it is a neighbor who needs something, perhaps even just a word of encouragement. How about the local school? Do they need a senior volunteer to spend some time with the children? Look around. Select something that gives you a good feeling about a value you can add, and work to become involved. My 80 year old neighbor still drives well, and takes other seniors to doctor's appointments. She visits folks from her church who are in nursing homes. She keeps so busy that I told her the other day I was calling to see if she still lived over there. Go to the SeniorARK Links/Service  page and see if something there feels right.

My church is very active in the needs of its parishioners, right down to having a parish nurse to help assess the situation of ill or aging members. And, two other women in the church who have been recently widowed, have started a special project. They prepare a large volume of very delicious foods, dish it into compartmented tupperware-type serving plates with pop on lids. and freeze them. When a member of the church, or someone else known to members, is unable to prepare meals, someone shows up with a bunch of these frozen meals. This program is designed primarily as a temporary thing. Recently my wife and I both spent some time in the hospital (ie. a senior vacation), and for a time were a bit shaky after coming home. Twice our parish pastor, Joe Hopkins, appeared with a bag of meals for us. What a wonderful thing to do for us just then. Is this something you could do?

Perhaps you are in a hospital, or assisted living center, or nursing facility. How can you possibly serve there? Could you share your gratitude with someone in the next bed? How about telling a nurse how wonderful he/she is in caring for you. Nurses leave home with all the human concerns and problems that exist in the world. You could make all the difference to a nurse or aide who is hurting in their own way.

The foundation of all of our unique importance is in God. But sometimes we need to work to find a way to express it. If you consciously look for it today, a new and positive life can burst forth in front of you, wherever you are.


"Take my life, and let it be

       consecrated Lord to Thee.

Take my moments, and my days,

       let them flow in ceaseless praise, Let them flow in ceaseless praise."


PRAYER: Father, sometimes we feel so unimportant to anyone. Because you have given us this day, help us to express our gratitude in your world. Show us our unique importance in all we do today. We thank you in the Name of Him who thought us important enough to die for, your Son Jesus. Amen                                


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