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                This message posted: Wednesday October 11, 2006

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Sometimes I wonder if it is a factor of old age that my mind wanders. It happens particularly when I am in my computer. One idea triggers another, and another, and before I know it, I have just spent two hours chasing them. And right in the middle of some profound discovery, that message pops up: "your computer has committed some kind of illegal activity". Or, "you have reached your open window limit, and some must close---now". And then there is, "A page fault has occurred in some kernel, (I don't think they mean corn), and your program has to close." YIKES! The computer has become corrupted, and must be rebooted. In a few minutes it comes up fresh and clean (maybe).

I think it's rarely the computer's fault. It's the operator. But I do indeed BLAME the computer, or the noise in the next room, or the dog, or maybe global warming. Blame ANYTHING but the operator.

And so it is also with my life. I wander spiritually and emotionally at times. And I can at times find myself somewhere between lazy and too busy, and physical exercise wanders away. Fast food can easily replace the things that maintain my health, and the waistline wanders (Oh how it has wandered). Or I get busy on things internal, and find myself becoming a hermit, sacrificing my contact with those who would bring feelings of happiness.

As surely as my computer chastises me for bad input, my life does as well. My health suffers, and my body tells me about it.  A sense of depression can creep in when I least expect it. People begin to notice changes in me, and they say so. My wife is particularly talented at that. 

I need to be rebooted. My life has become corrupted with miscellanea and trivia. It may be that old thinking has set in and I feel depressed. I may have spiritually neglected time with my Lord, and suddenly He feels far away. All of a sudden, someone pulling his car in front of me becomes an international incident.

Have I opened too many pages? Is my anti-virus not working, and I've allowed destructive things to enter into my person? And as surely as I feel like destroying the malfunctioning computer at times, I can damage myself when I become corrupted. Time to reboot! 

More next week, if I don't wander----too far.

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"Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Forgive our foolish ways.

     Reclothe us in our rightful minds, in purer lives Thy service find,

          In deeper reverence, praise."


PRAYER: Reboot us Lord. Reclothe us in our rightful minds. At this moment we let go of all those things that cause any destructive input in our lives. Nudge us back to a healthy place with the allure of your love. Today, reboot us so that we may reappear fresh and clean and ready to rumble., in the name of Jesus, Amen

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