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                This message posted: Sunday August 6, 2006

"Love, that will not let me go" 

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Hanging on to any moment, once it's gone, deadens us to the joys and lessons of the present. Dwelling on the hopes or fears of the future is an illusion that robs us of present life as well. So how shall we live in this day? So much to say --- so little space.

1. When we awaken each morning it is with a clean slate. Time to focus on our gratitude for the day. So we make a gratitude list. Even when we do not feel grateful, we thank God for those things in our lives that are good. Write these things down if possible. This sets the stage for today's focus.

2. Remember God's faithfulness. The past is a cancelled note. The record is clean. It is ok to think of the past, but to obsess about it is to deny God's creative presence for us in this day. God is with us at this very moment. And for the Christian,  the future can be faced without worry or fear. The same God who has been faithful in the past, will lift us to pass through any challenge. Our faith that he is ever-present in our day,  enables us to face it with confidence and joy. The hairs of our heads are numbered ( perhaps a few less than yesterday). He cares even for the sparrow. How much more will he care for us today?

3. Find someone to love. Look for someone that you can make feel better today--every day. The spouse, the neighbor, someone on the sidewalk, someone in the nursing home or hospital. Build someone up. Tell them why you are glad God made them. Tell them that they have a special gift. Thank them for their gentleness with you. If there is no one present--then look for someone until you find them.

4. Begin a hobby or interest that requires ongoing attention. It might be well to find a hobby that requires the participation of other people. As long as we are conscious and have breath, we can come up with a hobby.

5. Thank God at night for every event in this past day. It was a part of your reality today, and you are grateful for it. You may not have liked all of it. But if you have placed every event of the day in the hands of your loving Father, then you are filled with gratitude that you were able to experience the joys, disappointments, and lessons of this day.


"O Love that follows all my way, I yield my flickering torch to Thee.

 My heart restores the borrowed ray,

 That in Thy sunshine's blaze its day, may brighter fairer be"


PRAYER: Loving Father, Help me to look for joy and meaning in this day. Sometimes my days seem empty and without purpose. I know that even then you are with me. I want to live in this day. May I see the way. I wait for the healing ointment of your presence in my life, my good friend. Thank you for this day, my strength and my redeemer. Amen 

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