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                This message posted: Tuesday September 19, 2006

"Love, that will not let me go" 


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God chose to create man in His Own image, as an expression of Himself, and he expresses Himself differently through each individual that he has created. Each person represents God in a different and unique way. God's creation would be a less rich expression of Himself were even one person missing. He knew each one of us, and loved each one of us even before the dust of the universe formed our solar system. The hairs of our head were already numbered. He knew our thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses before anything was. You and I are very special in the heart of, and the plan of God.

And, we are all different. In all of the earth, nobody looks exactly like you, thinks exactly like you, is talented exactly like you. Search every nation, and your DNA will not be repeated.

 September 18, 2006, the leaves on my maple tree are just beginning to get a little color. Autumn is upon us.. I pulled three leaves from that sturdy shade tree that gives me so much comfort all summer, scanned them, and put them on this page. Click the picture to the left, and then the negative image to the lower right that reveals even more detail. Notice the infinite differences between these leaves, from size. to color, to veins, to markings, to points and indentations. These leaves, and thousands more from the same tree are all different. And so it is with us. No two humans are the same. And yet we have the same precious value to God, and have that value no matter who we are, no matter our financial status, stage in life, weight, height, or our proclivity to stumble. God knows all about us, some of which may even disgust us, and yet loves us with a longing that never ends. When my Mother died five years ago, I grieved partly because the one person who would love me unconditionally, no matter what became of me, no matter what I ever did, was gone. The unconditional love of a parent is an awesome thing to behold. And yet, even that pales when compared to the God who knows us better than any human could, and still opens His arms to fold us in.

Whatever makes us unique, whether good or bad in the eyes of the world, does nothing to enhance of diminish the immeasurable love of God for us. Like a hound on the trail of a rabbit, he pursues us, draws us to Himself, enabling us to stand up and use our uniqueness to become what He intended.

Claim your uniqueness right now. Stop telling yourself that something about your uniqueness makes you less valuable than the next guy. You and I are unique. Accept the beauty of your uniqueness, and then--look out world. The next time you or someone else feels that your uniqueness is of little value, say "Excuse me, but do you know who my Father is, and who made me special?"

Next week we will consider how we can love God's world with our special uniqueness.


"Give me the heart to hear, Thy voice and will,

     That without fault or fear, I may fulfill

Thy purpose with a glad and holy zest,

     Like one who would not bring lass than his best"                  "Christ of the Upward Way"

PRAYER: Father, show us every day the value of our uniqueness. We are ready to stand up and proclaim it, first to you and ourselves, and then to the world. Help us to see how we can use our special qualities to bless your world wherever we touch it.

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