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Some Examples of Free Checking

Free Senior checking can be a wonderful thing. You will probably pay for your checks (although they can be bought through private sources much cheaper than through the bank). But when you sign up for free checking, read the fine print. What are the penalties for overdrafts, or even overdraft protection? What about if you drop below a minimum balance? Ask them the question, "What could possibly generate an additional fee in my "free" account?" Look at your current checking account and see if you are being charged for anything. Then compare it to what is available at other neighborhood banks. Know thyself!!!  Which account will cost you less? Will you overdraw and generate large fees? Or can you discipline yourself to save money with a free account? Will they charge for online bill-paying? (If you can do this you will save postage with every bill you pay.) I was having an automatic monthly payment made by my bank to AOL for my online account. When I reviewed my bank statement I was horrified to realize that they charged me $15 extra every month to send $10 to AOL!! Needless to say, I am no longer with that bank. I signed up for a free 50+ checking account at First National Bank of Pennsylvania, and there is no charge for this, in fact no charge for paying any bills online. I only pay for checks with this account, and next time I order I will find a cheaper source for those.

Before you shop for a free account, click on this article from the San Diego Union-Tribune.



Here are examples of Free Senior Checking being offered by banks around the country: Banks in your area should offer similar accounts.


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