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Updated  August 28, 2015


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The SeniorArk.com editor is Christian, a member of the Presbyterian Church. But we are deeply concerned about the 60+ year oppression of the Palestinians by Israel, and will from time-to-time call attention to this immoral and criminal behavior. Israel's illegal and immoral treatment of Palestinians, and the daily theft of their homes and land, must end. These 'crimes against humanity' need to cease. Compare the way the Nazis treated the Jews, and there appear to be similarities with what is happening to the Palestinians in 2015. We Americans are giving billions $$ to aid and abet Israel in this treatment.   We urge you   to do the research, and compare for yourselves. Then, let your feelings be known to your Congressional Rep, your Senators, and the President.


Israel cuts water to Palestinian village, causing deaths of hundreds ...

International Middle East Media Center - Reposted - August 28, 2015

As an exceptionally hot summer heatwave continues to drain the region's water supplies, this week Israeli water company Mekorot took the ... (Israel can cut off water to the Palestinian territories at will, killing animals, crops, and sometimes humans. Palestinians are rarely permitted to drill water wells in their own country, Israel being afraid it could affect their own wells. This is nothing short of Israeli government criminal behavior. Ask yourself how the world, and the U.S. allows this crime to continue.)

As Homes in West Bank Settlement Are Demolished, Netanyahu Approves More

New York Times - Reposted August 28, 2015
JERUSALEM - After an Israeli court ruled on Wednesday that two apartment blocks in a West Bank settlement had been built illegally and ordered them demolished, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized the immediate construction of 300 more ...(The illegal Israeli activity continues against Palestinian land ownership.)

French Minister Warns Against Israeli Settlements

Eurasia Review- Reposted August 28, 2015

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Saturday urged the resumption of Middle East peace talks, AFP reported. The French minister also ...

Israel fails to protect Palestinians from settlers: Rights group

Press TV - Reposted August 28, 2015

This file photo shows armed Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of ... Israelis live in over 120 settlements built since Israel's occupation of the ...

Vatican officially recognizes the 'State of Palestine'

Washington Post - Reposted August 28, 2015
The Vatican concluded a treaty Wednesday that formally recognizes Palestinian statehood, a step that immediately drew criticism from the Israeli government and a warning that it harms the Middle East peace process.

Israel police say Jewish settlers stone US consular officials during West Bank visit

6Haaretz - Reposted August 28, 2015

For a country that insists it's done nothing wrong, Israel sure acts like it has something to hide.

Israel drops aerial bombs on densely-populated areas, thereby leading to the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians? Not possible, Israel has the most moral army in the world. Israel demolishes the homes of Palestinian terrorists and their families, in violation of international law? Irrelevant, Israel has the most moral army in the world. For a country that frequently boasts about its own morality, though, Israel sure does everything in its power to avoid its good deeds seeing the light of day.

Israel is losing its friends in the world

Financial Times - August 28, 2015

Britain's parliament voted the other day to recognize the state of Palestine. The decision will not change anything on the ground in the West Bank or Gaza.

When it comes to its morality, Israel prefers not to be tried

Haaretz - Reposted August August 28, 2015

For a country that insists it’s done nothing wrong, Israel sure acts like it has something to hide.  (SeniorArk.com favors cutting off all U.S. aid to Israel until these illegal "settlements", also known as Israeli "land thefts", end.)

Israel to expropriate (STEAL) West Bank land around...

Daily Times - Reposted August 28, 2015

JERUSALEM - Israel announced on Sunday that it will expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, angering the Palestinians and alarming Israeli peace campaigners.

White House: 'deep concern' over new settlement units  (Not deep enough, White House!)

Ynetnews - Reposted August 28, 2015

With tensions between Jerusalem and Washington running high, White House says Israel's announcement of some 400 new settler housing units undermine efforts to achieve peace. (For years Israel has stood with it's hand out for money, while at the same time smacking the U.S. with the other hand. This MUST END. This illegal and immoral behavior did not begin with Obama, but has shown itself for decades.






Simple Blood Samples May Help In Early Detection Of Certain Types Of Cancer ...

Times Gazette - August 28, 2015
According to a new study, a simple blood test could prove helpful in saving the lives by identifying cancers that relapse after treatment

Worrywarts and Over-Thinkers Are More Creative

U.S. News & World Report - August 28, 2015
Psychologists at King's College London in the U.K. say they've developed a theory that may explain why neuroticism can lead to unhappiness or negativity, but also creativity, in an opinion paper published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences this week.

12 dead, others missing after Tropical Storm Erika's deluge hits Dominica

CNN - August 28, 2015
Are you in the path of the storm? Please share images with CNN if it is safe to do so. (CNN) Heavy rain from Tropical Storm Erika has caused devastation on the Caribbean island of Dominica, leaving at least 12 people dead and more than 20 missing ...

Obama to Address American Jewish Groups on Iran Deal

Voice of America - August 28, 2015
U.S. President Barack Obama is set to participate in a live webcast Friday to address concerns from the American Jewish community about the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Radar Detects Object Believed to Be Missing Nazi Gold Train

New York Times - August 28, 2015
WARSAW, Poland - A Polish official said Friday he has seen an image made by ground-penetrating radar that seemed to prove the discovery of an armored Nazi train missing in southwestern Poland since World War II.

Planned Parenthood to file second lawsuit to protect funding

The Hill - August 28, 2015
Planned Parenthood is planning to file a lawsuit against a second state next week as part of its coordinated national effort to protect its funding.

Oshkosh, B'Gosh: The US Military Is Finally Replacing the Humvee

VICE News - August 28, 2015
That's because the US Army chose Oshkosh Defense to manufacture about 55,000 joint light tactical vehicles (JLTVs) that will become the successors to Humvees and mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs).

NASA Chief to Congress: 'Don't Make Us Hitch Rides With Russia'

NBCNews.com - August 28, 2015
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is tired of relying on the Russians to carry American astronauts into space. Currently, the United States pays for spots on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft, which carry people and supplies to the International Space Station ...

Life May Have Spread Rapidly Across the Milky Way, Scientist now search for ...

Benchmark Reporter - August 28, 2016
Like early explorers mapping the continents of our globe, astronomers are busy charting the spiral Scientists believes that life may have rapidly grown across the Milky Way galaxy similar to a virus, spreading like an outbreak where now the proof of a ...

Climate change more dangerous than anticipated

BABW News - August 27, 2015
A new report from the climate council warns that drastic action needs to be undertaken to avoid catastrophic effects of climate change.

Who's in and who's out of the next Republican debate

Washington Post - August 27, 2015
Another national poll from an outfit with CNN's blessing allows us to look at which candidates will get to star in the network's prime-time debate on Sept.

GDP Numbers Reveal Underlying Momentum, Possible Headwinds for US Economy

Wall Street Journal - August 27, 2015
WASHINGTON—Consumer, business and government spending helped propel better-than-expected U.S. growth in the second quarter of the year, a hopeful sign for an economy buffeted by overseas turmoil and sharp gyrations in equity markets.

Oil soars to biggest one-day gain since 2008, lifted by stock markets, US ...

Washington Post - August 27, 2015
NEW YORK - Oil soars to biggest one-day gain since 2008, lifted by stock markets, US economic growth. Copyright 2015 The Associated Press.

Nazi 'gold train': Treasure hunters warned of risks

BBC News - August 27, 2015
Polish authorities have warned treasure hunters to stop looking for a rumoured Nazi "gold train" as it could be mined or carrying "dangerous materials".

Fresh blow to Iraqi military: Suicide bombing kills 2 generals

Los Angeles Times - August 27, 2015
In a demoralizing blow to Iraq's offensive against Islamic State, a suicide bomber from the militant group managed to kill two Iraqi army generals in a single strike on Thursday, according to military accounts.

10 places where renting a home beats buying

CBS News - August 27, 2015
Existing home sales increased between June and July, with July sales 10.3% higher than they were just a year earlier, according to the National Association of Realtors.

For the first time, 1 billion people used Facebook in a day

Washington Post - August 27, 2015
NEW YORK - For the first time, a billion people used Facebook in a single day on Monday. CEO Mark Zuckerberg marked the occasion with a post on his Facebook page, saying that one out of seven people on Earth logged in to the social network to connect ...

Did aliens start life on Earth? New study makes surprising claims about how ...

Mirror.co.uk - August 27, 2015
New research shows life may have spread through space like an infectious virus - ending up with us here on Earth, scientists claim.

FDA Approves Another in a New Class of Cholesterol Drugs

New York Times - August 27, 2015
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the second drug in a novel class of powerful cholesterol-lowering medications.

Growth Hormone May Lower Odds of Fractures in Older Women

WebMD - August 27, 2015
Researchers found that when women with the bone-thinning disease took growth hormone for three years, their fracture risk was still reduced seven years later

Gene study finds link between multiple sclerosis and low vitamin D

CTV News - August 26, 2015
MIAMI - A major genetic study Tuesday found a link between low vitamin D and a higher risk of multiple sclerosis, a finding that experts say could lead to better treatment and prevention.

Study questions benefits of fish oil supplements

Fox News - August 26, 2015
If your daily routine involves taking a fish oil pill for your brain health, you may want to rethink that. In the largest and longest in duration study of its kind, researchers found that taking omega-3 supplements did not slow cognitive decline, The ...

Ferguson's GOP mayor to Trump: You're wrong — there are no 'roving bands of ...

Washington Post - August 25, 2015
The mayor of Ferguson, Mo. said Wednesday morning that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is wrong when he says that city, which became a symbol of racial unrest after the police shooting of Michael Brown last year, is besieged by ...

UN nuclear watchdog gets 'substantive' data from Iran

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - August 26, 2015
VIENNA - The International Atomic Energy Agency said Tuesday that it received substantive amounts of information from Iran aimed at quelling concerns its nuclear past had military elements, although it was too early to say whether any of it is new.

Stocks slip as China rate cuts fail to calm nerves

Reuters - August 26, 2015
HONG KONG Asian stocks fell on Wednesday as investors feared fresh rate cuts in China would not be enough to stabilize its cooling economy or halt a collapse in its stock markets.

German far-right ramps up racist rhetoric

Sydney Morning Herald - August 26, 2015
Berlin: Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) were forced to evacuate their headquarters after receiving a bomb threat and flood of racist emails and phone calls the party said were linked to leader Sigmar Gabriel's visit to the eastern town of Heidenau

Univision anchor ejected from Trump news conference

CNN - August 26, 2015
(CNN) Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor and journalist, extensively squabbled with Trump twice in testy exchanges at a news conference before his rally here in Dubuque, with a security officer at one point ejecting Ramos from the event.

9/11 survivor known as 'Dust Lady' in iconic photo dies at 42

CNN - August 26, 2015
New York (CNN) Many remember the haunting photograph: A woman wearing business attire and pearls is covered head-to-toe in white dust, her hands held out helplessly before her, as she makes her way out of the World Trade Center's damaged North ...

Tropical Storm Erika heads for Caribbean, Florida

USA TODAY - August 25, 2015
Tropical Storm Erika continued its march toward the Caribbean Wednesday, and is forecast to approach Florida by Monday, potentially as a hurricane.


Airfare deals pop up as airlines wage limited fare wars

Washington Post - August 26, 2015
ABOARD AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 1223 - Airline fare wars are making a comeback. Don't expect widespread sales or cheap flights home for Thanksgiving.

Tesla Motors Inc Model S P85D Sets Record After Running 452.8 Miles On A ...

Tech News Today - August 26, 2015
When Tesla's Model S P85D was first presented before the world, the company claimed that on a full-charge, the car would go on for 253 miles.

Report: Turkey, The New Anti-ISIS Ally, Betrayed US-Backed Syrian Rebels

Daily Caller - August 25, 2015
Recent reports claim that Turkey helped Syria's al-Qaida affiliate kidnap members of the rebel unit which the U.S. trained to fight in that country.

Fox hosts defend Megyn Kelly - Trump is 'totally out of control'

CNN Money - August 25, 2015
Donald Trump has resumed his war of words against Megyn Kelly. And it looks like Fox News isn't going to stay silent about it.

Consumers' View of Economy Improves

Wall Street Journal - August 25, 2015
Consumers' view of the U.S. economy improved this month to the highest level since January, reflecting better feelings about the labor market.

Stephen Hawking: there is a way out of a black hole

Irish Independent - August 25, 2015
All is not lost if you fall into a black hole - you could simply pop up in another universe, according to Professor Stephen Hawking.

We're about to lose four Texases worth of tropical rainforest—and it's ...

Quartz - August 25. 2015
The earth is on track to lose approximately 289 million hectares (715 million acres) of tropical forest by 2050—that's an area the size of India, or four times the US state of Texas.

Human 'Superpredator' Hunting And Fishing Methods Are Unsustainable: Study

Tech Times - August 25, 2015
Researchers found that the hunting and fishing behaviors of humans are often overlooked. Humans exhibit exploitation techniques that may be harmful to the ecosystem thus, experts suggest that human catching methods should be made unsustainable.

US scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal in process ...

National Post - August 25, 2015
Cancer cells have been programmed back to normal by scientists in a breakthrough which could lead to new treatments and even reverse tumour growth.

An aspirin a day – for years – may keep colon cancer away

Reuters - August 25, 2015
(Reuters Health) - Taking one or two baby aspirins a day for at least five years was tied to a lower risk of colorectal cancer in a study from Denmark.

Fifth of over-65s drinking at unsafe levels, say health experts

AOL UK - August 25, 2015
An alarming number of over-65s are drinking alcohol at unsafe levels, according to health experts who have carried out a study which found one in five are drinking unhealthy amounts

'Major step' toward universal flu vaccine: studies

CTV News - August 24, 2015
PARIS, France - Scientists have taken a major step towards creating a vaccine that works against multiple strains of influenza, according to two studies published Monday in top journals.

What is Legionnaires' disease?

Philly.com - August 24, 2015
Recent outbreaks in the U.S. have turned Legionnaires' disease into a buzzword in the health community. If this is an illness you're hearing about for the first time, here's what you need to know: For starters, the disease actually developed right here

The Intersection of Water, Energy and Climate

Huffington Post - August 24, 2015
This week, global experts gather in Stockholm for World Water Week amidst a backdrop of water-related crises worldwide. The U.S. state of California is experiencing a record-breaking four-year drought.

ISIS Levels 2000-Year-Old Syrian Temple in Seconds

ABC News - August 24, 2015
The ISIS occupation of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has taken its newest tragic turn, the same week after militants brutally executed a renowned Syrian scholar deemed a “protector” of the ruins.

Man rescued after writing SOS in Australian outback sand

Telegraph.co.uk - August 24, 2015
Australian police rescued a lost British tourist after he wrote SOS in the sand of a beach. Geoff Keys became lost after going for a walk from his campsite in north Queensland last month.

Gasoline Is Both Incredibly Cheap and Absurdly Expensive

Bloomberg - August 24, 2015
Filling up with gasoline in the U.S. is the cheapest it's been in a decade and yet way too expensive. The average retail price in the U.S.

'Stark' racial divide in views on post-Katrina recovery, study finds

Al Jazeera America - August 24, 2015
Residents' perceptions of New Orleans' recovery since Hurricane Katrina are “starkly divided” along racial lines, according to new study results released Monday, with 59 percent of African-American respondents saying Louisiana has “mostly not recovered ...

Washington wildfire becomes largest in state history

CBS News _ August 24, 2015
OKANOGAN, Wash. -- The massive fire burning in north-central Washington is now the largest in state history. The Okanogan Complex of wildfires has surpassed last year's Carlton Complex blazes, fire spokesman Rick Isaacson said Monday morning.

NASA to crash plane to test emergency locator transmitters

Washington Post - August 24, 2015
HAMPTON, Va. - NASA plans to crash a small airplane to test emergency locator transmitters. NASA says the crash will simulate a severe but survivable plane accident.

Trump capitalizes on plummeting stocks, blames China

USA TODAY - August 24, 2015
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media before a town hall on Aug. 19, 2015, in Derry, N.H.

Ten Common Myths About Social Security

Forbes - August 23, 2015
Financial Finesse is an unbiased financial education company providing personalized and innovative financial education and counseling programs to over 2.4 million employees at over 600 organizations.

More than 50 North Korea submarines 'leave their bases' as war talks with ...

Mirror.co.uk - August 23, 2015
More than 50 North Korean submarines - 70% of its entire fleet - have apparently left their bases as tensions rise across the region.

Oil-Covered Beach Near Santa Barbara, California, Closed

New York Times - August 23, 2015
SUMMERLAND, Calif. - Santa Barbara County, California, officials are trying to determine the source of smelly oil and tar balls that have forced the closure of a popular beach.

Shandong chemical blast piles pressure on China

The Australian - August 23, 2015
The Chinese government is under increasing pressure to improve industrial safety after the country's second fatal chemical explosion within a fortnight tore through a Shandong factory, killing one person and injuring nine.

10-year-old girl survives shark attack and saves friend

New York Daily News - August 23, 2015
Call her the jaws of life. Little Kaley Szarmack showed she has the wherewithal to battle the ocean's scariest predators. The Florida 10-year-old summoned the presence of mind - and courage - to dive back into the treacherous waters and rescue her .

How Google Inc Aims To Raise Its Exposure To Renewable Energy

Bidness ETC - August 23, 2015
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) announced earlier this week, its upcoming 20% project labeled “Project Sunroof” which is based on an idea conceived by Google employee, Carl Elkin.

Humans: Devastating predators?

Bend Bulletin - August 23, 2015
If you're looking for the world's top “superpredator,” look no further than your own reflection. A new study that examined more than 2,000 predator-prey interactions in populations around the globe has found that humans don't only kill top carnivores ...

People Living With Alzheimer's Can Still Enjoy Life

Huffington Post - August 23, 2015
Many people regard Alzheimer's as a cruel and devastating disease that destroys its 'victims.' One that robs them of their very humanity.

Lyme disease still stuck in controversy

Detroit Free Press - August 23, 2015
Mary Dell Harrington, 59, of Larchmont, N.Y., considers herself lucky. In 2009, she caught Lyme disease from a tick bite but recovered after taking antibiotics.

What you need to know about the brain-eating amoeba

CBS News - August 22, 2015
Naegleria fowleri, the so-called brain eating amoeba, has been blamed for three deaths so far this year in the United States.

Single people just as happy alone as they are in relationship

Financial Express - August 22, 2015
Being single can be a perk. A new study has claimed that single people are just as happy being alone as they are in a relationship.

Social Security and You: 2 cases where benefit seemed low

Arizona Daily Star - August 22, 2015
Every single day, I get emails from readers asking me if they are being paid the correct amount in their Social Security benefits.

Don't Cry for Jimmy Carter

Atlanta Journal Constitution - August 22, 2015
When that day comes, and it will, you are not to shed a tear for Jimmy Carter. Cry for Rosalynn and their 69 years together. Weep for his family, his state, or his country.

Trump rally draws 20000 in Alabama

Quad-Cities Online - August 22, 2015
Trump evoked Graham — the evangelist who packed stadiums around the world — as he brought his message to the Deep South. The 40,000-seat Ladd-Peebles Stadium was about half-full when he began his speech. Trump was welcomed by an array of ...

Donald Trump's Iowa co-chair thinks his immigration plan is "a big mistake"

CBS News - August 22, 2015
Donald Trump has insisted on the campaign trail that the immigration plan he rolled out earlier this week is being well-received. Yet one person not on board is a key member of his own campaign team.

2 members of US military stop Islamist attacker on train in Belgium

CNN - August 22, 2015
(CNN) The train was speeding through Belgium when the man emerged from the train bathroom, shirtless with a rifle -- possibly an AK 47 -- slung over his shoulder, the Americans said.

US air strike kills 'IS number two': White House

Times of India - August 22, 2015
WASHINGTON: The second-in-command of the Islamic State jihadist group has been killed in a US air strike in northern Iraq, the White House said on Friday.

Trump calls O'Malley a 'pathetic baby' for apologizing to Black Lives Matter

Morning Ticker - August 22, 2015
Trump unabashedly condemns Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley for apologizing to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Next Texas Energy Boom: Solar

Wall Street Journal - August 22, 2015
FORT STOCKTON, Texas—A new energy boom is taking shape in the oil fields of west Texas, but it's not what you think. It's solar.

Rep. Nadler to Support Iran Deal After Obama Letter

Haaretz - August 21, 2015
Deal has flaws but 'gives best chance of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapon,' key New York Democrat says. Reuters.

North Korea goes on war footing against South Korea as deadline looms

Reuters - August 21, 2015
SEOUL North Korea put its troops on a war footing on Friday as South Korea rejected an ultimatum to stop propaganda broadcasts or face military action, prompting China to voice concern and urge both sides to step back.

Glass 'sky pool' coming to London

USA TODAY - August 21, 2015
If you're scared of heights, this might not be the pool for you. A new luxury apartment development in London is planning on adding a “sky pool” to the list of amenities the upscale building will feature.

A potential British prime minister wants to apologize to Iraq for the 2003 ...

Washington Post - August 21, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn, the front-runner in the leadership race for Britain's Labor Party, said he will issue an apology for the 2003 Iraq war, which Britain was dragged into by then Prime Minister (and Labor leader) Tony Blair.

After gunfire kills 9-year-old, a Ferguson officer grieves: 'I wish there was ...

Washington Post - August 21, 2015
Last night, Ferguson police officer Greg Casem couldn't sleep. He was haunted by the memory of carrying 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden out of her home and to a waiting ambulance.

Fed Suffers Interest-Rate 'Impotency' as China's Allure Fades, BofA Says

TheStreet.com - August 21, 2015
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Years of holding interest rates near zero have left the Federal Reserve suffering from "central bank policy impotence," a Bank of America report says, and there's no pill to provide a quick fix.

The world's most elegant cars: Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2015

CNN - August 21, 2015
Pebble Beach, California (CNN) Just over the hill from Monterey is Carmel-by-the-Sea, a small town on the central coast of California known for its rugged natural scenery, white sand beaches, artistic culture and relaxed ambiance.

How hummingbirds use their tongues to extract nectar

Tampabay.com - August 21, 2015
A Ruby-throated Hummingbird pauses over a thistle it was feeding on Honeymoon Island. The arrival of the hummingbirds has drawn the interest of birders and photographers.

Lifestyle factors may be key to preventing Alzheimer's: study

New York Daily News - August 21, 2015
Alzheimer's may be preventable in those who live a healthy lifestyle. That's according to new research that pinpointed nine risk factors for the degenerative memory disease.

Scientists Are Growing Brains Now

Wetpaint - August 21, 2015
Sure, Ohio State University scientists have only made a near replica of a five-week old fetal brain, per Medgadget, but that progress still represents a big step forward for research of brain disorders.

Lilly, Boehringer diabetes drug cuts heart attack, stroke risk in trial

Reuters - August 20, 2015
A new diabetes pill from Eli Lilly and Co and Boehringer Ingelheim cut risk of heart attack, stroke and death in a closely watched study, the first glucose-lowering drug to show such protective results in a large cardiovascular trial...

Today's Top Medical News - August 20, 2015

OzarksFirst.com - August 20, 2015
Longer work weeks could damage your health. Why pregnant women should be aware of headaches. And a surprising endorsement for e-cigarettes.

Trump: 'I'm Gonna Have to Scare the Pope'

NBCNews.com - August 20, 2015
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that if he were face to face with Pope Francis and the Pope criticized some aspects of capitalism, his response would be to scare him about ISIS.

IAEA says report Iran to inspect own military site is 'misrepresentation'

Reuters - August 20, 2015
VIENNA The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief on Thursday rejected as "a misrepresentation" suggestions Iran would inspect its own Parchin military site on the agency's behalf, an issue that could help make or break Tehran's nuclear deal with big powers.

Britain to reopen embassy in Tehran this weekend

Reuters - August 20, 2015
LONDON Britain will reopen its embassy in Iran this weekend nearly four years after protesters ransacked the elegant ambassadorial residence and burned the British flag.

Why Biden Can't Overlook Iowa or New Hampshire

NBCNews.com - August 20, 2015
Vice President Joe Biden's reported focus on South Carolina as key to his potential presidential bid has early-state operatives and officials - and even some of Biden's supporters - alarmed and incredulous.

EU urges speeding of efforts to clinch global climate deal

Financial Times - August 20, 2015
The EU has called on world leaders to accelerate efforts to clinch a landmark UN climate deal in Paris in December, complaining that technical talks have been “painfully slow”.

A train full of Nazi gold discovered in Poland, treasure hunters say

Washington Post - August 20, 2015
It sounds like a movie plot: Two men claim to have found a Nazi-era train filled with gems, valuable art and gold that disappeared in the final days of World War II in 1945, when Soviet troops were crossing the eastern borders of ...

July was hottest month on record globally

CBS News - August 20, 2015
The latest report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has determined that globally, July was the hottest month since record keeping began in 1880

US Home Sales Soar in July to Fastest Pace Since Early 2007

ABC News - August 20, 2015
Americans stepped up their home-buying for a third straight month in July, as sales accelerated to the strongest pace in eight years.

Researchers pluck carbon from the sky, turn it into diamonds

Engadget - August 20, 2015
Carbon's the perfect material to build strong yet lightweight materials, but it's also the reason we're running head-first into an ecological apocalypse.

Alabama Police Suspect 2-Year-Old May Have Accidentally Shot His Own Father

People Magazine - August 19, 2015
Alabama police suspect that a toddler may have accidentally shot his father after cops found the man dead on Tuesday in his home, reports say.

Bangkok bomb: Thai police hunt 'foreigner' and accomplices

Telegraph.co.uk - August 19, 2015
Thai police issued an arrest warrant for an unidentified “foreign man” on Wednesday and launched a search for two suspected accomplices seen in video footage recorded just before a bomb ripped through crowds at a Bangkok

Germany braced to receive 800000 asylum seekers

Financial Times - August 19, 2015
Berlin has said it expects to receive a record 800,000 asylum seekers this year, more than the entire EU combined in 2014, laying bare the scale of the biggest refugee crisis to face the continent since the second world war.

US housing regulator targets more support for poor borrowers

Reuters - August 19, 2015
WASHINGTON Aug 19 The regulator for U.S. housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac told the two firms on Wednesday to provide more support to low-income Americans taking out mortgages and refinancing home loans.

Staples Executives Say Office Depot Deal Is On Track

Wall Street Journal - August 19, 2013
Staples Inc. said its plans to take over rival Office Depot Inc. ODP -1.44 % remain on-schedule despite regulators' recent opposition to consolidation in other industries.

Audi luxury electric SUV to challenge Tesla luxury EV dominance

Los Angeles Times - August 19, 2015
Audi plans to challenge Telsa's dominance of the luxury electric vehicle market when it introduces a sport-utility vehicle at the Frankfurt, Germany, auto show next month.

Watch: Shark leaps out of water after seal

USA TODAY - August 19, 2015
The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy captured dramatic footage Monday of a great white shark leaping out of the water in pursuit of a seal.

Just one or two drinks a day may affect cancer risk

CBS News - August 19, 2015
Just one or two drinks a day can increase the risk of certain cancers, researchers report. A new study of 136,000 adults found light to moderate drinking was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in women and several other cancers in male ...

FDA approves 'female Viagra' with strong warning

Reuters - August 19, 2015
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK The first drug to treat low sexual desire in women won approval from U.S. health regulators on Tuesday, but with a warning about potentially dangerous low blood pressure and fainting side effects, especially when taken with ...

Lice resistant to treatment now in 25 states

USA TODAY - August 19, 2015
Head lice are a giant nuisance, and they're now becoming a lot harder to get rid of. According to a new study, lice in at least 25 states are becoming genetically resistant to over-the-counter treatments.

Coffee link to surviving bowel cancer

NEWS.com.au - August 18, 2015
DRINKING four or more cups of coffee a day can increase the chances of surviving bowel cancer. A STUDY of 950 treated patients found those who had a minimum of four cups of caffeinated coffee a day were 42 per cent less likely to have a tumour ...

A book that filters water

Times of India - August 18, 2015
LONDON: The next time you want to get clean water, all you need to do is tear a page from your very own "drinkable super book".

Americans warn China over covert agents in US

Times of India - August 18, 2015
WASHINGTON: The Obama administration has delivered a warning to Beijing about the presence of Chinese government agents operating secretly in the United States to pressure prominent expatriates - some wanted in China on charges of corruption - to ...

Much of Trump immigration plan not 'radical' in GOP circles

USA TODAY - August 18, 2015
Despite criticism from some GOP presidential contenders this week of Donald Trump's immigration plan, the six-page proposal is actually a collection of what many Republicans have already been pushing on the campaign trail.

600 police gunshots during Stockton bank robbery were 'excessive,' report says

Los Angeles Times - August 18, 2015
The more than 600 rounds that Stockton police fired during a rolling gun battle with bank robbers last year that left a hostage dead by officers' bullets was “excessive” and “unnecessary,” an independent review found.

Bangkok bomb was worst ever attack on Thailand, says PM

BBC News - August 18, 2015
Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has said the

A routine traffic stop in Seattle ended with police officers helping deliver a ...

USA TODAY - August 18, 2015
SEATTLE, Wash. -- A traffic stop in Seattle ended with police officers helping deliver a baby in a car on the side of the road. Around 3:45 a.m.

Google Project Sunroof Can Tell You if Solar Roof Panels Will Pay Off

NDTV - August 18, 2015
Google has got a good look at your roof, and can tell you if it is worth the investment to install solar energy panels. The US tech giant said its "Project Sunroof" online tool is now available in the area around San Francisco and Fresno in California ...

Boston Bomber's Lawyers Demand New Trial in Another Location

Time - August 18, 2015
Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev want him to have a a new trial outside of Boston because of the “unrelenting publicity” surrounding the case and the “connections” between the city's jurors and the events surrounding the 2013 ...

DNA set to replace the hard drive

Times LIVE - August 18, 2015
The next challenge is to find a way of searching for information encoded in strands of DNA floating in a drop of liquid. File photo.

California's Drought May Put The Giant Sequoia At Risk | The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel - August 18, 2015
The wildfires currently ravaging California are not the only issue brought on by what has proven to be a relentless drought. It now seems that the state's signature giant sequoia trees are feeling the wrath of nearly five years without sufficient ...

Space Elevator Could Be Rocket Alternative for Astronauts

ABC News - August 18, 2015
A proposed space elevator stretching 12 miles into the stratosphere could cut out the need for rockets to shuttle astronauts into space, according to a proposal from a Canadian company.

Donald Trump Hoped Princess Diana Would Be His 'Trophy Wife,' Says British TV ...

People Magazine - August 17, 2015
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump wanted to woo Princess Diana so that she would one day become his wife, says former British TV anchor Selina Scott.

Oscar Pistorius due to be released from prison after serving 10 months

USA TODAY - August 17, 2015
Oscar Pistorius is set to be released from prison on Friday after serving just 10 months of a five-year sentence for the shooting death of his girlfriend, according to multiple reports.

At least 5 killed after two small planes collide over southern California

Fox News - August 17, 2015
Authorities said five people were killed Sunday when two small planes collided in midair while approaching an airport in southern San Diego County, Calif.

Downside of Upside: Deaths on US Roads Rise as Economy Improves

NBCNews.com - August 17, 2015
After years of decline, the number of deaths on U.S. roads is heading higher. If the trend continues, the U.S. could see the roadway death toll rise to its highest level since 2007, according to the National Safety Council.

Here's why Tesla's stock price is surging today

Fortune - August 17, 2015
An analyst thinks it could nearly double if it gets into the shared mobility game. Shares of Tesla Motors surged Monday morning after a Morgan Stanley analyst note said the company's stock could nearly double in value.

US Home-Builder Confidence Hits Near-Decade High

Wall Street Journal - August 17, 2015
WASHINGTON—A gauge of home-builder sentiment rose to its highest level since November 2005, reflecting growing confidence in a steadily improving U.S.

Severe 'Food Shocks' More Likely Due to Extreme Weather, Experts Warn

NDTV - August 17, 2015
Severe 'Food Shocks' More Likely Due to Extreme Weather, Experts Warn Extreme weather such as intense storms, droughts and heat waves will cause more frequent and severe food shortages as the global climate and food supply systems change, British ...

Company offers sending remains of loved ones to moon

AOL News - August 17, 2015
Elysium Space plans to send "symbolic portion" of loved ones' remains to the lunar surface aboard Astrobotic Techology's Griffin lander.

Do video games make people violent?

BBC News - August 17, 2015
More than 200 academics have signed an open letter criticising controversial new research suggesting a link between violent video games and aggression.

A new “drinkable book” has pages that turn raw sewage into drinking water

Quartz - August 17, 2015
As many as 358 million people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have reliable access to drinking water. Now, researchers have come up with a book on water safety whose pages can be used to filter water.

How a Tick Bite Can Lead to Limb Amputations

Live Science - August 16, 2014
A woman in Oklahoma who contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever from a tick bite recently needed to have all four of her limbs amputated as a result of her infection.

Heartbroken? Gender may play role in recovering from breakups

CBS News - August 16, 2015
Men and women have a long history of differences when it comes to handling relationships. And after a relationship ends, the emotional and physical grief -- and how long the pain persists -- may be different too, according to research ...

Earth Overshoot Day: Humanity has used up 100 per cent of the planet's ...

Metro - August 16, 20150
Humanity has already used up 100 per cent of the resources produced by the planet this year, which means all further consumption in the coming months places an unsustainable burden on Earth.

Air strikes near Damascus kill at least 80 people: activists

Reuters - August 16, 2015
BEIRUT A Syrian government air strike northeast of Damascus killed at least 80 people in a marketplace on Sunday, rescue workers in the rebel-held area and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Jeb Bush's super PAC prepares to launch its first TV ad campaign

Washington Post - August 16, 2015
The super PAC allied with Jeb Bush's presidential campaign has the largest piggy bank in American politics - but it's now planning to start spending some of the money.

East Coast U.S. Flight Delays Linger After FAA Computer Failure

August 16, 2015
U.S. travelers are coping with late flights and cancellations for a second day after a computer failure at a regional air-traffic control center created a weekend of havoc from New York to Florida.

Industrial output jumps as auto production surges

Reuters - August 16, 2015
WASHINGTON U.S. industrial output advanced at its strongest pace in eight months in July as auto production surged in a bullish signal for third-quarter economic growth.

Air pollution kills 4K a day in China, US study finds

Daily Record - August 16, 2015
WASHINGTON - Air pollution is killing about 4,000 people in China a day, accounting for 1 in 6 premature deaths in the world's most populous country, a new study finds.

N. Korea threatens Seoul with war over military exercises with US

USA TODAY - August 15, 2015
As the United States and South Korea gear up for next week's annual joint military exercises, North Korea warned Saturday of "all-out military action" unless Seoul cancels the plans and halts its anti- Pyongyang broadcasts along their joint border.

'Impossible to predict response' if hunger striker Allan dies in Israeli detention

RT - August 15, 2015
Holding detainees in prison indefinitely without charge, without letting them see a lawyer, is a criminal practice by the Israeli military and if Palestinian hunger striker Mohammed Allan dies it is impossible to predict what the response will be from ...

British royals say paparazzi are harassing Prince George

Irish Examiner - August 15, 2015
Prince William and Kate have accused paparazzi photographers of harassing their son, Prince George, saying the royal toddler had become their "number one target" and accusing them of going to "extreme lengths" to get pictures of him.

DC, New York area airports put flights on hold

Washington Post - August 15, 2015
Washington area airports and others along the East Coast are reporting flight delays due to an issue with the system that routes air traffic, according to the Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic control Web site.

The Next $15 Minimum Wage: DC, Long Beach Or Kansas City

Daily Caller - August 15, 2015
In the past year the movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour has seen success in a few major cities - and now several more are looking to be next.

How China's yuan devaluation could affect your food costs

Moneycontrol.com - August 15, 2015
The strength of the US dollar and concerns about the Chinese economy have already kept pressure on commodity markets. The CRB commodity index, the most watched commodity futures price index, is down 14 percent so far this year.

Audi to develop batteries for electric SUVs

Times of India - August 15, 2015
SEOUL: German carmaker Audi said it will develop batteries for electrically powered sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that can run more than 500 kilometers per charge, in partnerships with South Korea's LG Chem Ltd and Samsung SDI Co Ltd.

Human Sheer Numbers aren't Enough to Survive an Extinction Level Event

Weekly Observer - August 15, 2015
In spite of populating large areas of the planet and allocating vast sums of natural resources with the specific end goal of surviving, man doesn't have a better chance of surviving a mass extinction compared to endangered species, researchers say.

Climate change 'set to fuel global food crisis'

News24 - August 15, 2015
Doha - Global food shortages will become three times more likely as a result of climate change according to a report by a joint US-British taskforce, which warned that the international community needs to be ready to respond to potentially dramatic ...

Jimmy Carter's Cancer Fight: Wife Rosalynn Is 'Scared' But 'Right There with ...

People Magazine - August 15, 2015
Former President Jimmy Carter is battling advanced cancer with his trademark "humor and impatience", but friends and family say the one person who can help him through this is the love of his life, wife Rosalynn Carter.

NY bans sales of powdered alcohol, joins 20 other states

Washington Times - August 15, 2015
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York is joining more than 20 other states in prohibiting the sale of powdered alcohol. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed the new law, which takes effect in 30 days to prohibit sales of the freeze-dried alcohol, which is mixed with ...

Scientists researching brain disorders create super-clever mice0

Reuters - August 14, 2015
LONDON Aug 14 Scientists have genetically modified mice to be super-intelligent and found they are also less anxious, a discovery that may help the search for treatments for disorders such as Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and post traumatic stress ...

Smart New Study Finds Low-Fat Diet Superior To Low-Carb. But There's A Bigger ...

Forbes - August 14, 2015
I fell into writing about health shortly after grad school, where I realized I didn't want to work in a lab for the rest of my life!

Kerry Strikes Delicate Balance in Havana Trip for Embassy Flag-Raising

New York Times - August 14, 2015
HAVANA, Cuba - Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cuba on Friday morning to attend a flag-raising ceremony at the American Embassy and to give a lift to the effort to rebuild ties after more than half a century of hostility.

US general calls for boots on ground in Iraq

Irish Independent - August 14, 2015
America's most senior army general has said putting boots on the ground in Iraq might be the only way to make progress against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

US bombing of Islamic State rebels surged in July

Times of India - August 14, 2015
WASHINGTON: The US bombing campaign against Islamic State rebels surged in July as Kurdish fighters pushed into territory held by the militant group in Syria and Iraqi forces prepared an offensive to retake strategic northwestern cities, Pentagon ...

Why is Japan's WW2 surrender still a sensitive subject?

BBC News - August 14, 2015
This Saturday it will be 70 years since Japan's Emperor, Hirohito, publicly accepted the surrender terms of the key Allied countries in World War Two.

LeBron James, Akron Making College Possible For City Kids

CBS Local - August 14, 2015
SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) - LeBron James is giving kids from Akron - ones with challenging backgrounds like his - the chance to go to college for free

Small earthquake shakes parts of New Jersey

Washington Post - August 14, 2015
BERNARDSVILLE, N.J. - People in parts of New Jersey got an early wake-up call Friday from a small earthquake that caused no damage or injuries.

Drivers Outraged as Gas Prices Soar While Oil Prices Plummet

TIME - August 14, 2015
Earlier this week, analysts proclaimed that $2 gas would be common once again around the U.S. Global oil prices are cratering, nearing $40 per barrel, and shrinking wholesale rates can only result in lower prices at the pump.

DNA evidence results in elimination of conviction in Indiana County murder case

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Posted by SA August 14, 2015
Lewis Fogle, with his wife, Deb, after his released from the State Correctional Institution at Pine Grove Thursday afternoon. Fogle, who spent 34 years imprisoned for the 1976 murder of a 15-year-old girl, was released after DNA tests proved...

Air pollution in China is killing 1.6 million people a year, researchers say

Sydney Morning Herald - August 14, 2015
In parts of China, simply breathing can be deadly. "When I was last in Beijing, pollution was at the hazardous level; every hour of exposure reduced my life expectancy by 20 minutes," Richard Muller, a physicist at...

Latest forecast suggests 'Godzilla El Niño' may be coming to California

Los Angeles Times - August 13, 2015
The strengthening El Niño in the Pacific Ocean has the potential to become one of the most powerful on record, as warming ocean waters surge toward the Americas, setting up a pattern that could bring once-in-a-generation storms this winter to ...

Sixth Mass Extinction will Wipe out Humans

University Herald - August 13, 2015
A study in the journal Nature Communications says that populous species, such as humans, are just as likely to be wiped out in global mass extinctions as the rare species, International Business Times reports.

Apocalyptic Aftermath: The Devastating Images After Tianjin, China, Explosion

ABC News - August 13, 2015
Smoke is filling the horizon and debris is littering the streets in Tianjin today, as the northern Chinese city is struggling to survive the devastation from two fiery explosions that rocked a port warehouse storing hazardous chemicals.

The West Must Realize It Cannot Beat ISIS Without Also Beating Assad

Huffington Post - August 13, 2015
Three hundred thousand dead, four million refugees, nearly eight million internally displaced, 600,000 trapped in starvation sieges and countless others maimed, traumatized and rotting in jails where torture, sexual abuse and starvation are routine

Al Qaeda Chief Ayman al-Zawahiri Pledges Loyalty to New Taliban Leader

Wall Street Journal - August 13, 2015
ISLAMABAD—Al Qaeda Chief Ayman al Zawahiri pledged allegiance to the new leader of the Afghan Taliban in an audio recording attributed to him that was posted online Thursday, and further bolsters the new leader's position.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has outgrown its New Hampshire office

Washington Post - August 13, 2015
CONCORD, N.H. - It only took six weeks for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign to outgrow its headquarters in New Hampshire. The Sanders team will move their state headquarters next week from its current location in a modest strip...

Ben Carson: No apologies for 1992 fetal tissue research

Washington Post - August 13, 2015
This story has been updated. Ben Carson defended the use of fetal tissue for medical research Thursday, after a blog published excerpts of a 1992 paper describing work the neurosurgeon-turned-presidential candidate carried out using aborted fetuses.

Solid US retail sales bolster Fed rate hike expectations

Reuters - August 13, 2015
WASHINGTON U.S. retail sales rebounded in July as households boosted purchases of automobiles and a range of other goods, suggesting solid momentum in the economy early in the third quarter.

HealthCare.gov Saw Almost 950000 Sign Up After Open Enrollment

Wall Street Journal - August 13, 2015
Almost 950,000 new customers selected health coverage on HealthCare.gov outside of the open-enrollment period after they became eligible due to changes such as losing their employer-provided insurance or having a baby, according to a government ...

Your Favorite Music May Boost Post-Op Recovery

WebMD - August 13, 2015
(HealthDay News) -- Mozart, Madonna or Eminem: Whatever your taste, music may help you recover from a surgery, according to a new review of data on the subject.

Cutting saturated fat doesn't necessarily reduce heart disease risk

USA TODAY - August 12, 2015
Doctors have told patients for decades to eat less saturated fat - the predominant kind in red meat, butter and cheese -- as a way to prevent heart disease.

Is Fish Oil The Cure For Schizophrenia?

Clapway - August 13, 2015
Americans spend $ 1.2 billion annually on the country's third most popular dietary supplement; is it worth it? Recent studies have shown that Fish oil capsules can potentially provide a cure for Schizophrenia, a mental disorder in which people ...

Coca Cola Funds Quack Science

Falls Church News Press - August 12, 2015
Capitalism works well when it is highly regulated. However, it can become “crapitalism” when the drive to make money comes at a great cost to the public good.

Los Angeles Reservoir Covered With 96 Million Shade Balls to Conserve Water ...

ABC News - August 12, 2015
The Los Angeles Reservoir looks like a giant ball pit. The city poured 96 million, black, four-inch plastic balls over the surface of its 175-acre reservoir earlier this week - the first city in the country to use shade balls to preserve its water

The Yuan Isn't Ready to Be a Global Reserve Currency

Wall Street Journal - August 12, 2015
Over the next three months, the International Monetary Fund will decide whether the yuan should be added to the basket of currencies that comprise the institution's unit of account.

Yuan and you: How China's devalued currency affects US consumers

USA TODAY - August 12, 2015
China on Wednesday devalued its yuan currency for a second day running. It could have an effect on American consumers and investors.

Has Queen Nefertiti's tomb been found?

USA TODAY - August 12, 2015
An archaeologist thinks he may have evidence that the tomb of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is hidden in plain sight. Known for her beauty, Queen Nefertiti has long held a prominent place in ancient Egyptian history.

England to test charge-as-you-drive 'electric motorways'

BBC News - August 12, 2015
Motorists will be able to recharge their cars as they drive if a scheme being proposed by Highways England comes to fruition. The government agency has announced plans to test wireless power-transfer tech that it hopes to build under the country's ...

Some US districts face shortage of teachers as school begins

wlfi.com - August 12, 2015
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - As American students return to their classrooms this year, some may find fewer teachers waiting to greet them.

Guards allegedly responded to the New York prison escape by beating other inmates

Vox - August 12, 2015
David Sweat and Richard Matt broke through this tunnel to escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility - and left a racist caricature on a Post-It for anyone trying to follow their trail.

Man Charged in Texas Killings: Kids Were Becoming 'Monsters'

ABC News - August 12, 2015
A man charged in the deaths of a couple and six children at a Houston home has professed love for one of the victims - his son - but said he thought the children were "growing up to be monsters

Why It's Better to Live Near Trader Joe's Rather Than Whole Foods

TIME - August 12, 2015
Trader Joe's has been named America's favorite supermarket in consumer surveys, rating particularly high in terms of service, atmosphere, prices, and cleanliness.

Hyundai previews the future of their luxury efforts with the Vision G Coupe ...

New York Daily News - August 12, 2015
One quick look at the Hyundai Vision G Coupe Concept and you might not be able to tell what it is at first. And that's exactly what Hyundai is going for. (It is a beauty.)

How to watch the Perseids meteor shower

Fox News - August 12, 2015
File photo - A meteor streaks over the northern skies during the Perseid meteor shower at Stobi archeological site, which was the largest city in the northern part of the Roman province Macedonia , early Aug. 13, 2013.

MIT Makes Improvements To Fusion Reactor Design, Increases Theoretical Power ...

Techaeris - August 12, 2015
Fusion reactors have been a dream since the 1950's. Creating a nearly inexhaustible power source and finding a way to harness the same sort of energy production as our nearest neighborhood star has been an enigma to scientists for years.

China 'exporting' ozone pollution across Pacific to the US: Study

The Straits Times - August 11, 2015
PARIS (AFP) - Progress slashing unhealthy ozone in the western United States has been largely undone by pollution wafting across the Pacific from China, according to a study published on Monday.

Japan restarts nuclear reactor, 4 years after Fukushima. What's at stake?

Los Angeles Times - August 11, 2015
Amid substantial public opposition, Japan on Tuesday restarted one of more than 40 atomic reactors that were taken out of service in wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Turkey PM: Syria no-fly zone needed

BBC News - August 11, 2015
The Turkish prime minister has told the BBC that Turkey will push again for a no-fly zone over northern Syria to protect civilians fleeing both Islamic State and Syrian government forces.

Dog's body found with note: "We beat it 2 death lol!"

CBS News - August 11, 2015
PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- An investigation is underway after a missing dog was found dead in Pembroke Pines with a note attached to its body which said "We beat it to death lol!

Strangers repaint 75-year-old man's house after teens' cruel comments

CBS News August 11, 2015
Every morning, Josh Cyganik gives Leonard Bullock a smile and a wave as he walks past the 75-year-old man's house on his way to work.

US Stocks, Oil Prices Sink After China Currency Move

ABC News - August 11, 2015
U.S. stocks fell sharply on Tuesday, led by declines in energy and materials stocks as commodities prices sank. Prices for oil and copper fell sharply after China's government lowered the value of its currency, suggesting weakness in the world's ...

Gas Prices Under $2 Per Gallon Will Be Common Again Soon

TIME - August 11, 2015
Gas prices have fallen 27 days in a row, according to AAA, hitting a national average of $2.58 for a gallon of regular as of Tuesday.

Small Business Confidence Bounces Back in July

Fox Business - August 11, 2015
U.S. small business confidence rebounded in July from a 15-month low as owners anticipated solid sales and inventory growth, providing another boost to the economic outlook for the third quarter.

US wholesale inventories up solidly, signal upward GDP revision

Reuters - August 11, 2015
WASHINGTON, U.S. wholesale inventories rose more than expected in June, the latest indication that the economy grew at a faster pace in the second quarter than reported last month.

10 things you should know about wind power in the US

Fortune - August 11, 2015
The Department of Energy has a new report out on the trends, costs and players in the U.S. wind industry, which is the second largest in the world.

Are fingerprints the new passwords? Security experts sure hope not.

Washington Post - August 11, 2015
Ever since Apple introduced TouchID for iPhones, more and more smartphones feature fingerprint scanners. And that has some security researchers worried.

Liver disease drug may be the key to helping Parkinson's Disease sufferers

Mirror.co.uk - August 11, 2015
They found it can slow the development of the condition, which affects 127,000 people in the UK. As UDCA is already approved for treating liver disease, scientists hope it could be approved for Parkinson's patients very quickly if more clinical trials ...

Pioneering scientists grow monkey arms in the lab

CNN - August -August 11, 2015
Vital Signs is a monthly program bringing viewers health stories from around the world. (CNN) In a U.S. laboratory, a monkey arm is stripped down as far as its individual cells.

Pac-Man' bacteria eats nicotine before it reaches the brain, study finds

Fox News - August 10, 2015
Between 80 and 90 of smokers try smoking cessation aids without success, but now researchers have discovered a promising solution: a bacterial enzyme that destroys nicotine in the body before it reaches the brain.

Uninsured Rates Are Plummeting in These 7 States

TIME - August 10, 2015
The proportion of Americans without health insurance has plummeted in states choosing to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, according to results from a Gallup survey published Monday.

Third Case Of Plague This Week, Now In LA: Here Is What You Should Know

Forbes - August 10, 2015
It's a busy plague season. This week, a California child tested positive for plague after a visit to Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park.

Zimbabwe lifts nationwide trophy hunting ban

USA TODAY - August 10, 2015
Zimbabwe lifted its ban on hunting lions, leopards and elephants less than 10 days after news of the killing of Cecil the lion caused an international outcry, media reports said.

Six tiger poachers shot dead by Bangladeshi police

The Independent - August 10, 2015
Six alleged tiger poachers have been shot dead by police in a gunfight in the largest stretch of mangrove forest in the world and home to the rare Bengal tiger.

Fed 'close' to hiking rates, US economy near normal - Lockhart

Reuters - August 10, 2015
ATLANTA Economic conditions in the United States have largely returned to normal and a Federal Reserve decision to raise interest rates should come soon, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said on Monday.

Pope and Congress: Francis is certain to challenge lawmakers

Fox News - August 10, 2015
A political pope is sure to seize his opportunity when he addresses a political body. So both Democrats and Republicans are looking forward to Pope Francis' remarks to Congress next month -- and bracing for them, too.

This Bernie Sanders crowd shot should make Hillary Clinton a little jittery

Washington Post - August 10, 2015
The photo above is what 19,000 people packed into a basketball arena to hear Vermont socialist/independent Sen. Bernie Sanders looks like.

Clinton to unveil costly, detailed plan to tackle student debt

Kansas City Star - August 10, 2015
Democrat Hillary Clinton will release a proposal Monday that her presidential campaign says will tackle the skyrocketing costs of higher education, ensure students who start college finish with a degree and relieve the burden of student debt.

California Drought Dries Up Guadalupe River Running Through San Jose

Tech Times - August 10, 2015
Local environment experts in California expressed concern about the current state of San Jose's Guadalupe River as its water has begun to dry up in the past two months.

Boy, 11, faces competency exam in 3-year-old's death

CBS News - August 10, 2015
DETROIT - A Detroit judge ordered a mental competency exam Monday for an 11-year-old boy charged in the fatal shooting of a 3-year-old boy and urged the public to lock up their guns, saying they're a "magnet" for curious children.

Underwater Stonehenge-style rock found off Sicily coast in the Mediterranean Sea

Daily Mail - August 10, 2015
A mysterious monolith has been discovered buried on the sea bed off the coast of Sicily. Broken into two parts, the rock has three holes that experts say could not have formed naturally and it is thought the structure was crafted 10,000 years ago.

A stunning five million acres have now burned in Alaskan wildfires this year

Washington Post - August 10, 2015
Last month, wildfire watchers were astounded as terrifying wildfires raged across the state of Alaska. Sometimes the records would come in with 300,000 or more new acres burned in a single day.

The Latest: Man in Custody in Texas After 8 Found Dead

ABC News - August 9, 2015
The latest in the Texas that left eight people dead - including five children and three adults - inside a Houston-area home

Nine suspected Jewish extremists arrested in wake of firebombing

Washington Post - August 9, 2015
JERUSALEM - Nine Jewish settlers suspected of extremist activities against Palestinians were arrested Sunday by Israeli forces after overnight police raids in several illegal outposts in the West Bank.

Russia, Saudi foreign ministers to talk energy markets, Syria on Tuesday

Reuters - August 9, 2015
MOSCOW Aug 9 Saudi and Russian foreign ministers, Adel al-Jubeir and Sergei Lavrov, will meet in Moscow on Tuesday to discuss global energy markets and the Middle East crisis, including the war in Syria and the threat of Islamic State, Russia's foreign ...

Enormous monolith, carved 9350 years ago, found under Mediterranean Sea

News.com.au - August 9, 2015
A 12-METRE monolith, hacked out of limestone by stone-age humans some nine thousand years ago, has been found at the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Here's what the dark side of the moon looks like

Quartz - August 9, 2015
NASA released a GIF of the dark side of the moon as it passed across the illuminated face of the Earth. The images were taken by the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite over the course of the day on July 16.

Pope learns ravioli the secret to joy

Sky News Australia - August 9, 2015
Pope Francis says when he wanted to know the secret of being joyful he asked a 'tiny granny with shining eyes' and got an unexpected answer: homemade ravioli.

Cablevision CEO Doesn't See 'Landslide' of Cord-Cutting for Now

Nasdaq - August 9, 2015
Cablevision Systems Corp. Chief Executive James Dolan assured investors that a "landslide" of cord- cutting likely won't happen in the near-term, though he projected declines over the next several years.

Shorter Course of Higher Radiation could be better in treating Breast Cancer

The Market Business - August 9, 2015
The new study was published on August 6 in the medical journal JAMA Oncology. The study, “Acute and Short-term Toxic Effects of Conventionally Fractionated vs Hypofractionated Whole-Breast Irradiation: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” was conducted by ...

Deadly Confessions, More Than 4-Million Americans Drive While Drunk: CDC

Echon Examiner - August 9, 2015
A recent study by United States Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that around 2% of adults in America, which amount to around 4.2 million people, have admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol at least once over the previous months.

Elderly couple reunited in hospital by caring staff

Telegraph.co.uk - August 9, 2015
When an elderly couple were forced into hospital they faced their longest separation in decades. Tom and Arnisteen Clark, from Fayetteville, Arkansas, have been married for nearly 70 years.

Possible Link Between Carb Consumption, Depression In Women

Immortal News - August 8, 2015
If you say hello to a baguette and soda one too many times, a recent study suggests, you may also be welcoming depression-like symptoms.

Stress eating: Chemistry makes us do it

Arizona Daily Star - August 8, 2015
The study underscores that resolving to eat better without changing your lifestyle is unlikely to work. Researchers studied volunteers' brain activity and took saliva samples to measure levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Social Security and You: Benefits outside the US

Arizona Daily Star - August 8, 2015
I've been saving up some questions from readers who either live, or plan to live, outside the United States. Of course, all of their questions have to do with their eligibility for Social Security benefits.

Sen. Schumer's opposition to Iran nuclear deal draws swift backlash

Washington Post - August 8, 2015
The White House aggressively struck back Friday after Sen. Charles E. Schumer announced his opposition to President Obama's Iran nuclear deal, suggesting the New York Democrat could lose support to become party leader in the Senate in 2016 if he ...(SeniorArk asks where Schumer's true loyalties lie when the chips are down.)

Advocacy group to withold millions in donations from Schumer, Iran deal opponents

Haaretz - August 8, 2015
Thousands sign petition by MoveOn committing to withhold $8.3m potential donations from Democrats if they succeed in torpedoing the deal. (SeniorArk congratulates MoveOn.)

Hundreds of Syrian Christians Flee Islamic State

ABC News - August 8, 2015
Hundreds of Christian families have fled a central Syrian town as Islamic State fighters advance toward it, activists said Saturday, the anniversary of the U.S.

Wastewater From Colorado Mine Flows Toward New Mexico, Utah

NBC News - August 8, 2015
An eerie yellow sludge that poured out of a shuttered gold mine and into a southwestern Colorado river was inching its way downstream toward New Mexico and Utah.

Busy September Looms for Obama, but First: Two Weeks of Golf

New York Times - August 8, 2015
EDGARTOWN, Mass. - President Obama slipped out of Washington on Friday afternoon for his annual Martha's Vineyard vacation, just in time for the political spotlight to swing firmly away from the White House and toward the 2016 presidential campaign ...

Senate report urges government crackdown on airline fees

Sentinel Republick - August 8, 2015
A urges the Transportation Division to crack down on unfair or hidden airline charges for issues like seat reservations, checked baggage and ticket modifications or cancellations.

The Japanese Have Just Perfected The Skateboard

TIME - August 8, 2015
A Japanese engineer just invented a nifty new way to travel: A transporter called a “WalkCar” that's small, light and apparently easy to use.

Here's When to See the Perseid Meteor Shower

TIME - August 8, 2015
Armchair astronomers, get ready. One of the best meteor showers of the year is coming in just a few days. The Perseid meteor shower will be lighting up the night sky starting Wednesday.

ISS Astronauts to Sample Leafy Greens Grown on Space Station

NDTV - August 8, 2015
In a pioneering feat that will help astronauts on long-duration space missions like Mars, the crew members on board the International Space Station (ISS) are set to eat fresh food grown in the microgravity environment of space for the first time ...

Wall St. falls as jobs data ( 215,000 July jobs added) raises September rate hike chances

Reuters - August 7, 2015
U.S. stocks fell in early afternoon trading on Friday, with the major indexes poised to close in the red for the week, after solid job growth in July pointed to an improving economy and opened the door wider for an interest rate hike in September.

Conservatives are mad at Fox News and Megyn Kelly. They shouldn't be.

Washington Post - August 7, 2015
There is no more galvanizing force against the political establishment today than Donald J. Trump. But the real-estate tycoon and (still-hard-to-believe) GOP front-runner has now galvanized the conservative base against a more unlikely foe: Fox News.

$8.5 billion Suez Canal extension opens in Cairo

Fox News - August 7, 2015
Aug. 6, 2015 - Egyptian army soldiers watch a cargo container ship cross the new section of the Suez Canal after the opening ceremony in Ismailia, Egypt.

Iran nuclear deal opens diplomatic channels for Syria

Washington Post - August 7, 2015
BEIRUT - The nuclear deal with Iran was widely expected to affect other Middle East issues, and that may already be happening with Syria: a series of recent diplomatic maneuvers suggest a growing willingness to at least engage with the Iranian-backed ...

Massive 'Communal' Spider Webs Emerge in Dallas Suburb

Discovery News - August 7, 2015
The Dallas suburb of Rowlett has a strange new sight in the trees along one of its streets: giant spider webs "draping the trees like shrouds," according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service urban entomologist Mike Merchant, in a piece featured in ...

Republican debate left questions of guns, climate and race issues unsaid

The Guardian - August 7, 2015
Guests watch Republican presidential candidates speak during the first Republican presidential debate on Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio.

Universal Hepatitis C Screening for Baby Boomers?

MD Magazine - August 7, 2015
Although baby boomers make up 75% of Americans living with chronic hepatitis C (HCV), the majority are unaware that they are infected.

2nd Colorado Plague Death Reported as Health Officials Warn Residents to ...

ABC News - August 6, 2015
A second person has died of the plague this summer in Colorado and health officials are warning residents to take steps to guard against contracting the bacterial disease as the weather creates an opportunity for more cases to develop.

CDC To Congress: Raise Our Budget Or Americans Will Die Needlessly

National Geographic - August 6, 2015
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning that illnesses and deaths from antibiotic resistance will rise in the US unless specific changes are made in the US public health system—and coupling the prediction with a blunt...

Russia's most audacious move?

NEWS.com.au - August 6, 2015
RUSSIA has staked a claim for the Arctic Ocean - including the North Pole - saying the disputed region is part of the country's “continental character.

Iran, Turkey must work together to fight Isis: Rouhani

Mail & Guardian Online - August 6, 2015
Iran and Turkey must work with one another to root out the threat of extremism in the region, President Hassan Rouhani told his Turkish counterpart.

UK charges radical preacher Choudary with supporting Isil

Irish Independent - August 6, 2015
Britain has charged Anjem Choudary, the radical cleric, with supporting the banned terror group, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

US average rate on 30-year home loans falls to 3.91 percent

Washington Post - August 6, 2015
Average U.S. long-term mortgage rates fell for a third straight week amid anxiety over developments in the U.S. economy that lifted bond prices.

Here comes the Perseid meteor shower!

USA TODAY - August 6, 2015
Quite possibly the best meteor shower of the year - the Perseids - will be coming to a sky near you next week. "If you see one meteor shower this year, make it August's Perseids or December's Geminids," NASA says.

NASA camera shows moon crossing Earth

CNN - August 6, 2015
(CNN) - You can't call it "the dark side of the moon" based on a new NASA picture. A camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite shot an arresting view of the moon crossing in front of the Earth.

Let's go to Mars! The future of space travel

CNET - August 6, 2015
SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and other private endeavours are paving the way for a future Mars landing. Sci-Tech. August 6, 20151:00 AM PDT.

Free diving legend goes missing off Spanish coast

Times of India - August 6, 2015
Natalia Molchanova, widely regarded as the greatest free diver in history, wore her favourite purple wet suit on Sunday on a boat off the coast of Formentera, an island near Ibiza.

Obama: Blocking Iran deal would accelerate path to nuclear weapon

Reuters - August 5, 2015
WASHINGTON U.S. President Barack Obama warned on Wednesday that a block of the Iran nuclear deal by U.S. lawmakers would accelerate Iran's path to a nuclear weapon.

2016 Presidential Race: Everything You Need To Know About the First GOP Debate

ABC News - August 5, 2015
The anticipation is high and the stakes are even higher. That's the buzz surrounding the first debate of the 2016 election cycle on Thursday, where the current top 10 Republican presidential candidates will gather in Cleveland to vie for a piece of the ...

Super Typhoon Soudelor: Major Cities, Millions Lie In Its Path

ABC News - August 5, 2015
The size of typhoon Soudelor and the strength that it is packing is expected to pick up in the coming days, meaning that the city of Taipei remains directly in its sights.

Home Prices Continue Steady Ascent: CoreLogic

National Mortgage News - August 5, 2015

Home prices across the United States spiked 6.5% year-over-year in June 2015, including distressed sales, according to proprietary analytics provider CoreLogic.

Gold eyes 5-year low as dollar strengthens

MarketWatch - August 5, 2015
Gold futures are staring down the face of a fresh five-year low Wednesday as a rally in the U.S. dollar has placed pressure on the yellow metal.

'Right to Be Forgotten' Online Could Spread

New York Times - August 5, 2015
More than a year ago, in a decision that stunned many American Internet companies, Europe's highest court ruled that search engines were required to grant an unusual right - the “right to be forgotten.

Secret of Earthworms Eating Leaves Discovered

Times Gazette - August 5, 2015
Worms might not be very photogenic, but they are essential to the planet and do not forget it. By eating away at fallen leaves as well as other dead plant material, the earthworm reduces large mounds of different matter that has fallen to the ground ...

Hot tip for a longer life - eating spicy food's the secret

New Zealand Herald - August 5, 2015
Fresh chilli is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and capsaicin, which are thought to fight cancer, inflammation and obesity

New York City Outbreak: What Is Legionnaire's Disease?

Live Science - August 5, 2015
At least seven people in New York City have died and 86 have been infected in an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. The illness can cause high fevers and pneumonia.

Scientists Discover How 'Bad' Fat Can Turn Into 'Good' Fat

U.S. News & World Report - August 4, 2015
TUESDAY, Aug. 4, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Unhealthy white fat can be transformed into calorie-burning brown fat, researchers report.

Kids who are very picky eaters tend to be more anxious and depressed

Quartz - August 4, 2015
Parents the world over struggle to entice their children to like broccoli and brussel sprouts. But for the kids who turn their nose up at just about everything, there might be some larger problems at hand.

Canada is on the verge of a recession

WJXT Jacksonville - August 4, 2015
The latest economic data from Canada shows that it is inching toward recession, after its economy posted its fifth straight month of contraction.

Russia Just Laid Claim to a Vast Chunk of the Arctic

VICE News - August 4, 2015
Vladimir Putin has long considered the Arctic a Russian "sphere of special interest," and on Tuesday, Russia formally petitioned the UN for a large chunk of Arctic territory.

Freddie Mac to Pay U.S. $3.9 Billion After Quarterly Profit

Bloomberg - August 4, 2015
Freddie Mac, the U.S.-controlled mortgage firm, will send $3.9 billion to the Treasury Department next month after reporting second-quarter net income of $4.2 billion.

President Obama hosts first White House Demo Day

Washington Post - August 4, 2015
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is hosting top innovators and startup founders from across the country for the first White House Demo Day.

Donald Trump's very weird (but not unprecedented) two months

Washington Post - August 4, 2015
There are two reasons that those who care are paying such close attention to presidential polling right now. There's 1) this week's big Republican debate, which will use national polling to determine the 10 people who will make the main debate stage ...

Joe Biden's dying son reportedly asked his father to promise that he'd run for ...

Economic Times - August 4, 2015
By Maxwell Tani When Beau Biden realized that he was going to die amid a battle with brain cancer earlier this year, he sat down with his father and asked him to make a promise: Run for president in 2016.

United Nations Members Establish 15-Year Global Development Agenda

New York Times - August 4, 2015
In what the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, described Monday as the organization's “to-do” list for the next 15 years, its 193 member states have agreed on an agenda for global development that aims to eliminate poverty and hunger

Cecil the lion's head 'should be displayed at park'

BBC News - August 4, 2015
A Zimbabwe conservation group says it wants the head of Cecil the Lion to be mounted in a case in Hwange National Park, where he was killed last month.

Watch the Perseids Meteor Shower Next Week: How and Where to See It

Science World Report - August 4, 2015
Want to see a meteor shower? Then next week may be your chance. The Perseid meteor shower will be in full swing, and you may be able to start seeing the shooting stars as early as this weekend.

Rejoice: Epson is getting rid of printer cartridges

Quartz - August 4, 2015
You decided on a whim to go to a baseball game. You bought your ticket online and the game starts in just over an hour. Before heading out, you go to print your ticket.

West Nile virus season is upon us, how bad could it get?

Outbreak News Today - Posted August 3, 2015
After the first human West Nile virus (WNV) case was reported in May in Harris County, Texas and cases trickled in for a couple of months, it appears that WNV season is in full swing with cases being reported from multiple states on a daily basis.

Urine Test Might Find Pancreatic Cancer Early, Study Suggests

U.S. News & World Report - August 3, 2015
MONDAY, Aug. 3, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Scientists report that they have developed a urine test that may detect pancreatic cancer at an early stage.

Explosions that rocked two New Mexico churches may be linked

Washington Post - August 3, 2015
Three miles and only 20 minutes apart, dual explosions rocked two churches in Las Cruces, N.M., Sunday morning, injuring none but leaving both congregations shaken.

While other trophy hunters hide, Idaho's 'Italian Huntress' is flaunting her kills

Washington Post - August 3, 2015
Over the past week, the hunter has truly become the hunted, with safari veterans scrubbing their social media accounts to avoid the fearsome wrath of the animal-loving Internet. (Please read this article. SeniorArk's opinion is that this woman may be displaying seriously mental illness.)

Zimbabwe Officials Say Another American Illegally Killed a Lion in an ...

New York Times - August 3, 2015
A prominent American gynecologist illegally killed a lion in an authorized hunt this year in Zimbabwe, wildlife authorities there said Sunday.

The Saudi king cut his insanely opulent French Riviera vacation short after a ...

Quartz - August 3, 2015
King Salman of Saudi Arabia has cut short his vacation to the French Riviera, scheduled to last three weeks, after just eight days, after a torrent of criticism from his beachgoing neighbors.

How 2016 turned into a game for billionaires

CBS News - August 3, 2015
The 2016 election cycle is already shaping up to be the most expensive in history, following on a trend of massive campaign expenditures in the last few years.

Obama's New Climate-Change Regulations to Alter, Challenge Industry

Wall Street Journal - August 3, 2015
WASHINGTON—A new rule mandating the first-ever federal limits on power-plant carbon emissions aims to change the way Americans make and consume electricity, accelerating a shift already under way toward cleaner fuels, renewable energy and ...

Giant Snails the Size of Tennis Shoes Are Waging Terror in Florida

TIME - August 3, 2015
Giant African snails that can grow to the size of a tennis shoe are thriving in southern Florida, eating hundreds of plant species and even the stucco off houses more than four years after the state launched a $10 million program to eradicate them.

US July auto sales top expectations, boosted by SUVs, pickups

Reuters - August 3, 2015
DETROIT U.S. auto sales were stronger than expected in July and kept the industry on pace for its best performance since 2001 as cheaper gasoline and low interest rates drove the continuing shift toward sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

Three super-Earths found 21 light years from Earth

Livemint - August 3, 2015
The image from NASA/JPL-Caltech shows a sky map indicating the location of the star HD 219134 (circle), host to the nearest confirmed rocky planet found to date outside of our solar system.

Lion hunter's guide: Hunt went "wrong from the beginning"

CBS News - August 1, 2015

Authorities in Zimbabwe say they will seek extradition of Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion, a well-known animal beloved by tourists and wildlife experts. Read "Psychology Today" observation: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/animal-emotions/201302/recreational-hunting-would-you-kill-your-dog-fun

Scorching 'heat dome' over Middle East sees temperatures soar to 165F in Iran

Telegraph.co.uk - August 1, 2015

Iran is buckling under the pressure of a massive heatwave passing across the Middle East, with temperatures soaring to nearly 70C.

Elite conservative moneymen remain on sidelines in 2016 race

CNN - August 1, 2015
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, officially announced his presidential bid April 7 at a rally in Louisville. Paul is the son of former presidential hopeful Ron Paul of Texas.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Australia walks away from deal

The Australian - August 1, 2015
The Abbott government yesterday maintained the world's biggest regional trade deal, for the Pacific, was still within reach despite Australia walking away empty-handed from the latest talks.

Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland had been warned over conduct: AP

Reuters - August 1, 2015
The Texas trooper who arrested a black woman later found hanged to death in jail was warned about his "unprofessional conduct" in 2014, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

Plants send out stress signals just like animals, scientists find

Washington Post - August 1, 2015
Plants can't feel pain or hunger like animals, but their cells can communicate stress in a way that's not so different from what animals do, scientists have found.

Blue Moon of 2015 Thrills Skywatchers: Photos

Discovery News - August 1, 2015

The second full moon of July wowed skywatchers around the world - and even in space - on Friday, offering the lunar treat of a so-called Blue Moon that won't be seen again until 2018.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is in the process of allowing home-bound seniors and the disabled, to access benefits from the supplemental ..

Paralysis Reversal Treatment Restores Leg Movement In Paralyzed Patients

Immortal News - August 1, 2015
Common treatments for paralysis, including but not limited to surgeries such as lumbar decompression surgery, tend to be extremely risky.

Three Dead, 42 Hospitalized In Legionnaires' Outbreak In The Bronx

Gothamist - August 1, 2015
Three people have died in an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that has sickened dozens in the Bronx since July 10th, according to authorities.

Five subtypes of prostate cancer identified, paving way for more personalized ...

Washington Post - July 30, 2015
Through genomic profiling of 259 men with prostate cancer, scientists have identified five groups of prostate cancer with distinct DNA signatures.

New Study Examines Difference Between High- and Low-frequency Spinal Cord ...

Pioneer News - July 30, 2015
Spinal cord stimulation is nothing new, but a new study suggests that maybe we have been approaching it the wrong way; or rather, that maybe we have more to learn about it.

Obama signs executive order to build world's fastest supercomputer

CNN - July 30, 2015
China's Tianhe-2 became the fastest supercomputer in the world in 2013, beating the American Titan. Obama thinks it's time to bring that title back home.

Economy bounces back: GDP grows 2.3% in second quarter

USA TODAY - July 30, 2015
The U.S. economy bounced back in the second quarter on stronger consumer spending, exports and home construction, and its performance in the first quarter wasn't as feeble as initially believed.

How Donald Trump hurts every GOP candidate, except one

Christian Science Monitor - July 30, 2015
Donald Trump's penchant for controversy stands in sharp contrast to the more restrained approach favored by former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Boeing chairman: We're considering moving parts of company to other countries

MyNorthwest.com - July 30, 2015
Outgoing Boeing CEO Jim McNerney delivered a bombshell, adding to the controversy over the Export-Import Bank. (AP). Comments. Share.

China Accuses US of Militarizing South China Sea

Voice of America - July 30, 2015
China's Defense Ministry Thursday accused the United States of "militarizing" the South China Sea by staging patrols and joint military drills there, leading to raised tensions in the disputed region.

President strikes a chord with women in Kenya

Florida Courier - July 30, 2015
NAIROBI, Kenya - Esther Nduta dreamed of finishing school and starting a business, but her parents took her out of school when she was 14 because they couldn't afford the fees.

Don't bother with Microsoft Windows 10 until you read this

Computerworld - July 30, 2015
Wait, doesn't it always make sense to download something for free? Microsoft released their brand new operating system this week, and you can grab it at no cost, but make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you upgrade.

Cecil the Lion: What Could Happen to Walter James Palmer and Hunters?

NBCNews.com - July 29, 2015
The killing of the beloved lion Cecil by an American tourist hunting big game in Zimbabwe has outraged animal lovers around the world.

Festival where 500000 animals are decapitated 'to please goddess' is called off

Metro - July 29, 2015
A horrifying festival where 500,000 innocent animals were decapitated by Hindu worshippers has been cancelled - and will never take place again.

Mullah Omar: Taliban leader 'died in Pakistan in 2013'

BBC News - July 29, 2015
Taliban leader Mullah Omar died two years ago in Pakistan, a spokesman for Afghanistan's security services says. Abdul Hassib Seddiqi told the BBC's Afghan Service that Mullah Omar had died of health problems at a hospital in Pakistan.

The Nation's Capital Is Sinking — Literally

TheBlaze.com - July 29, 2015
While some might say the heart of U.S. politics is sinking in a figurative manner, scientists say it's doing so quite literally.

Trump would 'love' to have Palin on his team

USA TODAY - July 29, 2015
Donald Trump went on Sarah Palin radio this week to praise Sarah Palin - and dangle the prospect of a job in a Trump administration.

911 Dispatcher Tells Friend of Dying Teen: 'Deal With It Yourself'

TIME - July 29, 2015
A 911 dispatcher has resigned after telling a teenage caller aiding a dying friend to “deal with it yourself.” Esperanza Quintero called the emergency number after her friend Jaydon Chavez-Silver, 17, was shot a party in Albuquerque, N.M.

Activists dangle from bridge in Shell Oil protest

USA TODAY - July 29, 2015
Protesting the departure of a Shell oil ship bound for the Arctic, 26 Greenpeace activists are hanging from the St. John's bridge in Portland, Oregon.

Google Street View cars are starting to map air pollution

The Verge - July 29, 2015
A small number of Google Street View cars are recording more than photos of the road - they're also taking snapshots of the air quality around them.

Earth's Periodic Pole Reversal Could Be Explained by Ancient Huts in South Africa

University Herald - July 29, 2015
Every so often the Earth's magnetic field flips and the north and south poles are turned upside down, but not much has been known about the process.

India Will Be Most Populous Country Sooner Than Thought, UN Says

New York Times - July 29, 2015
Demographers have known for some time that the number of people in India would surpass the number in China, the two most populous countries in the world.
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