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October 1, 2014

Child with enterovirus 68 dies in Rhode Island

4 more kids with mystery illness | Colorado cases

Link between fat and cancer | How to really lose weight  

Super bacteria are breeding in space

Mom makes ultimate sacrifice for newborn  

NFL player who killed girlfriend, self likely had CTE

Five babies test positive for TB in Texas

Doctors: Think twice about 'the pill' for teens

Yoga poses to help you touch your toes

Child with enterovirus 68 dies in Rhode Island

Intruders kill hundreds of chickens with golf club

35,000 walruses 'haul out' on Alaska beach

Mother pulled over with baby in trunk  

California mayor shot, killed; wife detained

Haunted house no match for reporter  

Royals make playoffs in epic, Wild Card win

First case of Ebola in the U.S. diagnosed -- now what?

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps arrested on DUI

Suspect in Kentucky high school shooting in custody

3 crashes in 30 minutes at actor's home  

Allen: Training Syrian opposition 'could take years'

Hometown return for Obama comes with slight change

Romney: Obama 'busy doing other things'  

Rand Paul: 'I'm not opposed to birth control'   | More

Secret Service testimony omitted armed elevator breach

Arkansas Senate incumbent grills opponent on...

House Dems want N.Y. Fed hearings, too

Paul Ryan open to boots on the ground

Are there N. Korean tunnels under Seoul?  

Hong Kong protests draw crowds on National Day

How tear gas brought Hong Kongers together

Once-massive Aral Sea dries up to almost nothing

Europe's most dangerous border?

10 killed when shells hit Ukrainian school, bus

Syria terror charges against Moazzam Begg dropped

Up close with 80,000-lb. humpback whale  

Australia police arrest man accused of funding U.S. fighter in Syria

Boy, 15, pens viral letter about Emma Watson speech

September 30, 2014

Before and after: 13 weight loss winners

How to really lose weight  Video

Yoga poses to help you touch your toes

Hate running? 25 ways to learn to love it

Ebola patients left on the ground outside hospital

September 29, 2014

Emotional life lingers for Alzheimer's patients, even as memory fades

US Doctor Exposed to Ebola Admitted to NIH Hospital

ADHD Hamper School Early as 2nd Grade

Pediatricians Endorse IUDs, Implants for Teen

After-School Exercise Yields Brain Gains: Study

Health Highlights: Sept. 29, 2014

Scientists Detect Early Sign of Pancreatic Cancer

Health Tip: What Causes Hives?

Health Tip: Building a Safe Swing Set

Scientists detect early sign of pancreatic cancer

After-school exercise yields brain gains: Study

Junk food cravings linked to brain lapse

High court considers gay marriage cases

Witnesses: Skydivers who died descended too fast

Ferguson demands high fees for city files

Missing woman found in 1960s hometown

Black college graduates leave with diplomas—and…

Report: White House shooting response failed

Beheading suspect expected to be charged

Grand jury gets 2nd case on Ferguson officer

Jurors to choose life or death for Jodi Arias in retrial

Police report lead from missing US student case

Defector offers glimpse of life in ISIS

Mystery over N. Korean leader fuels health rumors

Syria 'OK' with US airstrikes

U.S.: Strike aimed at vehicles next to grain storage

India arrests 140 for religious clashes

September 28, 2014

Climate protesters risk arrest during sit-in

Missing Afghan soldiers found trying to cross border

Bill Clinton drops a hint about Chelsea's due date

Dead Senate legend named as Gillibrand's 'chubby' caller

GM expert says 21 deaths eligible for compensation

Man seen with missing student being sought

Accused WH intruder to appear in court

2nd trial begins for man accused of killing teen

Murderer escapes from Texas prison

Police find rifle carried by ambush suspect

Some 130,000 Syrians reach Turkey

Hong Kong students kick off class boycott

IS urges attacks on U.S., taunts Obama

Nigeria schools reopen after Ebola break

Officials: French citizen kidnapped in Algeria 





West Bank Settler Group Boasts Rapid Growth

ABC News - Reposted October 1, 2014

Israel refused Palestinian demands to stop settlement construction — prompting Palestinian accusations that Israel wasn't serious about peace. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry also complained that the construction raised questions about Israel's commitment to peace.

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza

Times of India - Reposted October 1, 2014

JERUSALEM: Human Rights Watch accused Israel of committing war crimes by attacking three UN-run schools in the Gaza Strip in fighting in July and August, killing Palestinian civilians who had sheltered there.

Israel to expropriate (Meaning "STEAL") West Bank land around Bethlehem

Daily Times - Reposted October 1, 2014

JERUSALEM - Israel announced on Sunday that it will expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, angering the Palestinians and alarming Israeli peace campaigners.

(click photo of illegal Israeli settlement to enlarge)

Abbas at UNGA: Israel perpetrated genocide in Gaza, we won't forget or forgive

Haaretz - Reposted October 1, 2014

Palestinian president calls for 'comprehensive' strategy to end Israeli 'state terrorism,' urges UN Security Council to pass resolution to terminate occupation.

Japan volcano death toll hits 47 as new bodies found

gulfnews.com - October 1, 2014
TOKYO: The death toll from a sudden volcanic eruption in Japan hit 47 on Wednesday after rescuers discovered 11 new bodies in so-far unexplored areas of the ash-covered peak.

Texas girl kidnapped 12 years ago rescued during secret raid in Mexico

Fox News - October 1, 2014
Greg Allen, released a statement praising the work of law enforcement and the Mexican government and said he looks forward to being reunited with his daughter, Sabrina.

Washington's minimum wage jumps to $9.47 per hour

Businessweek - October 1, 2014
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - Washington state's minimum wage will increase by 15 cents to $9.47 an hour starting on New Year's Day.

Secret Service Chief's Fitness Questioned by Lawmakers

Bloomberg - October 1, 2014
House Speaker John Boehner and two top Democrats questioned today whether Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is fit to continue in her post following a series of White House security failures.

5 Reasons Bonds May Be Less Safe Than You Think

ABC News - October 1, 2014
Burned by the stock-market crash during the financial crisis, investors have poured a trillion dollars into bond funds in the past six years.

Chrysler U.S. Sales Top Estimates With Nissan; Ford Drops

Bloomberg - October 1, 2014
General Motors Co. (GM), Chrysler Group LLC, and Nissan Motor Co. (7201) all reported 19 percent increases in U.S. sales in September, beating the averages of analyst estimates, while Ford Motor Co.

See the Stunning New Portrait of Mars from India's MOM Spacecraft

TIME - October 1, 2014
Mars photographed by the ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft on Sept. 30, 2014. ISRO—AFP/Getty Images. India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), which began orbiting the Red Planet on Sept.

Curiosity rover finds strange features on Mars

SpaceFlight Insider - October 1, 2014
The strange "traffic signal" Martian rock formation discovered by NASA's Curiosity rover. Photo Credit: NASA / JPL / MSSS.

A year later, Obamacare shows signs of success and permanence

MSNBC - October 1, 2014
Obamacare had one of the worst launches ever for a government program. The New York Times wrote a front-page piece in November 2013 with the headline “Health Law Rollout's Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush's Hurricane Response.

Medical industry paid billions to US physicians, hospitals in 2013

Reuters - September 30, 2014
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. doctors and teaching hospitals received $3.5 billion from pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers in the last five months of 2013, according to the most extensive data trove on such payments ever made public.

Next 'Moon Shot': US Scientists Target Human Brain for Exploration

NBCNews.com - September 30, 2014
Federal scientists announced what they called the next “moon shot” on Tuesday - a new program to explore the human brain that begins with a $46 million down payment.

Afghanistan Signs Security Pacts With US, NATO

Voice of America - September 30, 2014
ISLAMABAD—. Afghanistan has signed long-delayed security pacts with the United States and NATO to authorize deployment of a small international military force in the country after the end of the year.

British military conducts first airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq

CNN - September 30, 2014
Irbil, Iraq (CNN) -- [Breaking news update, posted at 1:35 p.m. ET]. British military aircraft carried out their first airstrikes against ISIS positions in Iraq Tuesday, Britain's defense ministry said.

Mitt Romney to make his home in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune - September 30, 2014
Favorite son » Former Massachusetts governor will make it official, sell other homes, reports NY Times. By Thomas Burr. | The Salt Lake Tribune.

Canada's economy stalls in July after six-month growth streak

GlobalPost - September 30, 2014
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Economic growth in Canada stalled unexpectedly in July, breaking a six-month streak of gains and ensuring the Bank of Canada will be in no rush to raise interest rates.

Ticket magnets: Which make of car gets the most citations?

Los Angeles Times - September 30, 2014
Congratulations, Subaru, your WRX is the No. 1 most ticketed automobile in the U.S.. A new study conducted by Insurance.com concluded that the turbocharged, all-wheel-drive sports car is at the top of the list of vehicles most likely to get a ticket for traffic ...

Mystery island on Saturn's moon Titan reappears with a new look

CNET - September 30, 2014
A "magic island" on Saturn's intriguing moon Titan has once again popped up on Cassini's radar, but it seems to have changed its look since the last time it was spotted.

Researchers Aim for 'Perfect' Solar Absorber

Laboratory Equipment - September 30, 2014
This rendering shows the metallic dielectric photonic crystal that stores solar energy as heat. Image The key to creating a material that would be ideal for converting solar energy to heat is tuning the material's spectrum of absorption just right.

12 Killed in Worst East Ukraine Shelling in a Week

ABC News - September 29, 2014
Eastern Ukraine has suffered the worst violence in more than a week as fighting between pro-Russian rebels and government troops in the region killed at least 12 people and wounded 32, officials said Monday.

'That's not my son': Family apologizes, defends Oklahoma beheading suspect ...

New York Daily News - September 29, 2014
The mother of an Oklahoma murder suspect who allegedly beheaded a co-worker has apologized for his crimes, asking for strangers to pray for her family as she defended her crazed kin.

What Are the Most Dangerous Threats to Air Quality?

Scientific American - September 29, 2014
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) points to mobile sources (trains, planes and automobiles) as the greatest contributors to American air pollution, but industrial sources such as power plants and factories are not far behind.

Solar power could be world's main energy source by 2050

Fortune - September 29, 2014
By mid-century, the sun could be the largest source of energy and help reign in global warming by preventing the release of billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.

27 new billionaires in richest Americans list

CNNMoney - September 29, 2014
On average, the people on Forbes' American billionaire list released Monday have a net worth of $5.7 billion, up from $5 billion last year.

Toyota to Recall 690000 Tacoma Pickup Trucks

Wall Street Journal - September 29, 2014
Auto makers are remaining vigilant about initiating recalls in the wake of General Motors Co. GM -0.89% General Motors Co. U.S.: NYSE $32.88 -0.30 -0.89% Sept. 29, 2014 2:34 pm Volume (Delayed 15m) : 5.57M P/E Ratio 12.65 Market Cap $53.23 Billion ...

Mount St. Helens building up for next eruption

KATU - September 29, 2014
Mount St. Helens building up for next eruption »Play Video Scientists say the volcano at Mount St. Helens is in a peaceful slumber now, but what's happening inside is getting the mountain ready for its next event.

Bill Gates warns Ebola could spread beyond West Africa

Reuters - September 29, 2014
WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It is impossible to guess whether world leaders have done enough to bring the Ebola epidemic under control, given the risks that it will spread to countries beyond West Africa, the technology billionaire and ...

Early male baldness linked in a study to aggressive prostate cancer

Washington Post - September 29, 2014
THE QUESTION Hair loss in men shares some risk factors with prostate cancer. Both are more common with aging and when there's a family history of the condition.

Biologists Find Early Cancer Sign

Laboratory Equipment - September 29, 2014
Years before they show any other signs of disease, pancreatic cancer patients have very high levels of certain amino acids in their bloodstream, according to a new study from MIT, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute.

Two men dead after wrestling for control of handgun

Los Angeles Times - September 28, 2014
Two men died in the Willowbrook neighborhood of Los Angeles early Sunday after one of the men was shot trying to wrest control of a handgun from the other, who then appeared to turn the weapon on himself, authorities said. (American gun slaughter continues)

Bodies of 2 parents, 3 children found in Utah home

The Seattle Times -
Two parents and three of their children were found dead in a home near Provo, and authorities said early Sunday they were trying to determine the cause of the deaths.

At least 31 believed dead at Japanese volcano

Chron.com - September 28, 2014
This handout picture taken by Nagano Prefectural Police on September 27, 2014 shows white smoke raising from Mount Ontake as Japan's volcano Ontake erupted in Nagano prefecture, central Japan.

Ex-Ohio congressman James Traficant dead at 73 after tractor accident

New York Daily News - September 28, 2014
CLEVELAND -- James Traficant, the colorful Ohio politician whose conviction for taking bribes and kickbacks made him only the second person to be expelled from Congress since the Civil War, died Saturday.

Exports and Business Spending Spur Bounce in Economy

Daily Mail Times - September 28, 2014
The economy in the U.S. grew at its fastest pace in more than 30 months during the second quarter of 2014 with every sector contributing to the increase in output and a bullish signal for the rest of this year.

Chevrolet Silverado Toughnology Concept swipes at aluminum F-150

TechnologyTell - September 28, 2014
The Chevrolet Silverado Toughnology concept was revealed Sept. 25 at the State Fair of Texas, and is bound for SEMA in early November, according to Chevrolet.

You Don't Say? Stone Age People Created Their Own Tools

Beta Wired - September 28, 2014
Don't you just love research and new findings? When it comes to Stone Age people, you would think they made their own tools. But thousands upon thousands of dollars have determined something we as individuals who are capable of having common ..

Bob McDonald has a 90-day plan to solve VA problems

Cincinnati.com - September 28, 2014
Fifty-nine days after he took the helm, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Sec. Bob McDonald outlines a plan that addresses recent criticism of the department.

Obama Still Pushing Red States To Expand Medicaid

Dumb-out - September 28, 2014
President Obama seems determined to make his social health care system work and is currently trying to expand the Obamacare program to include even more Americans who live below the poverty line.

Flu vaccines become available

Troy Daily News - September 27, 2014
With the coming of pumpkins, milder autumn weather and changing leaves is another fall staple: flu season. In Miami County, 25,000 people fall within the vaccination target group set by the Centers for Disease Control.

Lung Cancer Treatment: High hopes from AstraZeneca's...

WallStreet OTC - September 27, 2014
Early results for a closely watched drug combination from AstraZeneca, for treating cancer, which also boosts the immune system suggest that it is promising.

Economy's rebound was even faster than thought, outlook bright

West Hawaii Today - September 27, 2014
WASHINGTON - The U.S. economy's bounce-back last quarter from a dismal winter was even faster than previously thought, a sign that growth will likely remain solid for rest of the year.

US-led air strikes hit IS on Syria's border with Turkey

BBC News - September 27, 2014
US-led coalition air strikes have hit Islamic State (IS) targets near the besieged Syrian town of Kobane on the border with Turkey, the Pentagon says.