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Updated  May 26, 2015

Today's news follows our Special Coverage Topic






The SeniorArk.com editor is Christian, a member of the Presbyterian Church. But we are deeply concerned about the 60+ year oppression of the Palestinians by Israel, and will from time-to-time call attention to this immoral and criminal behavior. Israel's illegal and immoral treatment of Palestinians, and the daily theft of their homes and land, must end. These 'crimes against humanity' need to cease. Compare the way the Nazis treated the Jews, and there appear to be similarities with what is happening to the Palestinians in 2015. We Americans are giving billions $$ to aid and abet Israel in this treatment.   We urge you   to do the research, and compare for yourselves. Then, let your feelings be known to your Congressional Rep, your Senators, and the President.


Vatican officially recognizes the 'State of Palestine'

Washington Post - Reposted May 26, 2015
The Vatican concluded a treaty Wednesday that formally recognizes Palestinian statehood, a step that immediately drew criticism from the Israeli government and a warning that it harms the Middle East peace process.

Netanyahu's win: A resounding loss for Israel's security

Haaretz - Reposted May 26, 2015

In his desperate and successful bid to keep his post, the panic-stricken prime minister has left the security establishment with a whole slew of dangers. (SeniorArk adds: With help of U.S. Republicans, a terrorist won the Israeli election. Our President must send a message that if Israel attacks Iran, and Iran retaliates, we will not come to their rescue. Netanyahu shows no concern for American long-term security, and we should show the same lack of concern for them.)

Israel police say Je

Haaretz - Reposted May 26, 2015

For a country that insists it's done nothing wrong, Israel sure acts like it has something to hide.

Israel drops aerial bombs on densely-populated areas, thereby leading to the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians? Not possible, Israel has the most moral army in the world. Israel demolishes the homes of Palestinian terrorists and their families, in violation of international law? Irrelevant, Israel has the most moral army in the world. For a country that frequently boasts about its own morality, though, Israel sure does everything in its power to avoid its good deeds seeing the light of day.

Israel is losing its friends in the world

Financial Times - May 26, 2015

Britain's parliament voted the other day to recognize the state of Palestine. The decision will not change anything on the ground in the West Bank or Gaza.

Israel will continue to build settler units in al-Quds

Press TV - Reposted May 26, 2015

Israel says it will press ahead with its settlement expansion plan in the city of al-Quds (Jerusalem) despite growing international criticism.

wish settlers stone US consular officials during West Bank visit

Fox News - Reposted  May 26, 2015

JERUSALEM – Jewish settlers attacked American consular officials Friday during a visit the officials made to the West Bank as part of an investigation into claims of damage to Palestinian agricultural property, Israeli police and Palestinian witnesses say.

When it comes to its morality, Israel prefers not to be tried

(SeniorArk.com favors cutting off all U.S. aid to Israel until these illegal "settlements", also known as Israeli "land thefts", end.)

Israel to expropriate (STEAL) West Bank land around...

2Daily Times - Reposted  May 26, 2015

JERUSALEM - Israel announced on Sunday that it will expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, angering the Palestinians and alarming Israeli peace campaigners.

White House: 'deep concern' over new settlement units  (Not deep enough, White House!)

Ynetnews -  May 26, 2015

With tensions between Jerusalem and Washington running high, White House says Israel's announcement of some 400 new settler housing units undermine efforts to achieve peace. (For years Israel has stood with it's hand out for money, while at the same time smacking the U.S. with the other hand. This MUST END. This illegal and immoral behavior did not begin with Obama, but has shown itself for decades.





The end of pain? Scientists have just found the gene responsible for physical ...

PC PRO - May 26, 2015

A research team at Cambridge University have identified the gene responsible for pain, and their findings could revolutionize medicine as we know it.

Florida Just So-So In Senior Health

CBS Local - May 26, 2015
ORLANDO (CBSMiami/AP) - For some residents of the northeast and midwest it's 'the dream' - retire to sunny Florida to spend their golden years.

From urine therapy to vitamins: study warns of untested Lyme disease 'cures'

CTV News - May 26, 2015
TORONTO -- A range of untested and unorthodox treatments for Lyme disease are being advocated or sold on the Internet, according to a new study that raises concerns about the appeal of these therapies to people who believe they have a controversial .

Unstable reign of terror

The Australian - May 26, 2015

Even by the erratic standards of North Korea, the behaviour of its inexperienced dictator Kim Jong-un in recent weeks is raising questions about the stability of his leadership.

Sinkhole closes runway at DFW airport: media reports

Reuters - May 26, 2015
A sinkhole has closed a runway at the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport, and air traffic controllers are routing flights to alternate runways, according to media reports on Tuesday.

US Consumer Confidence Edges Up to 95.4 in May

Wall Street Journal - May 26, 2015
Consumers turned slightly more upbeat this month after taking a dimmer view of the economy in April. The better attitude was concentrated in current economic conditions, but households hold a mixed view of the May labor markets

Students Release 72000 Ladybugs at Maryland High School as Part of Senior ...

ABC News - May 26, 2015
Here's one way to bug your teachers. Seniors at Chopticon High School in Maryland left a mark on their school in more ways than one -- in 72,000 ways to be exact.

Why the Chevy Volt is getting a whole lot cheaper

Fortune - May 26, 2015
Car shoppers, take note: The Chevy Volt has received a $4,400 price cut, according to the Detroit Free Press. TrueCar, an online shopping

Boy, 5, mauled to death by d og in Chicago

CBS News - May 26, 2015
CHICAGO -- A 5-year-old boy was mauled to death by a dog Monday night in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Chicago. The boy was attacked around 9:30 p.m, reports CBS Chicago.

Warmest year on record as 2015 starts at record high, warn climate scientists

Daily Mail - May 26, 2015
The world is on course to have its hottest year on record, according to climate change experts who fear global warming is set to send temperatures soaring.

US Defense Secretary Blames Iraqi Forces for ISIS Victory in Ramadi

New York Times - May 24, 2015
WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said Sunday that Iraqi forces had demonstrated “no will to fight” against the Islamic State, blaming them for a retreat that led to the terrorist group's victory in capturing the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Julian Castro: Clinton emails a 'witch hunt'

CNN International - May 24, 2014
Washington (CNN) Julian Castro labeled the House Republican-led investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails a "witch hunt" and a "sideshow" from dealing with America's most pressing problems.

Saudi Arabia says suicide bom0ber was Islamic State operative

The Denver Post - May 24, 2014
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Saudi Arabia has confirmed that Friday's suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in the east of the country that killed 21 was carried out by an Islamic State militant, backing up an earlier claim by the group.

Jobs gain in Pa. biggest since 1990s

Indianna Gazette - May 24, 2015
HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania recorded its biggest one-month jobs gain in nearly two decades in April, while its unemployment rate stabilized after rising for three straight months, the state Department of Labor and Industry said Friday.

Court bars the removal of cheaper Alzheimer's drug

Business Standard - May 24, 2015
A federal appeals court in New York ruled on Friday that Actavis cannot withdraw its top-selling Alzheimer's disease drug from the market in favour of a more expensive extended-release version.

Bionic lens could make your sight three times better than 20/20

Metro - May 24, 2015
So when a scientist says he's found a way of boosting sight to three times 20/20 vision, we sit up and take note. Does this mean we could see through walls, Superman-style?

Important Safety tips for a Danger-free Memorial Day Holiday for you and your ...

Benchmark Reporter - May 24, 2015
memorial day Millions of Americans are going to be celebrating Memorial Day on full swing with their friends and family and celebrate the official kick-off the summer season.

Harvard study: Could Chinese 'thunder god vine' plant be cure-all for obesity?

Washington Post - May 23, 20150
Scientists have been scouring the world in recent decades for all manner of miracle plants that can help people slim down. As the market for weight-loss products and supplements has grown to a multi-billion-dollar industry, they've looked at dandelions, ...

Skipping meals? It will only lea00d to a bulging waistline

Hindustan Times - May 23, 2015
Indulge in tiny, healthy snacks if you feel hungry between meals. Have 5-6 almonds, or a salad made of fruits and vegetables that naturally have a high water content.

State Department Releases Hillary Clinton Emails

New York Times - May 23, 2015
WASHINGTON - The State Department said on Friday it was releasing 296 emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton sent and received when she was secretary of state.

Fire on Coastal Louisiana Oil Platform Extinguished

ABC News - May 23, 2015
A fire that burned for more than a day on an oil production platform off Louisiana's coast was extinguished early Saturday, the Coast Guard said.

The Latest on Cleveland Verdict: Feds to Review Case

ABC NEWS - May 23, 2015
12:50 p.m.. The Justice Department plans to "review all available legal options" after a Cleveland police officer's acquittal on state charges in the deaths of two unarmed suspects.

43 dead in hours-long firefight on Mexican ranch

Fox News May 23, 2015
At least 43 people died Friday in what authorities described as a fierce, three-hour gunbattle between federal forces and suspected drug gang gunmen on a ranch in western Mexico, the deadliest such confrontation in recent memory.

Arab air strikes hit military bases in Yemen

Reuters - May 23, 2015
CAIRO Saudi-led air strikes hit three military bases in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Saturday and the Yemeni government in exile expressed reservations about United Nations-led talks aimed at ending the eight-week war.

Record-Setting Alligator Makes Its Public Debut

ABC News - May 23, 2015
The alligator that set a world record was ready for its close-up. The Stokes alligator, which measures 15 feet and 9 inches, was unveiled Friday in its full-body mount at the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, Al.

(click photo to enlarge)

Lightsail Launches Successfully On Mission To Ride Sunlight For The Planetary ...

Tech Times - May 23, 2015
The world's first solar sail spacecraft is in orbit around the Earth, testing out futuristic technologies. What is next for the Lightsail program?

Police: Suspect arrested in DC quadruple homicide

USA TODAY - May 22, 2015
A suspect charged in the killing of three family members and a housekeeper last week in a $4.5 million mansion in Washington, D.C .

Jeb Bush Faults Brother for Lack of Budget Discipline

New York Times - May 22, 2015
As Jeb Bush has faced questions over Iraq and the policies of his brother throughout recent days, he found one place where there is a policy difference between the two: curtailing spending.

Memorial Day weekend travel will be busiest in 10 years

Fox News - May 22, 2015
AAA projects that a 4.7 percent increase from the 35.5 million people who traveled last year. (AP). Ready to hit the road? Expect big crowds on the highways this weekend as Americans take advantage of a five-year low in gasoline prices and hit the road in ...

Islamic militants tighten their grip of cities in Iraq, Syria

The Seattle Times - May 22, 2015
Within a matter of days this week, the Islamic State group seized with apparent ease the cities of Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria, in both cases seemingly coming out of nowhere to rout government forces.

Israel Frets as UN Works to Arrange Mideast Nuclear Conference

Wall Street Journal - May 22, 2015
The Israeli government warned that the Obama administration is on the cusp of reneging on a 2010 commitment to not bind the Jewish state to attend a United Nations-backed conference aimed at establishing a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.

NASA Spacecraft Finds Gala  xy as Bright as 300 Trillion Suns

ABC News - May 22, 2015
A galaxy so bright it shines with the luminosity of 300 trillion suns has been discovered by a NASA spacecraft. A black hole with an insatiable appetite for gas is believed to be at the center of the galaxy, which NASA has named WISE J224607.57-052635.0.

Could depression be an early manifestation of Parkinson's?

Washington Post - May 22, 2015
One of the most puzzling mysteries for scientists studying Parkinson's disease has been its connection to depression. Researchers have long observed that Parkinson's and depression go hand in hand.

New drug hope for prostate cancer

The Australian - May 22, 2015
Men with prostate cancer could be treated with drugs developed for other tumours, according to an “incredibly exciting” study that reshapes understanding of the disease.

Sorry, Republicans: Obamacare is getting more and more entrenched

Washington Post - May 21, 20150
Republicans have always had a problem where rhetoric meets reality on the Affordable Care Act. In the abstract, the law has never been overwhelmingly popular, but many of the things the law actually does - like preventing insurance companies from ...

Depression linked with development of Parkinson's disease

UPI.com - May 21, 2015
Study finds people with depression 50 percent more likely than those without to develop Parkinson's disease.

Arrest warrant issued for suspect in quadruple murder at upscale DC home

Fox News - May 21, 2015
Washington D.C. police issued an arrest warrant late Wednesday for a suspect in the murder of a corporate executive, his wife, their 10-year-old son, and a family housekeeper in their home last week.

US Presses Israel on Talks for Middle East Nuclear-Free Zone

ABC News - May 21, 2015
The United States has sent a top official to Israel in an effort to revive talks on a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons, a central issue of a nuclear treaty review conference that some fear will end Friday without progress on global disarmament.

Sweden scrambles fighters to intercept Russian bombers

Washington Post - May 21, 2015
STOCKHOLM - Sweden says it has scrambled fighter jets to intercept two Russian military planes flying near the country's airspace over the Baltic Sea.

Mail Carrier Indicted in Flight of Gyrocopter Onto Capitol Grounds

New York Times - May 21, 2015
The Florida man who flew a gyrocopter onto the grounds of the United States Capitol last month faces up to 9 ½ years in prison after being indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday.

Memorial Day weekend travel set to fill roads amid less pump pain

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - May 21, 2015
The Pennsylvania Turnpike expects 2.2 million vehicles over the four-day holiday period beginning Friday, a significant increase from last year.

A Baby Survived the Colombia Landslide That Killed 12 Members of His Family

TIME - May 21, 2015
An 11-month old baby has survived a huge mudslide in Colombia that killed at least 78 people. The child's mother and at least 11 other relatives perished when a flash flood swept through the town of Salgar in north-west Antioquia province Monday, ..

China Planning Mission On Dark Side Of Moon

Eurasia Review - May 21, 2015
What lies on the dark side of the moon? The ruined civilization of our lunar forbearers? A pile of overplayed Pink Floyd records? The most exclusive Airbnb in the galaxy?

Minimum wage: LA City Council approves increase to $15 by 2020

Los Angeles Times - May 20, 2015
The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday backed a plan to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 per hour, joining a trend sweeping cities across the country as elected leaders seek to boost stagnating pay for workers on the lowest rungs of the ...

Iraq boosts recruitment in bid to retake Ramadi from Islamic State

Los Angeles Times - May 20, 2015
Iraqi authorities on Tuesday ramped up recruitment of volunteers to join pro-government forces fighting Islamic State, official news media said, as American officials tried to downplay gains by the militants that appeared to constitute a sharp setback for U.S.

21000 gallons of crude oil leaked near Santa Barbara County beaches

Los Angeles Times - May 20, 2015
A ruptured pipeline in Goleta leaked an estimated 21,000 gallons of crude oil Tuesday, some of which flowed into the ocean off Santa Barbara County, authorities said.

Airbag Recall Widens to 34 Million Cars as Takata Admits Defects

New York Times - May 20, 2015
For more than a decade, the Japanese company Takata, one of the largest suppliers of airbags, denied that its products were defective even as motorists were killed by exploding airbags and automakers around the world recalled millions of cars equipped ...

Happy Birthday Hubble: 25 years of super shots from outer space

USA TODAY - May 20, 2015
25 years ago today, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope sent back its first photo of outer space. Since then, Hubble has provided us with some of the most detailed images ever of our solar system, our galaxy, and our universe, allowing a deep view into space ...

One third of Americans have this terrifying syndrome, study shows

State Column - May 20, 2015
Metabolic Syndrome affects one third of American adults, and can lead to frightening health consequences. According to Headlines and Global News, nearly a third of adults in the United States are in serious medical trouble.

It's Not Just You -- Those Health Insurance Deductibles Are Getting Scary

Huffington Post - May 20, 2015
Two new studies show that many people in America remain underinsured, causing some to forego medical care and others to take large financial hits in order to get treatment.

The 'elder orphans' of the Baby Boom generation

CNN - May 19, 2015
(CNN) Recently a 76-year-old man known as HB, whose health had been deteriorating, tried to take his own life and was admitted to North Shore University Hospital on Long Island.

Meditation And Yoga May Ease Diseases That Cause Gut Pain

Huffington Post - May 19, 2015
If you thought meditation was good only for your emotional well-being, think again: A new study suggests it may also alleviate the symptoms of two gut disorders.00

Scientists uncover big clue as to why men exist

USA TODAY - May 19, 2015
Scientists have long wondered why men exist. Sex between males and females is simply not nearly as efficient as asexual reproduction.

US indicts 6 Chinese citizens on charges of stealing trade secrets

Washington Post - May 19, 2015
A federal grand jury has indicted six Chinese citizens for what authorities say was a long-running conspiracy to steal valuable technology from two U.S.

Off Duty Army Captain Pulls Man From Fiery North Carolina Car Crash

ABC News - May 19, 2015
An Army Captain is being hailed for his heroism after video emerged showing him rush to a car on fire -– and ignoring the danger -- in order to drag a man to safety.

Afghanistan, Pakistan resume intel-sharing after years of mutual animosity

RT - May 19, 2015
Activists of Jamat ud Dawa protest in support of Pakistan's army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency in Lahore on April 25, 2014.

Saudi Arabia must drill deep for new sources of prosperity

Financial Times - May 19, 2015
When your income is cut in half, it helps to have a few dollars on hand, but even then you will have to make changes. So it is in Saudi Arabia, whose main export - oil - fetches two-fifths less than it did a year ago.

Fleeing Ramadi residents face tough choices

BBC News - May 19, 2015
As tens of thousands of civilians continue to flee Islamic State (IS) militants in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, BBC News talks to some of the people who escaped the fighting and still have family members caught up in the conflict.

US economy: Robust housing data offers hope for Q2 growth

GMA News - May 19, 2015
WASHINGTON - U.S. housing starts jumped to their highest level in nearly 7-1/2 years in April and building permits soared, hopeful signs for an economy that is struggling to regain strong momentum after a dismal first quarter.

US science leaders to tackle ethics of gene-editing technology

Times of Oman - May 19, 2015
The technology, called CRISPR-Cas9, allows scientists to edit virtually any gene they target. The technique is akin to a biological word-processing program that finds and replaces genetic defects.

Walmart hit by strong dollar and rising wages

Financial Times - May 19, 2015
A restrained US consumer weighed on Walmart's sales in the first quarter, highlighting the tricky waters the world's largest retailer and its American rivals are navigating despite lower fuel prices and wage increases.

UK slips into deflation as prices fall 0.1%

Financial Times - May 19, 2015
The UK has officially slipped into deflation for the first time in more than half a century, but economists and policy makers are not concerned, saying that a brief period of gently falling prices is more likely to help growth than harm it.

Scientists watching Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano for new eruption

Zee News - May 19, 2015
Delhi: Scientists are closely watching a volcano on Hawaii`s Big Island for a possible eruption after volatile changes in the level of a lake of lava on its summit and a series of earthquakes, the US Geological Survey said on Monday.

Baby Spiders Reportedly Rain Down on Australian Town

ABC News - May 19, 2015
Baby spiders are falling from the sky in a town in Australia, according to a local media report. Millions of spiders seemingly dropped from above earlier this month in the town that is about 125 miles southwest of Sydney, the Goulburn Post reported.

Revenge attacks feared after deadly Texas biker gang shootout

Reuters - May 18, 2015
SAN ANTONIO Police worried about retaliation attacks after nearly 200 people were charged on Monday following Sunday's shootout between motorcycle gangs that left nine dead and 18 wounded at a Waco, Texas, restaurant turned into a blood-soaked ...(At least 100 guns were taken from those present at this Texas massacre where 9 were slaughtered. The 2nd amendment, as interpreted by the activist courts, is NOT a beautiful thing.)

Elian Gonzalez Says He'd Like to Return to the U.S. (Video)

Hollywood Reporter - May 18, 2015
Good Morning America spoke with Elian Gonzalez for his first American TV interview as an adult, spending three days with him in Cuba.

Alibaba gets sued by Gucci for fakes...again

CNNMoney - May 18, 2015
Counterfeits have long been a headache for Alibaba, which operates China's most popular e-commerce shopping platforms... Earlier this year, the Chinese government released a scathing report that accused Alibaba of turning a blind eye to illegal activity, and failing to police its online marketplaces.

As Israel marks 1967 unification of Jerusalem, Palestinians feel left out

Los Angeles Times - May 18, 2015

Clashes broke out at one point among Israeli nationalists, police and Palestinian counter-demonstrators, and President Reuven Rivlin cautioned that neglect of the Arab population in East Jerusalem — which Arabs have long claimed as the capital of a future Palestinian state — has raised uncomfortable international questions about Israel's rights to the united city.

Marco Rubio: Iraq War Not a Mistake

Bloomberg - May 17, 2015
After some hemming and hawing, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said that, even with the benefit of hindsight, the Iraq invasion was not a mistake. 

Egypt: international condemnation over Muslim Brotherhood death sentences

euronews - May 17, 2015
The decision by an Egyptian court to seek the death penalty for ex-President Mohammed Mursi and 106 others has provoked international condemnation.

Taiwanese student gored by bison in Yellowstone National Park

Reuters - May 17, 2015
A Taiwanese exchange student visiting Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming with her host family was gored by a bison while turning to have her picture taken, the National Park Service said Saturday.

Passengers run for their lives as freight train ploughs into bus

Telegraph.co.uk - May 17, 2015
A local bus company in Atlanta, USA, has released CCTV footage of the moment a freight train struck one of their buses at a level crossing.

Gas prices and unemployment are low. Why isn't consumer confidence higher?

Sacramento Bee - May 17, 2015
Consumer sentiment slid in May, according to a key measurement released Friday, begging the question of just what is weighing down the American consumer?

FBI: Hacker claimed to have taken over flight's engine controls

CNN - May 17, 2015
(CNN) A cybersecurity consultant told the FBI he hacked into computer systems aboard airliners up to 20 times and managed to control an aircraft engine during a flight, according to federal court documents.

Toy-sized min iature drones are extremely well-designed, picks up enemy subs ...

Benchmark Reporter - May 17, 2015
toy drone The U.S. military brings a new mini-drone that can be used on civil missions as well in war. Cicada, which is the size of a small toy, can pick up on enemy submarines as well as eavesdrop on troops.

Earthquakes on Hawaii Volcano Could Signal New Eruption

WDIO-TV - May 17, 2015
HONOLULU (AP) - A series of earthquakes and shifting ground on the slopes of Kilauea have scientists wondering what will happen next at one of the world's most active volcanoes.

Recent Health Articles

Bird flu hits hard in egg-producing Iowa; 25 million hens may be lost

Los Angeles Times - May 17, 2017
The men charged with ridding the farm of a deadly contagion tugged at their dark green protective suits and adjusted the double-intake respirators covering their faces.

Are your sleeping habits putting you at risk of a stroke?

May 17, 2015
Getting too much - or too little - sleep more than doubles the risk of a stroke among people with high blood pressure, say researchers.

High blood pressure and sleeping badly? Or for too long? You could be at risk of ...

The Independent - May 16, 2015
People with high blood pressure who sleep for less than five hours, or more than eight hours, a night have a significantly higher stroke risk than those who get seven or eight hours a night, a new study says.

Advanced stem cell therapy reverses blindness in mice

State Column - May 16, 2015
A new adaptation to stem cell therapy has allowed scientists to treat blindness and brain damage in mice. Researchers at the University of Toronto have demonstrated that specially engineered “hydrogels” can help along the process of stem cell ...

Even in Later Life, Exercise Seems to Pay Dividends

Philly.com - May 15, 2015
HealthDay News) -- A little exercise late in life may help men live longer, new research from Norway suggests.

Vitamin B3 may help prevent recurrence of common skin cancers

Calgary Herald - May 14, 2015
For the first time, a large study suggests that a vitamin might modestly lower the risk of the most common types of skin cancer in people with a history of these relatively harmless yet troublesome growths.

Chronic depression may increase stroke risk

CNN - May 14, 2015
(CNN) If your older loved one is among the millions of Americans who struggle with chronic depression, beware: They have an extremely high risk for stroke.

Consumer Reports Tests Show That Some Sunscreens Aren't Meeting SPF Claims

May 14, 2015
By Jim Donovan: When shopping for sunscreen, SPF (sun protection factor) is usually an important feature for consumers. Consumer Reports recently tested 34 sunscreens and found almost a third of them didn't meet the SPF claim on their labels, missing the ...

Cuban lung cancer vaccine could come to U.S.

WLS-TV - May 13, 2015
Thawing U.S.-Cuba relations means a Cuban-developed lung cancer vaccine, Cimavax, could soon come over to the United States, ABC News reports. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Cuba.

Elderly Man Called 911 for Food Because He Couldn't Move

ABC News - May 13, 2015
An elderly man who'd just returned home after months in the hospital said he was hungry, had no food and no one to turn to for help.

Seasons affect 'how genes and immune system work'

BBC News - May 12, 2015
The seasons appear to have a profound effect on how human genes work, according to scientists. This may explain why some illnesses are aggravated in the winter, they say in Nature Communications.

Feds to Insurers: Free Contraception Means Free

WebMD - May 12, 2015
The Obama administration said Monday that health plans must offer for free at least one of every type of prescription birth control - clarifying regulations that left some insurers misinterpreting the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate.

New blood tests may transform cancer care

CBS News - May 11, 2015
A new type of blood test is starting to transform cancer treatment, sparing some patients the surgical and needle biopsies long needed to guide their care.

Spinal Stimulation System Relieves Pain Without Tingling

U.S. News & World Report - May 11, 20150
MONDAY, May 11, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- The Senza spinal cord stimulation system has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat chronic back pain without the tingling sensation that characterizes more traditional pain-relieving ...

Arizona lawmakers enjoy prime health-care benefits

azcentral.com - May 10, 2015
Arizona lawmakers enjoy government-subsidized health-care benefits, but at the same time they continually opposed public benefits for residents.

Think more sex makes you happier? Think again, say researchers

RT - May 10, 2015
So you think more sex leads to more happiness? Not quite, American researchers have discovered. In fact, the findings suggest frequency of intercourse has little to do with boosting life enjoyment.

Climate change gives rise to 'massive pollen production', people to suffer more ...

Times Gazette - May 9, 2015
Allergists have pointed to climate change and urbanization as potential culprits of the massive pollen production. The delayed beginning of spring may have stalled early pollen production only to have it start at the same time as regular spring pollen...

The reason we have late-night food cravings

News.com.au - May 9, 2015
IF you find yourself constantly heading to the fridge for a midnight gorge, you can blame it on your brain. New research from Brigham Young University has found our brains are less satisfied by food when it consumed in the late hours of the evening.

Baby weighing more than 13 pounds born in PA

Allentown Morning Call - May 9, 2015
A Pittsburgh area woman is celebrating Mother's Day in a big way this weekend after giving birth to a 13 pound, 10 ounce baby Friday.

Statins offer longer life to prostate cancer patients

The Times - May 8, 2015
Statins can slow the advance of prostate cancer, raising the prospect that the drugs could one day be used to treat the disease. Patients with advanced cancer who were on statins went an extra ten months before their tumours grew after hormone treatment, ...

Ebola found in doctor's eye months after virus left his blood

USA TODAY - May 8, 2015
For the first time, Ebola has been discovered inside the eyes of a patient months after the virus was gone from his blood. The case concerns Dr.

Take Note, GOP: Affordable Health Care Important to Latino Voters

Huffington Post - May 8, 2015
To no one's surprise, the Republicans are at it again. This week Republicans in Congress announced a budget deal that takes dead aim at the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

More Seniors Staying Active With Canes, Walkers

RTT News - May 7, 2015
About one-quarter of adults aged 65 years and older used mobility devices—such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs—in 2011, and about a third of these reported using multiple devices, according to the findings of a Journal of the American Geriatrics ...

A Healthy Diet May Help The Brain Age Well, Study Finds

Forbes - May 7, 2015
A new study finds that the healthier we eat over the years, the better shape our brains will be in as we age. In the new research from McMaster University, people from all over the world who kept a Mediterranean-style diet in middle age had a reduced risk of cognitive decline as they got older.

Health Industry Can't Protect Your Records from Hackers: Report

NBCNews.com - May 7, 2015
Your medical records are a prime target for hackers and identity thieves, but the healthcare industry is not prepared to deal with a surge in data breaches, security incidents and criminal attacks, according to a new report by the Ponemon Institute released on ...

Americans Still Skip Life-saving Cancer Tests

NBCNews.com - May 7, 2015
They can save your life, or at the least offer peace of mind. Plus, you don't pay for them. Yet Americans are still often skipping screening tests for breast, cervical and colon cancer, a new government survey finds.

'Hispanic paradox' - US Latinos outliving richer whites - not genetic, study finds

Fox News Latino - May 6, 2015
Hispanics face many health obstacles: compared to other ethnic groups, a larger share of the population is poor, uneducated and hase poor access to medical care and health insurance.

Smallmouth bass with cancer caught in Susquehanna River

CNN - May 6, 2015
(CNN) It's a catch that would make any angler gasp -- and not with pride. A smallmouth bass that was pulled out of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania had a large cancerous tumor protruding from its jaw.

Ovarian Cancer: new screening tool can double early detection rate

State Column - May 5, 2015
A study by cancer researchers in the UK has identified a new early screening method for detecting ovarian cancer in women. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a new screening tool can identify twice as many cases of ovarian ...

Cancer drug spending tops $100 billion, up 10% in a year

NBCNews.com - May 5, 2015
As drug prices continue to fall under ever-increasing scrutiny, spending on cancer medicines has hit a new milestone: $100 billion in 2014.

Test predicts cancer 13 years into the future, says new study

Canada News - May 3, 2015
A research study from Northwestern Medicine and Harvard University shows that scientists have been able to detect a pattern in DNA which could identify cancer years before it develops, according to CBS News.

US House foils amendment of medical marijuana use for veterans

Times Gazette - May 3, 2015
For the reason that the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat range of illnesses or symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes.

Cholesterol-busting statins could reduce lung cancer death rusk by nearly a fifth

Daily Mail - May 2, 2015
Lung cancer sufferers who have taken cholesterol-busting statins for at least a year have a lower risk of dying from the disease. And the protective effect also applies if taken six months after being diagnosed reducing the risk of death by nearly a fifth.

Joint Research from China, US Proposes New Theory on Human Aging

Yibada - May 2, 2015
Researchers from China and the United States recently proposed a new theory on human aging, citing that heterochromatin, a tightly packed DNA form, could be a key driver of the process.

The key to living to 100? New survey yields clues

CBS News - May 1, 2015
How do you live to be 100? To find out, UnitedHealthcare's 10th annual 100@100 survey asked centenarians for their attitudes and opinions on health, family and life.

Walk for Two Minutes Every Hour, Suggest Experts

NDTV - May 1, 2015
Walk for Two Minutes Every Hour, Suggest Experts Walking is the easiest way to remain fit and active. You may think it is underrated as a form of exercise, not more.

Nearly Half the US Population Still Breathes Polluted Air, Report Says

InsideClimate News - April 30, 2015
High ozone levels and particulate matter plague 138 million Americans, despite recent improvements, American Lung Association-backed study shows.

ObamaCare boosts hospitals' finances, study finds

The Hill - April 30, 2015
Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare is giving a lift to hospitals' finances, a new study from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation finds.
WTSP 10 News - April 27, 2015
"There's always a certain level of denial," says Kathleen Bennett, a Cincinnati dentist who specializes in treating sleep breathing problems.

More American doctors favor Democrats

Reuters - April 27, 2015
(Reuters Health) - American physicians remained more likely to donate to Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections even as voters passed control of Congress to the Republican party, a study finds.

Air pollution damages the brains of the elderly, alarming new study finds

National Monitor - April 26, 2015
The study found a massive increase in “silent strokes” for people over 60 who live in high-pollution areas, meaning that pollution damages our brains a lot more than we think.

Consumer Reports: How safe is your shrimp?

Kima CBS 29 - April 26, 2015
CONSUMER REPORTS -- Americans love shrimp. We eat an average of almost 4 pounds per year, making it more popular than tuna. About 94 percent of the U-S shrimp supply is imported –– and the majority of it is farmed

0Phantom Ringing: Researches say that 'Ringing Ears' Associated with Tinnitus ...

Yibada - April 25, 2015
Researchers recently discovered that it may not be possible to treat what is termed as "Ringing Ears". The medical condition is called Tinnitus which displays symptoms of patients having a constant ringing in their ears.

Exercise Can't Save Us: Our Sugar Intake Is The Real Culprit, Say Experts

Forbes - April 25, 2015
In a fascinating and scorching editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, three authors argue that the myth that exercise is the key to weight loss - and to health - is erroneous and pervasive, and that it must end.

In search of tinnitus, that phantom ringing in the ears

Iowa Now -  April 24, 2015
This is a 3-D image of the left brain hemisphere of a patient with tinnitus (right) and the part of that hemisphere containing primary auditory cortex (left).

Where does the US fall on the World Happiness Report?

Christian Science onitor - April 24, 2015
The 2015 World Happiness Report ranks Switzerland as the happiest country in the world. Should the US base public policy on the happiness and well-being of its citizens?

China shocks world by genetically engineering human embryos

Telegraph.co.uk - April 23, 2015
China has been ordered to 'rein in' scientists who have edited the DNA of human embryos for the first time, a practice banned in Europe.

Researchers uncover asthma's root cause

UPI,com - April 23, 2015
"If this research proves successful we may be just a few years away from a new treatment," said Dr. Samantha Walker, who helped fund the work.

Recently Translated Papyrus Details 1900-Year-Old Hangover Cure

Smithsonian - April 23, 2015
Coping with the aftereffects of imbibing a bit too much seems to be a universal human challenge (at least until brewers and vinters figure out how to take the hangover out of beer or the headache out of wine).

Coffee shields you against breast cancer recurrence

The Indian Express - April 22, 2015
Drinking just two cups of coffee a day can help inhibit the growth of tumours and reduce the risk of recurrence in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, a new research suggests.

Chance of being bitten by mosquito is written in genes

Telegraph.co.uk - April 22, 2015
As the summer approaches it is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear. But scientists have found that the chance of being bitten by a mosquito is written in the genes and some people are just more likely to be attacked no matter how much insect ...

FDA: Safety problems prompted review of homeopathic remedies

Washington Times - April 21, 2015
WASHINGTON (AP) - A top drug regulator says increasing safety problems with homeopathic remedies contributed to the government's decision to revisit its oversight of the products at a public hearing this week.

Blue Bell Pulls Ice Cream After Listeria Outbreak

WebMD - April 21, 2015
TUESDAY, April 21, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Blue Bell Creameries said Monday that it will pull all of its frozen dessert products off the market because they might be contaminated with a bacteria that can cause stomach illness.

'Liquid Biopsy' can Find Cancer DNA in Blood

News Every Day - April 20, 2015
A new blood test dubbed 'liquid biopsy' is set to revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed and treated, as it could replace conventional tissue biopsy testing.

New Trials Show Promise For Future Skin Cancer Treatment

TIME - April 20, 2015
Drugs that spur the immune system to target cancer cells may prove an effective skin cancer treatment, according to two clinical trials published Monday.

Merck drug Keytruda effective against 3 cancers

Salt Lake Tribune - April 19, 2015
Trenton, N.J. • One of the hot new cancer immunotherapy drugs, Merck & Co.'s Keytruda, strongly benefited patients with melanoma, lung cancer and mesothelioma, according to three studies presented Sunday at the American Association for Cancer ...

Study: Walking Works Wonders for Prostate Cancer Survivors

Modern Readers - April 18, 2015
Prostate cancer survivors who walk on a regular basis are considerably more likely to recover strongly than those leading more sedentary lifestyles, new research suggests

Group of doctors call on Columbia Univ. to oust Dr. Oz

CBS News - April 17, 2015
A group of 10 prominent doctors from around the country is taking aim at Dr. Mehmet Oz, calling on Columbia University to oust the popular TV doctor from its faculty.

The anti-Obamacare movement is making red states sicker and poorer

Vox - April 17, 2015
Arizona just passed a bizarre new anti-Obamacare law that, in effect, promises to let the Supreme Court wreck the state's health-care system.

FDA Approves Amgen's Heart-Failure Drug Corlanor

Wall Street Journal - April 15, 2015
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved Amgen Inc. AMGN 1.78 % 's heart-failure treatment Corlanor, which had been designated for priority review in August.

(click heart failure drug to enlarge)

Turns Out, Tylenol Blunts Pleasure While It Relieves Your Pain

Huffington Post - April 15, 2015
Acetaminophen seems to do more than just lower a fever or get rid of a nasty headache -- and some of its effects are pretty bizarre.

Scientists are working on a breath test to diagnose stomach cancer

The Verge - April 14, 2015
A new technology that analyzes exhaled breath could one day diagnose stomach cancer in a matter of minutes. The test interprets patients' "breath prints" - unique patterns of molecules that we breathe in and out everyday and reflect conditions in the body.

Man wants to be world's first head transplant

WTSP - April 14, 2015
"I can hardly control my body now," says Valery Spiridonov, a computer scientist with Werdnig-Hoffman disease. "I need help every day, every minute.

Bone-Building Drug Strengthened Hips, Spines of Frail Women in Study – WebMD

WebMD - April 13, 2015
Frail, older women may only need a single dose of the osteoporosis drug Reclast to build bone strength, a new study suggests.

Powassan Virus Pack Strong Punch - Tick-borne Illness Worse Than Lyme Illness!

The Leader - April 12, 2015
A tick-borne illness creates symptoms far more severe than Lyme disease. Are you in danger from this potentially deadly illness? Powassan virus is invading Connecticut resulting in well being officials scrambling to contain the.

Plucking Hair May Be The Cure To Baldness, New Study Finds

Latinos Post - April 12, 2015
A finding in an effective way to cure baldness may not be what you expected. The Cell Journal cited this week that additional hair growth arises out of habitual hair plucking.

Illusionist Penn Jillette Unveils Slim New Look, But This Is No Magic Trick

CBS Local - April 11, 2015
NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) - Illusionist Penn Jillette is looking slim and trim these days without the help of any magic tricks. As CBS2's Jill Nicolini reported, Jillette has lost 105-lbs.

Congress Is Poisoning Food Safety

Daily Beast - April 10, 2015
Sabra hummus may be joining Blue Bell ice cream and an ever-growing list of food tainted with potentially lethal bacteria. The FDA isn't to blame: it's being starved.

Could Obesity Help Protect Against Dementia?

Philly.com - April 10, 2015
A new study of nearly 2 million people suggests that those who are overweight or obese in middle age may be less likely to develop dementia than their normal and underweight peers.

Height influences heart attack risk

CBS News - April 9, 2015
A person's height can influence their longterm health and risk for certain medical conditions in a number of ways. Now a study published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine adds to the growing evidence that shorter people face an increased ...

Contagious cancer killing East Coast clams

CBS News - April 9, 2015
A lethal marine cancer killing clams along North America's East Coast is contagious, new research indicates. Scientists say they've traced leukemia outbreaks among soft-shell clams from New York to Canada back to one case of cancer, which was ..

Health Highlights: April 8, 2015

Philly.com - April 8, 2015
There has been an improvement in the condition of a U.S. health worker being treated for Ebola by the National Institutes of Health.

Almost 1 in 10 Americans has anger issues and access to guns, study finds

CBS News - April 8, 2015
Almost one in 10 Americans has a history of impulsive and angry behavior and ready access to guns, new research indicates. The serious mental health issues that would legally prevent someone from purchasing a gun -- such as involuntary commitment to a ...

When It Comes To Insurance, Mental Health Parity In Name Only?

WNMU - April 5, 2015
By law, many U.S. insurance providers that offer mental health care are required to cover it just as they would cancer or diabetes care.

Packaged and Processed Food Contain Too Much Salt

West Texas News - April 4, 2015
The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that packaged and processed foods contain too much salt. According to the leading national public health institute of the United States, food producers are knowingly ignoring current ...

Direct Brain Interface Allows Blind Rats To 'See'

Science 3,0 - April 4, 2015
A microstimulator and geomagnetic compass attached to the brains of blind rats allows them to spontaneously learn to use new information about their location and navigate through a maze nearly as well as normally sighted rats.

Allergy Season in Full Bloom

WTVC - April 3, 2015
But with he pretty colors and fresh smells comes the itchy eyes, sore throats, and sniffles of allergy season. "Stopped up nose, runny nose, sore and itchy throat, watery eyes, itchy eyes, it's not fun," said one allergy sufferer we spoke with. (We northerners are still waiting for the bloom.)

Could Fish Oil Interfere With Cancer Care?

Philly.com - April 2, 2015
(HealthDay News) -- Fish oil supplements, and even certain fish, may hinder the effectiveness of cancer-fighting chemotherapy, a new study suggests.

The Salty Truth: Many Popular Foods With Unhealthy Amounts of Salt

ABC News - April 2, 2015
You may be consuming more salt than you need -- and the salt shaker is probably not to blame. When researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sought to shake out how much sodium -- a major component of table salt -- was in various ...

Despised hospital gowns get fashion makeovers

CNN - April 1, 2015
(CNN) Whether a patient is in the hospital for an organ transplant, an appendectomy or to have a baby, one complaint is common: the gown.

A New Blood Test Can Estimate How Serious Your Food Allergy Is

Time - April 1, 2015
A blood test can reveal just how severe a person's food allergy is and could possibly replace more invasive testing, a new study published Wednesday morning suggests.

Study finds sex equality at conception

TriValley Central - March 31, 2015
A nurse holds a baby in the nursery of the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia in 1930. Every year, slightly more boy babies than girl babies are born.

Household Income Could Impact Brain Structure For Kids

RTT News - March 31, 2015
There may be a link between the family income of a household and the brain structure of its children, according to a new study from researchers at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

Here's What '60 Minutes' Didn't Tell You About The 'Miracle' Glioblastoma ...

Forbes - March 30, 2015
Last night, CBS CBS' hit newsmagazine 60 Minutes devoted not one but two segments to an early-stage trial at Duke University of a cancer therapy that some patients are calling a “miracle.

11 one-minute solutions to improving your health

CNN - March 30, 2015
(CNN) If you're the type of person who is constantly wondering where the day went, you probably jump for joy whenever you read about short workouts, even 5 minutes long, that improve health.

New bird flu strain 'a bad actor'

Dubuque Telegraph Herald - March 29, 2015
MINNEAPOLIS -- Animal health experts and poultry growers are scrambling to determine how a dangerous new strain of bird flu infected poultry flocks in four states -- and to stop it from spreading.

Roseroot Herb May Be As Effective As Antidepressants

Diabetes Insider - March 29, 2015
For centuries, Siberian communities have utilized the Roseroot herb (Rhodiola rosea) to help them survive the extremely cold winters.

4 ways to minimize risk of colon cancer

WLS-TV - March 29, 2015
Though colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US, it's also highly preventable. Embed. <iframe width="476" height="270" src="http://abc7chicago.

Ted Cruz riding the Obamacare train wreck

The Silber Ink - March 28, 2015
According to Ted Cruz, Obamacare is unconstitutional and goes on to say it as train wreck and it does not end here he says, it “puts a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor.” Last week in his campaign he said that he intended to sign his family up for the insurance coverage through Obamacare.

Why Roseroot Herb Could be the Next Big Treatment for Depression

American Live Wire - March 28, 2015
Roseroot, also known as Rhodiola rosea, has been used since centuries to survive the Siberian winters, and now, the findings of a new study have revealed that it could also possibly act as an effective treatment for depression, and may work even better than ...

Cancer alert over chemical found in Roundup weedkiller

Daily Mail - March 28, 2015
A weedkiller used in millions of gardens has been identified as a potential cancer risk. The World Health Organisation's cancer agency asked a group of 17 international scientists to decide whether glyphosate posed a risk to humans.

Stop binging on high-fat food or suffer from psychiatric disorders

TheHealthSite - March 27, 2015
Do you have a full blown love-affair with fast and junk food with high fat content? End it now! The perils of binging on a fast food and other high fat foods are well known but we still choose to ignore them.

White House Issues Action Plan to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Wall Street Journal - March 27, 2015
WASHINGTON—The White House issued the most extensive action plan ever against drug-resistant bacteria, or superbugs, seeking to curb antibiotic use at farms and hospitals—and promote tests to find lethal bugs, and antibiotics to kill them.

Bionic Eye Enables Vision for a 72 year-old American Once Again

American Live Wire - March 27, 2015
After two years of blindness, a 72 year-old woman in Hawaii can see once more. Bionic Eyes Restore Vison to Blind American Photo Credit: Google Images.

Ken Burns unravels the mysteries of cancer in PBS film

US News & World Report - March 26, 2015
FILE - In this Tuesday, March 24, 2015, file photo, executive producer Ken Burns attends a preview screening of "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies," at the Time Warner Center, in New York.

House Passes 'Doc Fix' for Medicare Doctors

NBCNews.com - March 26, 2015
Congress may be mostly deadlocked, but the House of Representatives passed the so-called "doc fix" Thursday. It rectifies one of the most annoying chores Congress has faced year in and year out for more than a decade - a flawed payment formula that ...

Tau Urged as Focus of Alzheimer's Disease over Amyloid

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - March 25, 2015
Scientists have argued for many years whether tau or amyloid is the primary driver in the progression of Alzheimer's disease. New research suggest tau is the culprit.

How Patients Are Driving Research & Cures For Their Own Rare Diseases

Huffington Post - March 25, 2015
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - The global pharmaceutical industry is pouring billions of dollars into developing treatments for rare diseases, which once drew little interest from major drugmakers but now point the way toward a new era of innovative therapies and ...

The myth of the high-protein diet: How to prevent disease, prolong life and ...

National Post - March 24, 2015
Many people have been making the case that Americans have grown fat because they eat too much starch and sugar, and not enough meat, fat and eggs.

Vitamin D3 and metformin show promising results in preventing colorectal cancer

News-Medical.net - March 244, 2015
The concept was simple: If two compounds each individually show promise in preventing colon cancer, surely it's worth trying the two together to see if even greater impact is possible.

Obamacare: Falling care costs

CNBC - March 23, 2015

Monday, 23 Mar 2015 | 3:10 PM ET

Hospitals have seen reductions in the costs of caring for the uninsured, but nowhere more so than in states that expanded Medicaid.

Vitamin D supplements may slow prostate cancer

 CBS News - March 23, 2015
Vitamin D supplements may slow or prevent low-grade prostate cancer from progressing, a small new study suggests. "Vitamin D decreases inflammation in tissues, and inflammation is a driver of cancer," explained Bruce Hollis, the study's lead researcher ...

The Antibiotics Problem in Meat

The Atlantic - March 23, 2015
Back to The Wire What is The Wire? The Wire features the latest news coverage from The Atlantic. The Antibiotics Problem in Meat. A new study suggests that a consumer demand for chicken and pork in places like India, Russia, China, and Brazil will help ...

After 50, colons need inspection for signs of cancer

Press of Atlantic City - March 23, 2015
While not quite a Hallmark moment, my point is that a colonoscopy may be a gift that could save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Biogen's Alzheimer drug slows mental decline

World Tech Today - March 22, 2015
Biogen Idec Inc (NASDAQ:BIIB) drug that attacks plaque buildup in the human brain slowed cognitive decline in patients that were in early phase of Alzheimer disease.

Those with high blood pressure may use folic acid to lower stroke risk

Science Recorder - March 19, 2015
While folic acid has been found to have many positive health benefits in the last few years, a new study out of China reveals it can also be helpful in lowering stroke risk.

Bill Gates: Ebola Virus A 'Wake-Up Call'

Sky News - March 19, 2015
The Microsoft co-founder calls for "germ games not war games" to prepare for the battle against a global epidemic. 13:34, UK, Thursday 19 March 2015.

Colon cancer: Early detection, screening save lives

Chicago Tribune - March 19, 2015
No one ever claimed it's a walk in the park, but a colonoscopy is not even close to the dreadful experience it is so often made out to be.

Study: Antipsychotic drugs can be deadly in dementia fight

Detroit Free Press - Marc 18, 201
Medicating dementia patients may ease the demons that trigger aggression and other behavior problems, but it also boosts their risk of dying early - even more so than previously believed, according to a new study.

Vitamin D Supplements Ineffective At Lowering Blood Pressure

University Herald - March 18, 2015
Vitamin D (Photo : Harvard) Vitamin D won't do much to lower high blood pressure, according to a recent study. Vitamin D won't do much to lower high blood pressure, according to a recent study.

Cancer study: Genomes may predict aspirin's benefits

USA TODAY - March 17, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS - Doctors have known for a while that aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, known as NSAIDs, may help protect some people against colorectal cancer.

Diet Soda may lead to excess Belly Fat, Study Reveals

The Westside Story - March 17, 2015
When we are trying to shed a few pounds from the body, one of the first thing we do is reach for the diet fizzy drinks - but a new study suggests they could actually make us fatter.

Newer Blood Thinner May Improve Outcomes for Heart Attack Survivors

Philly.com - March 16, 2015
Long-term use of the newer anti-clotting drug Brilinta cut heart attack survivors' future risk of heart attack, stroke or heart-related death, a new study found.

Exercising daily boosts motor function in elderly!

TheHealthSite - March 15, 2015
Time and again it has been proved that exercise is the ultimate panache for a healthy life. A recent study has shed light on the significance of exercising and physical activity with brain health and motor,,,

Second chance for people to enroll for healthcare coverage and avoid fine

Uncover Michigan- March 15, 2015

The government has offered a second chance to uninsured people who are facing federal fines for not selecting an insurance plan. The enrollment window offers a one-time chance to several million people who have not signed up the affordable care plan.

Experimental cholesterol drugs cut heart risk, but questions remain

Reuters - March 15, 2015
San Diego (Reuters) - Studies of a new class of experimental cholesterol-lowering drugs signal that they may reduce by half the risk of heart attack and other major cardiovascular problems compared to standard treatment alone.

Tougher rules on reusable medical devices issued by FDA

SMN Weekly - March 14, 2015
A stricter recommendations on reusable medical devices was issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in an effort to prevent future outbreak of antibiotic resistant infections such as CRE.

Overweight Dachshund From Ohio Loses 44 Pounds: How Did 'Dennis' Do It?

Tech Times - March 14 - 2015
Dennis looking dapper! After losing 44 pounds, the mini dachshund is now happier and healthier and he's got his new owner Brooke Burton to thank for that.

Loneliness and isolation are as dangerous as obesity

Deseret News - March 14, 2015
Loneliness and social isolation are as dangerous to health as being severely overweight. And social relationships should be given more attention and concern than they've been getting, according to new research from Brigham Young University.

Doctors claim first successful penis transplant

CNN - March 13, 2015
(CNN) South African doctors have achieved what they call the world's first successful penile transplant operation. The nine-hour operation occurred on December 11, 2014, involving a team of doctors at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and others from ... (We just had to post this.)

The Shot That Could Dissolve Double Chins

ABC News - March 13, 2015
ATX-101, a non-surgical treatment that claims to get rid of fat under the chin, is nearing approval by the FDA

Exercise May Provide 'Motor Reserve' in Older Age

Medscape - March 12, 2015
Just as higher education and social connections seem to provide a cognitive reserve as people age, physical activity may build a motor reserve that protects against the harmful effects of white matter hyperintensities (WMHs) in the brain on motor function, new ...

Everything You Want to Know About Palcohol, the Powdered Alcohol Approved ...

ABC News - March 12, 2015

A product is expected to hit shelves this summer to turn water into wine -- well, into vodka, rum and a few cocktails -- but not everyone is happy about it.

Heart the size of a strawberry transplanted in 3-week-old baby

CBS News- March 12, 2015
WESTWOOD, Calif. -- A baby boy in Orange County, California, is living a medical miracle after receiving a live-saving heart transplant when he was just 3 weeks old, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Can ultrasound fight Alzheimer's? Mice study hints at new weapon

Reuters - March 11, 2015
LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists believe they may have found a new weapon in the fight against Alzheimer's disease -- not in the form of a drug but in focused beams of ultrasound.

New class of drugs may slow the aging process

Science Recorder - March 11, 2015
“Senolytics”, a newly discovered class of drugs, may help fight age-related disease better than ever. In a time of great medical breakthrough, researchers from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and the Mayo Clinic have discovered a class of drugs that ...

How changing your diet can lower your risk for colon cancer

CBS News - March 10, 2015
A vegetarian diet might cut your risk of colorectal cancer by 20 percent, a new study finds. For fish-eating vegetarians, the protective link was even stronger, researchers said.

11.7 Million Americans Have Insurance Under Health Act

New York Times - March 10, 2015
WASHINGTON - The Obama administration reported Tuesday that 11.7 million Americans now have private health insurance through federal and state marketplaces, with 86 percent of them receiving financial assistance from the federal government to help ...

'Love hormone' nasal spray could reduce calorie intake in men

Medical News Today - March 9, 2015
A study has found that a single dose of nasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin led to reduced caloric intake in healthy men. In particular, the synthetic nasal formulation reduced the consumption of fatty foods.

Depression Issues? Heart Disease Risk Cut With Depression Treatments

The News Ledge - March 8, 2015
A new study is casting the tie between depression and heart disease in a new light. Researchers are presenting a three-year study following 5,000 patients with moderate to severe depression.

Frankie the dog 'sniffs out thyroid cancer'

BBC News - March 8, 2015
A dog has been used to sniff out thyroid cancer in people who had not yet been diagnosed, US researchers say. Tests on 34 patients showed an 88% success rate in finding tumours.

A Breakthrough Treatment for Lung Cancer Approved

TIME - March 8, 2015
On March 5, a novel way to treat lung cancer won approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The latest drug, Opdivo, has showed promise with other cancers, and is the first to use the immune system to tackle hard-to-treat lung tumors.

Across the USA, flu season winding down

USA TODAY - March 7, 2015
DENVER - Flu season is beginning to tail off, but thousands of Americans still are grappling with the illness blamed for killing nearly 100 kids, doctors and federal officials say.

2.4 Billion People Worldwide Suffer From Untreated Tooth Decay

SMN Weekly - March 7, 2015
Lead researcher Dr. Wagner Marcenes, of Queen Mary University of London, said it is alarming to see that the prevention and treatment of tooth decay has been neglected despite known ways to both treat and prevent the problem.

'Googling' information is making us mentally lazy, study claims

Daily Mail - March 6, 2015
A study has shown that people who have strong cognitive skills spend less time on their devices than those with less brain power. Those who think in an analytical way also pick up their phone less frequently because they remember things or are able to work ...

Dirty water kills more women than AIDS and breast cancer

New York Daily News - March 6, 2015
Diseases spread through dirty water and poor sanitation are the fifth biggest killer of women worldwide, causing more deaths than  AIDS, diabetes or breast cancer, researchers say.

Stroke centers 'over an hour away' for one third of Americans

Medical News Today - March 5, 2015
It is vital that treatment for stroke is given as quickly as possible in order to minimize the amount of long-term damage that occurs.

McDonald's not alone nixing antibiotics

USA TODAY - March 5, 2015
While McDonald's new antibiotics policy is expected to be a strong catalyst toward change in how chicken is produced and sold, the world has not waited idly for McDonald's to act.

Spider Venom Could Be Key For Chronic Pain Relief

Pioneer News - March 4, 2015
Most people try to avoid spiders. Poisonous spiders, yeah, obviously, lets not mess with those. Unless, maybe you are a scientist and you are looking for a new kind of pain reliever.

Typical Adult Over 30 Gets Flu Twice Every 10 Years: Study

Philly.com - March 4, 2015
(HealthDay News) -- Most people dread the flu, and many work hard to avoid it. However, a new British study finds that the typical person over 30 only gets the illness about twice every decade.

Expert: Men Have 'Terrific Insecurities' About Penis Size, Want To Be 'Sexual ...

CBS Local - March 4, 2015
Cambridge, Mass. (CBS CONNECTICUT) - A new study asking “Am I Normal?” is the largest body of research analyzing penis size for 15,000 men and uncovers that most men “believe they're smaller than average” - something experts are calling

Even With an Unfavorable Court Ruling, Much of Obamacare Would Live On

New York Times - March 4, 2015
The case before the Supreme Court this week will not wipe Obamacare off the books. Unlike the case the court considered in 2012, which could have erased the Affordable Care Act entirely, this one concerns the application of only one provision of the law, ...

Minimally invasive migraine treatment 'reduced painkiller use in 88% of patients'

Medical News Today - March 2, 2015
A new intranasal treatment for migraine has been found to lower use of pain-relief medication among 88% of patients in a retrospective analysis.

Peanut Eaters May Live Longer, Study Finds

Live Science - March 2, 2015
Peanuts may not only be a tasty snack but they may also help people live longer, a new study suggests. Researchers found that the people in the study who ate the most peanuts and tree nuts (such as walnuts, pecans and almonds) every day had a lower risk ...

Alzheimer's Protein Found in Young Brains for the First Time

TIME - March 2, 2015
For the first time, scientists have found evidence of a protein found in Alzheimer's disease, called amyloid, in the brains of people as young as 20.

Jindal blasts GOP for being 'fearful' of repealing Obamacare

National Monitor - March 1, 2015
Jindal argued that repealing the health care law was a linchpin of Republicans' campaign efforts in the hugely successful 2014 midterm elections, and the GOP shouldn't get away from that now.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a real measurable illness: researchers

CTV News - March 1, 2015
Nine years ago, Lisa Schneiderman contracted malaria on trip to Sierra Leone. Little did she know that her bout with the disease could trigger another condition -- one that would leave her exhausted for hours after simply getting up to fetch a cup of tea.


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