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Updated  January 13, 2016


Today's news follows our Special Coverage Topic

The root of the turmoil in Israel






The SeniorArk.com editor is Christian, a member of the Presbyterian Church. But we are deeply concerned about the 60+ year oppression of the Palestinians by Israel, and will from time-to-time call attention to this immoral and criminal behavior. Israel's illegal and immoral treatment of Palestinians, and the daily theft of their homes and land, must end. These 'crimes against humanity' need to cease. Compare the way the Nazis treated the Jews, and there appear to be similarities with what is happening to the Palestinians in 2015. We Americans are giving billions $$ to aid and abet Israel in this treatment.   We urge you   to do the research, and compare for yourselves. Then, let your feelings be known to your Congressional Rep, your Senators, and the President.


Israel approves 454 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem

Al Jazeera America - Reposted January 13, 2016

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the marketing of land for the construction of 454 homes in two settlements in occupied East Jerusalem, a government official said on Tuesday.. Under international law, all Jewish settlements in the West Bank are considered illegal. Ramat Shlomo and Ramot are in a part of the occupied West Bank that Israel annexed to Jerusalem..

Thousands of Palestinian structures under Israeli demolition orders

DAWN.com - Reposted January 13, 2016  (How can the world and the U.S. allow this terror?)
JERUSALEM: Some 13,000 Palestinian structures in the West Bank are currently under Israeli demolition orders, leaving residents and homes “in a state of chronic uncertainty and threat”, the UN said on Monday.

Israel cuts water to Palestinian village, causing deaths of hundreds ...

International Middle East Media Center - Reposted - January 13, 2016

As an exceptionally hot summer heat-wave continues to drain the region's water supplies, this week Israeli water company Mekorot took the ... (Israel can cut off water to the Palestinian territories at will, killing animals, crops, and sometimes humans. Palestinians are rarely permitted to drill water wells in their own country, Israel being afraid it could affect their own wells. This is nothing short of Israeli government criminal behavior. Ask yourself how the world, and the U.S. allows this crime to continue.)

French Minister Warns Against Israeli Settlements

Eurasia Review- Reposted January 13, 2016

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Saturday urged the resumption of Middle East peace talks, AFP reported. The French minister also ...

Israel fails to protect Palestinians from settlers: Rights group

Press TV - Reposted January 13, 2016

This file photo shows armed Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of ... Israelis live in over 120 settlements built since Israel's occupation of the ...

Vatican officially recognizes the 'State of Palestine'

Washington Post - Reposted January 13, 2016
The Vatican concluded a treaty Wednesday that formally recognizes Palestinian statehood, a step that immediately drew criticism from the Israeli government and a warning that it harms the Middle East peace process.

Israel to expropriate (STEAL) West Bank land around...

Daily Times - Reposted January 13, 2016

JERUSALEM - Israel announced on Sunday that it will expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, angering the Palestinians and alarming Israeli peace campaigners.

White House: 'deep concern' over new settlement units  (Not deep enough, White House!)

Ynetnews - Reposted January 13, 2016

With tensions between Jerusalem and Washington running high, White House says Israel's announcement of some 400 new settler housing units undermine efforts to achieve peace. (For years Israel has stood with it's hand out for money, while at the same time smacking the U.S. with the other hand. This MUST END. This illegal and immoral behavior did not begin with Obama, but has shown itself for decades.






Health articles in green type


This drug could drastically lower the risks of bypass surgery

BABW - Jan 13, 2016
Scientists have shown that a common medication could significantly lower the complications associated with bypass surgery, and report that it's seriously under-utilized.

Infants can get into unsecured medicines

Reuters - Jan 13, 2016
Infants age six months and younger may not be very mobile yet, but they are still often finding their way to dangerous substances, according to a study of calls to U.S.

Iran's Swift Release of US Sailors Hailed as a Sign of Warmer Relations

New York Times - Jan 13, 2016
TEHRAN - Iran's release of 10 United States Navy sailors on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after they were detained on the Persian Gulf, is being hailed in both countries as a sign that their relations have evolved since the signing of the nuclear ...

Israel: Swedish FM 'not welcome' after calling for probe

Washington Post - Jan 1, 2016
JERUSALEM - Israel says Sweden's foreign minister is “not welcome” in the country after she called for an investigation into the deaths of Palestinians involved in a four-months spate of deadly attacks on Israeli troops and civilians. (SeniorArk agrees with Sweden, and demand a probe into Israel's illegal, inhuman behavior.)

No charges for man who killed son he mistook for intruder

seattlepi.com - Jan 13, 2016
Police tape cordons off a home Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Cincinnati, where police says a father, who believed he was confronting an intruder in his home, fatally shot his 14-year-old son, who he thought was on his way to school. "THE AMERICAN GUN-MENTALITY-INSANITY BEAT JUST GOES ON"

VW CEO ends me eting with top US environmental official

REUTERS - Jan 13, 2016
WASHINGTON Volkswagen Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller met with the top U.S. environmental official for about an hour on Wednesday, just a day after U.S.

Britain's little 'Pompeii' found preserved in river silt

Christian Science Monitor - Jan 13, 2016
A settlement of incredibly well-preserved stilt houses was discovered in Cambridgeshire. The 3,000-year-old houses had been abandoned hastily due to a fire and now hold clues to everyday life in Bronze Age Britain.

How NASA's planetary defense officer will protect Earth from asteroids

Washington Post - Jan 13, 2016
It's not hard to find innovative job titles in Corporate America - Apple has the genius, eBay has the chief curator and AOL has the digital prophet.

Idaho Mountain Lion Found With Full Set of Teeth in Its Forehead

ABC News - Jan 13, 2016
A mountain lion found in Idaho is making animal biologists and wildlife officials scratch their heads in confusion as they try to understand what caused the abnormality in the creature.

Mysterious Snail-Like Object Spotted On High-Res Photo Of Pluto: What Could It Be?

Tech Times - Jan 13, 2016
NASA revealed new high-resolution images of Pluto, including a visual of the dwarf planet's Sputnik Planum region. Look closely and you will see a snail-like object that seems to be trekking on the icy region's surface.

Common painkiller may also be powerful cancer killer

UPI.com - Jan 12, 2016
Diclofenac and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown in previous studies to have significant anti-cancer properties.

When Should You Get A Mammogram? A Definitive Guide

Huffington Post - Jan 12, 2016
The answer depends on who you ask. New breast cancer screening guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a government-convened committee of independent medical experts, say the research is clear: Women between the ages of 50 and ...

Statins Aid Bypass Surgery Recovery, Research Shows

U.S. News & World Report - Jan 12, 2016
TUESDAY, Jan. 12, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Patients who take statins before and after heart bypass surgery have fewer complications and a reduced risk of dying during and soon after the operation, a new analysis finds.

Implanted coils help some lung disease patients, study says

Miami Herald - Jan 12, 2016
A novel, minimally invasive way to treat severe breathing problems caused by lung disease showed modest but promising benefits in a small French study.

Biden says Obama offered financial help amid son's illness

CNN - Jan 12, 2016
Washington (CNN) As his eldest son faced the prospect of resigning as Delaware's attorney general amid health concerns, Vice President Joe Biden received an offer that floored him: financial support from his boss, President Barack Obama

ISIS burns fighters alive for letting Ramadi fall

Fox News - Jan 12, 2016

ISIS fighters who fled to the terror group's Iraqi stronghold of Mosul after being defeated in Ramadi were burned alive in the town square, sources told FoxNews.

'Heartbreaking scenes' witnessed in starving Syrian town

Reuters - Jan 12, 2016
BEIRUT/GENEVA Aid workers who reached a besieged Syrian town spoke of "heartbreaking" conditions being endured by emaciated and starving residents, with hundreds in need of specialised medical help.

Vladimir Putin hints that Russia could grant asylum to Syria's president

Washington Post - Jan 12, 2016
MOSCOW - If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ever feels the need to flee the hot winds of Damascus, he may be able to claim asylum in frigid Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted in an interview released Tuesday.

War of words breaks out among OPEC members

CNN Money - Jan 12, 2016
After watching the price of crude oil collapse by more than 65% to a 12-year low, there are signs that some members of the OPEC may have had enough.

BP to Cut 4000 Jobs as Oil Prices Continue to Fall

New York Times - Jan 12, 2016
LONDON - The persistent plunge in oil prices has translated into a new round of industry job cuts. The British oil giant BP said on Tuesday it would eliminate 4,000 of the approximately 24,000 positions in its exploration and production units this year.

High US job openings point to pick-up in wage growth

Reuters - Jan 12, 2016
WASHINGTON U.S. job openings rose in November and employers appeared to have trouble finding qualified workers, a trend that could trigger a pick-up in wage growth this year.

Saudi Debt Risk on Par With Junk-Rated Portugal as Oil Slides

Bloomberg - Jan 12, 2016
Investors wanting to take out insurance on Saudi Arabia's debt have to pay as much as they would for Portugal, a nation still saddled with a junk credit-rating five years after an international bailout.

Researchers develop an incandescent light bulb powered partially by its own heat

CNET - Jan 12, 2016
If you've ever tried to unscrew an incandescent light bulb after it's been left on for a while, then you know that a good deal of the energy flowing inside produces heat, not light.

Think You Know the Red Planet? Watch This.

National Geographic - Jan 12, 2016
People have been enthralled by the red planet, Mars, for centuries, long before the blockbuster book and movie The Martian. The planet has been known since antiquity, but if NASA gets its way, human beings may set foot there as early as 2030.

Aid Convoy Enters Madaya, a Besieged Syrian Town

New York Times - Jan 11, 2016
BEIRUT, Lebanon - The first trucks from a convoy carrying food and medical aid entered the besieged Syrian town of Madaya on Monday, a Red Cross official on the scene said, amid a growing international outcry over the increasing number of deaths from ...

Tonya Couch, Mom of Infamous 'Affluenza' Teen, Complains About Texas Jail ...

People Magazine - Jan 11, 2016
Before allegedly fleeing to Mexico with her fugitive son, authorities claim the mother of so-called "affluenza" teen Ethan Couch withdrew $30,000 from her personal bank account and told her ex-husband he would never see their 18-year-old son again.

Inside the New Hampshire pitch to those who don't want Trump

Washington Post - Jan 11, 2016
MANCHESTER, N.H. - For all the passionate support Donald Trump has amassed in New Hampshire, many Republicans and independent voters are just as passionate about not voting for Donald Trump.

How to Save Over $1000 on Your 2015 Tax Bill

U.S. News & World Report - Jan 11, 2016
Retirement savers have a powerful option to decrease the amount they owe in federal income tax.

This Game-Changing New Minivan Will Make You Dump Your SUV

Time - Jan 11, 2016
Minivans have never really been cool. And over the past few years, as car owners' love affair with SUVs has only grown deeper, sales of the practical-but-embarrassing minivan have tanked.

MesoGlue Is A Metallic Glue That Replaces Hot Solder

TechCrunch - Jan 11, 2016
If you've ever soldered or welded, you'll know that things get pretty hot. MesoGlue intends to fix that. It's a room-temperature metallic glue that lets you stick parts together with reckless abandon and electrical control.

The surprising way that huge icebergs slow down climate change

Washington Post - Jan 11, 2016
In November of 2013, a mind-bogglingly large iceberg split off of the front of Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica - one of the world's fastest flowing glaciers.

Medicare Expands Coordinated Care for 8.9M Beneficiaries

ABC News - Jan 11, 2016
FILE - In this July 30, 2015 file photo, a sign supporting Medicare is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington as registered nurses and other community leaders celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Are Backing This New Cancer Testing Company

Fortune - Jan 11, 2016
It's meant to identify early-stage cancers. Gene sequencing company Illumina is going after the next big advance in cancer detection, working to develop a universal blood test to identify early-stage cancers in people with no symptoms of the disease.

Pizza boxes contain chemicals that may be worse for you than pizza

Quartz - Jan 10, 2016
Even the packaging of some greasy, late-night indulgence foods may be bad for you. Three substances commonly found in paper and cardboard food containers were banned this week from food packaging by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in a ...

The Red Cross Is Hosting Blood Drives In January

Beacon Transcript - Jan 10, 2016
BEACON TRANSCRIPT - For the beginning of the year, the Red Cross is hosting blood drives in January for the National Blood Donor month to help those in need.

State of Union in 2016: Strong Job Market, Middling Economy

New York Times - Jan 10, 2016
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama delivers his final State of the Union address on Tuesday night to a nation whose economy is far sturdier than it was when he took office in 2009.

Sean Penn and 'El Chapo': What We Know

New York Times - Jan 10, 2016
Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo, met with Sean Penn in his jungle hide-out in Mexico for seven hours in October and spoke unapologetically about his empire for a Rolling Stone magazine interview.

Obama's Guns Gambit

The New Yorker - Jan 10, 2016
Last week at the White House, as President Obama announced a set of executive actions aimed at blunting gun violence, he seemed anything but numb.

US flies B-52 over South Korea after North's nuclear test

Reuters - Jan 10, 2016
SEOUL The United States deployed a B-52 bomber on a low-level flight over its ally South Korea on Sunday, in a show of force following North Korea's nuclear test last week.

Sanders tells Iowa crowd he supports changes to gun manufacturers liability law

Washington Post - Jan 10, 2016
DES MOINES -- Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Saturday that he would support changing the law to allow gun manufacturers who “act irresponsibly” to be held liable when crimes are committed with their products, ending a legal ...

Oregon Refuge Occupiers Send Armed Group Away; Community Wants Them All Gone

ABC News - Jan 10, 2016
A man stands guard after members of the "3% of Idaho" group along with several other organizations arrived at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Ore.

Don't turn Great Lakes into 'toilet bowl'

Detroit Free Press - Jan 10, 2016
The importance of farming is not to be underestimated. It contributes billions to Michigan's economy. But should farmers dictate what happens in our Great Lakes and rivers?

Scientists record massive explosion at Hawaiian volcano

KTRK TV - Jan 10, 2016
The volcano in Kilauea exploded when a rock slide fell into a river of lava, scientists say.

Pakistan to Host 4-Nation Meeting on Ending Afghan War

ABC News - Jan 9, 2016
Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States will hold talks in Islamabad on Monday aimed at reviving the Afghan peace process.

China, South Korea to Make Efforts to Halt North Korean Nukes

Bloomberg - Jan 9, 2016
China and South Korea pledged to work together to engage North Korea amid calls for more sanctions against Kim Jong Un's regime after it held its fourth nuclear test.

US condemns Israel expanding West Bank settlement bloc

Jakarta Post - Jan 9, 2016
Israeli paramedics evacuate w ounded Palestinian from Qalandia checkpoint, near Jerusalem, Friday. Israeli police said the Palestinian was shot and wounded after attempting to ram his car into troops at a West Bank checkpoint. (Israel again flashes the bird at the rest of the world. And they call the Palestinians terrorists, while the Palestinians are just trying to protect their land.)

Even the White House is worried about China's stock market crash

Mashable - Jan 9, 2016
A woman uses her hand to cover her face on Tuesday, the first day of Beijing's smog red alert. Image: Andy Wong/Associated Press.

Why you may have to wait longer for your tax refund this year

Charlotte Observer - Jan 9, 2016
... - In less than two weeks, taxpayers will be able to file their tax returns. But many taxpayers will have to wait longer to cash out their tax refunds thanks to new efforts from the IRS and state tax authorities to catch tax fraud.

California regulators weigh measures to curb giant methane leak

Reuters - Jan 9, 2016
LOS ANGELES The Southern California Gas Co would be required to install a system to siphon off and incinerate some of the methane spewing into the air from a subterranean pipeline rupture under a plan being weighed by local regulators to curtail the ...

Diet To Lower Alzheimer's Disease And Dementia Ranked As The Easiest In 2016

Counsel and Heal - Jan 9, 2016
US News and World Report has just released its compiled survey on the Best Diets of 2016. Guess what? DASH diet continues to stay on top as the easiest to follow diet out of 38 popular healthy diets evaluated by health experts.

Aspirin for Cancer Prevention

MedPage Today - Jan 9, 2016
This week, research was presented at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium suggesting that the effects of aspirin may be linked to a lower risk of death from prostate cancer in patients taking the drug.

7 Ways Friendships Are Great for Your Health

Live Science - Jan 9, 2016
From the day children first step out onto the playground, friendships are a key part of life. According to Gallup polling data from 2004, 98 percent of Americans report having at least one close friend (the average number of friends is nine).

Got Allergies? Blame Neanderthals

Discovery News - Jan 9, 2016
Humans can thank their Neanderthal ancestors for giving them the genes that fight diseases, but also for their allergies, new research suggests.

New US cancer cases holding steady, deaths declining

Reuters - Jan 9, 2016
The number of new cancer diagnoses in the U.S. is largely steady while the number of cancer deaths continues to decline, according to a new report from the nation's leading cancer advocacy group.

US payrolls surge in December in boost to economic outlook

Daily Mail - Jan 8, 2016
WASHINGTON, Jan 8 (Reuters) - U.S. job growth surged in December and employment for the prior two months was revised sharply higher, suggesting that a recent manufacturing-led slowdown in economic growth would be temporary.

Islamic State fighter publicly executes his mother, report says

Washington Post - Jan 8, 2016
A photo an Islamic State fighter who reports say executed his mother in Raqqa. A well-respected Syrian human rights group is reporting that an Islamic State fighter has executed his own mother.

Philadelphia police: Attacker 'tried to execute' officer, pledged allegiance ...

Washington Post - Jan 8, 2016
A police officer in Philadelphia was shot multiple times late Thursday in what authorities described as an ambush and an attempted execution.

Chinese Imports Just Doomed Another 1200 Jobs at Alcoa

Fortune - Jan 8, 2016
The U.S.'s largest active smelter in Indiana will close permanently by the end of March. Alcoa Inc. AA -3.95% is to close the biggest active aluminum smelter in the U.S.

How high will it go? Powerball jackpot balloons to $800 million

Los Angeles Times - Jan 8, 2016
A clerk works near a computer display for the multi-state Powerball lottery jackpot at a convenience store in Madison, Ga. A clerk works near a computer display for the multi-state Powerball lottery jackpot at a convenience store in Madison, Ga.

Police: 2-Year-Old, Father Die After 18-Hour Standoff

ABC News - Jan 7, 2016
A police officer wearing tactical gear jogs toward the scene of a hostage situation near Beyers Landing Drive, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Buford, Ga. (The American gun insanity beat just goes on, and on, and on.)

Asian Stocks Extend Global Rout as China Shuts on Weaker Yuan

Bloomberg - Jan 7, 2016
Asian stocks tumbled, deepening a global rout, as a selloff in China triggered a trading halt in the nation's equities for the second time this week amid growing concern over the economy.

Man with knife killed by Paris police on anniversary of Charlie Hebdo attacks

CNN - Jan 7, 2016
(CNN) Paris, on edge after weathering a year of jihadist violence, faced a fresh scare Thursday as police shot dead a knife-wielding man on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The Latest: Water advisory issued because of storm runoff

Washington Post - Jan 7, 2016

LOS ANGELES - The latest on El Nino storms (all times local): 10:40 a.m.. The Los Angeles County health officials are advising swimmers and surfers to stay out of the ocean for at least three days because of runoff from a series of El Nino storms.

Chevy unveils its Bolt next-gen electric car

CBS News - Jan 7, 2016
Hoping to make a big mark in the electric car market, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt made a splashy debut at CES 2016 in Las Vegas Wednesday.

Chinese Stock Plunge Forces a Trading Halt, and Global Markets Shudder

New York Times - Jan 7, 2016
HONG KONG - The market turmoil in China spread around the world on Thursday, as global investors grew more anxious about the country's currency and the health of its economy.

Is this another 2008 for the stock market?

CNN Money - Jan 7, 2016
The calendar may say 2016. But some investors are starting to worry that it could be another 2008. Stocks around the world plunged again on Thursday.

Can US Remain an Island of Stability in the Global Economy?

New York Times - Jan 7,2016
The Chinese stock market is plummeting so fast that authorities there keep shutting it down. North Korea set off a bomb in a nuclear test.

Rare dime worth more than a million up for auction in Tampa

Washington Post - Jan 7, 2016
TAMPA, Fla. - Whatever disparaging cliche you've heard about the lowly dime -- dime a dozen, nickel and dimed, dime's worth a difference -- it's not true of this dime.

Star Clusters Might Host Intelligent Civilizations, Astronomers Say

The Blaze.com - Jan 7, 2016
Astronomers have not ruled out the possibility of discovering intelligent life beyond planet Earth, which should be pretty exciting for the Ancient Aliens fans out there.

Secrets From a Prehistoric Mummy's Gut Bacteria

The Atlantic - Jan 7, 2016
Here are some of the things scientists know so far about Otzi, the frozen Copper Age mummy who was discovered in 1991 in the Otzal Alps: He suffered from parasitic worms, Lyme disease, tooth decay, joint problems, and other ailments.

New US dietary guidelines limit sugar, rethink cholesterol

CNN - Jan 7, 2016
(CNN) Just in time to help with your New Year's resolution to eat more healthily, the government announced its latest dietary guidelines Thursday.

L'Oreal Skin Patch Warns of Impending Sunburn

PC Magazine - Jan 7, 2016
In most of the country, it's currently a little too chilly for a beach day, but even on cold days, it's a good idea to protect your skin from the sun's rays

Vitamin D may not reduce risk of falls among elderly, study says

University Herald - Jan 6, 2016
Vitamin D (Photo : Flickr) New research suggests that low vitamin D levels may be associated with an increased risk of multiple sclerosis.

Lack of deep sleep may pave way for Alzheimer's, researchers say

Minneapolis Star Tribune
 It's believed that sleep acts like a dustbin for the brain - cleaning out toxins, including harmful proteins tied to Alzheimer's.

North Korea says it successfully conducts hydrogen bomb test

CNN - Jan 6, 2016
Hong Kong (CNN) North Korea says it has successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb test, which if confirmed, will be a first for the reclusive regime and a significant advancement for its military ambitions.

China: Villagers erect giant gold Mao statue

CNN International - Jan 6, 2016
(CNN) The legacy of Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People's Republic of China, looms large over the country's politics and society.

ISIS Leaves Behind Mass Grave As Iraqi Forces Retake Ramadi

Daily Caller - Jan 6, 2016
Members of the Iraqi security forces hold an Iraqi flag with an Islamic State flag which they had pulled down at a government complex in the city of Ramadi, December 28, 2015.

Trump says Cruz's Canadian birth could be 'very precarious' for GOP

Washington Post - Jan 6, 2016
LOWELL, Mass. - Donald Trump said in an interview that rival Ted Cruz's Canadian birthplace was a “very precarious” issue that could make the senator from Texas vulnerable if he became the Republican presidential nominee.

Asia stocks buffeted by China worries, North Korea nuclear test

Reuters - Jan 6, 2016
TOKYO Asian shares fell on Wednesday and most emerging currencies retreated as China allowed the yuan to weaken further, stoking fears about its slowing economy, while a North Korean nuclear test heightened geopolitical tensions.

Space X's Falcon 9 successfully launches communication satellites

The Space Reporter - Jan 6, 2016
Space X successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Monday, July 14 at 11:15 AM, carrying with it six communication satellites into low-Earth orbit.

Agency announces world's safest airlines

KLS.com - Jan 6, 2015
(CNN) - It's the annual announcement every nervous flier awaits with interest: AirlineRatings.com's safest airline award. This year the aviation analysts have named 20 leading carriers as the world's best at ensuring passenger protection.

Disturbing Trends in Israel

Huffington Post - Jan 6, 2016
The arrest of a Jewish settler, who has been charged with burning to death three Palestinians, including an 18-month-old infant in the West Bank village of Duma in July 2014, is tremendously disturbing in many ways.

Revolutionary War-Era Ship Unearthed At D.C.-Area Construction Site

Huffington Post - Jan 6, 2016
The remains of an 18th-century ship were uncovered at a construction site in Alexandria, Virginia, in December. The remains of a Revolutionary War-era ship have been uncovered beneath a hotel construction site outside Washington,

US-Led Coalition: IS Has Lost 30 Percent of Its Territory

ABC News - Jan 5, 2016
Iraqi security forces and allied Sunni tribal fighters display weapons used by Islamic State militants to attack their city in Haditha, 240 kilometers (150 miles) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016.

Obama moves to further regulate gun sales with executive actions that ...

Washington Post - Jan 5, 2016
President Obama on Tuesday unveiled a modest package of gun measures aimed at restricting the sale of illegal guns in the United States, saying he had gathered gun safety activists at the White House “not to debate the last mass shooting, but to do ...

Are the Terrorists Winning a Year After Charlie Hebdo?

Daily Beast - Jan 5, 2016
A year after the 'Charlie Hebdo' slaughter, France is a different place. But the jihadists' plan may have backfired. PARIS—“I do jihad!

California cut water use 20.3% in November; what will happen when it rains?

Los Angeles Times - Jan 5, 2016
Storm clouds drift over downtown Los Angeles last year. The state reduced its water use again in November, but El Niño-related rainstorms have begun this month.

Burns, Oregon residents' message to militia: 'Go away'

USA TODAY - Jan 5, 2016
BURNS, Ore. - Monday evening at the empty Elkhorn Cafe, owner Terry Williams was washing dishes silently. He paused to brew a cup of coffee and talk about a group of armed men occupying federal buildings at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Asia shares steady as uneasy calm settles over China

Reuters - Jan 5, 2016
SYDNEY Asian share markets struggled to stay positive on Tuesday as a semblance of calm returned to Chinese stocks, though more wild swings appeared likely given the uncertain global outlook for economic growth and interest rates.

Microbead ban a big victory

Charleston Post Courier - Jan 5, 2016
This exfoliating scrub contains microbeads. Following the passage of a similar bill in the House, the Senate on Dec. 18 unanimously adopted a bill banning the use of tiny plastic beads in beauty products; under pressure from environmental groups, many ...

Alzheimer's caregiver 'collaborative' announced

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal - Jan 5, 2016
The Niagara County Office for the Aging is a member of the newly announced Western New York Alzheimer's Caregiver Collaborative, a state-funded regional network to assist and help support family caregivers of dementia patients.

Secretive Tesla competitor unveils concept supercar

CNN - Jan 5, 2016
Faraday Future, a secretive California automaker, unveiled its first concept vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Monday night.

Novel 'nano-reactor' pumps out hydrogen biofuel

UPI.com - Jan 5, 2016
"The reaction runs both ways -- it can be used either as a hydrogen production catalyst or as a fuel cell catalyst," researcher Trevor Douglas explained.

Medicare to test if seamless social work can improve health

Washington Post - Jan 5, 2016
WASHINGTON - Doctors, community workers and social researchers have long recognized a link between the hardships of poverty and health problems.

E-Cigarette Ads Target Millions of Kids, CDC Says

NBCNews.com - Jan 5, 2016
E-cigarette makers are pouring tens of millions of dollars into advertising their wares - and teenagers are getting the message loud and clear, federal health officials reported Tuesday.

Artificial pancreas entering clinical trials for long-term use

UPI.com - Jan 4, 2016
Type 1 diabetes, an inherited condition characterized by the immune system killing cells in the pancreas that make insulin, requires patients to constantly monitor their insulin levels and maintain them with injections.

Dealing with radon dangers

Tahlequah Daily Press - Jan 4, 2016
The carbon monoxide article a couple of weeks ago spawned a number of questions about radon gas concerns in the area. There have been incidents reported where area residents have been approached and told that their lawn and garden have radon ...

California braces for series of El Nino storms

seattlepi.com - Jan 4, 2016
Hikers walk along a path at the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area near downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016. Southern California is bracing for a series of storms expected to begin late Sunday that could last all week.

Winston-Salem police officer shot during traffic stop on eastbound Business 40

Winston-Salem Journal - Jan 4, 2016
Winston-Salem Police Chief Barry Rountree says an officer was dragged and shot several times during a traffic stop on Business 40.

Lawyer: Gas Well Missing Valve That Could Have Stopped Fumes

ABC News - Jan 4, 2016
A leaking natural gas well that has displaced thousands of people from a Los Angeles neighborhood lacks a working safety valve that could stop the release of fumes, a lawyer representing residents said.

Why Trump, at last, is running his own political ads

Christian Science Monitor - Jan 4, 2016
Trump's done just fine in national polls without the usual trappings of a campaign, including campaign ads. But now the Iowa caucuses are looming.

UK's Cameron says ISIS' video showing execution of 'spies' is 'desperate stuff'

Fox News - Jan 4, 2016
British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday dismissed a new video in which five purported British spies are shot dead by masked Islamic State extremists as propaganda from a group that is losing control of territory in Syria and Iraq

Intel wants to guide drones in the right direction with Ascending acquisition

PCWorld Jan 4, 2016
Intel has agreed to acquire a Germany company that's working to help drones with 3D cameras move in the right direction and avoid collisions.

Should Tesla Be Worried Of Competition?

Forbes - Jan 4, 2016
As large automakers increase their focus on electric vehicles (EVs), competition in this space, considered to be Tesla Motors' home ground, is intensifying.

5 Reasons Why 2016 Will Accelerate Environmental Progress

Huffington Post - Jan 4, 2015
The nations of the world agreed to a climate deal that finally gives us a chance to turn the corner toward safety. America put in place the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from its largest source, power plants.

Hawaii's Humpback Whales Have Gone Missing

Smithsonian - Jan 4, 2016
Winter is whale season in Hawaii: Every December, an estimated two-thirds of the North Pacific's humpback whale population makes its way to the islands' warm waters.

Study: Asian carp could develop huge presence in Lake Erie

Washington Times - Jan 4, 2016
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - A scientific report says if Asian carp become established in Lake Erie, they eventually could make up about one-third of the lake's combined fish weight and cause drop-offs in other fish species.

Armed group's leader in federal building: 'We will be here as long as it takes'

CNN - Jan 3, 2016
(CNN) Armed anti-government protesters have taken over a building in a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, accusing officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell their land. (This is American gun terrorism)

Fiorina: Cruz says 'whatever' to get elected

WJXT Jacksonville - Jan 3, 2016
Carly Fiorina, herself recently accused of pandering on Twitter, chided Ted Cruz on Sunday, saying he "says whatever he needs to say to get elected.

Iran and Saudi Arabia Exchange Heated Words After Execution of Shiite Cleric

New York Times - Jan 3, 2016
BAGHDAD - A war of words between Middle East rivals escalated on Sunday, with the supreme leader of Iran warning that Saudi Arabia would face divine vengeance for the execution of an outspoken Shiite cleric, a day after Iranian protesters ransacked ...

Mayor of Mexican city of Temixco murdered one day after she took office

New York Daily News - Jan 3, 2016
The newly installed mayor of the Mexican city of Temixco was killed on Saturday, according to a tweet from Morelos state Governor Graco Ramirez.

Who's most likely to be the 2016 Republican nominee?

Washington Post - Jan 3. 2016
It's 2016 (finally)! Iowa voters will head to their caucuses in four weeks. The country will pick a new president in about 10 months.

CNN to host Obama town hall on guns in America

CNN- Jan 3, 2016
Washington (CNN) President Barack Obama is mounting a final-year push to make gun control part of his legacy despite Republican opposition and is expected to announce unilateral action soon.

Social Security options for single seniors

USA TODAY - Jan 2, 2016
If you're like most who think about how much you need for your golden years, you probably calculated based on still having a spouse.

Officials: Washing machine dispute led to quadruple homicide

USA TODAY - Jan 2, 2016
ROWLAND HEIGHTS, Calif. - A man shot and killed his wife and two others in his home on New Year's Eve before his son wrestled the gun away and fatally shot him in a chain of events apparently set off by a dispute over a washing machine, authorities ...(The American gun insanity beat goes on)

Saudi Arabia Puts 47 to Death, Including Prominent Shiite Cleric

New York Times - Jan 2, 2016
BAGHDAD - Saudi Arabia drew condemnation from Iran and its allies in the region on Saturday after putting to death a prominent Shiite cleric who had criticized the government's treatment of its Shiite minority, in a mass execution of 47 men on ...

Putin names US as threat to Russian security strategy

New York Post - Jan 2, 2016
A new appraisal names the United States as one of the threats to Russia's national security for the first time, a sign of how relations with the west have deteriorated in recent years.

Mystery revealed: Alabama man paid for 'Trump is disgusting' skywriting

Sporting News - Jan 2, 2016
January 2, 2016 10:31am EST An Alabama millionaire bankrolled those elaborate anti-Donald Trump skywriting messages in the sky over the Rose Bowl on New Year's ...

Blizzard kills thousands of cows and threatens Texas dairy business

CNN Money - Jan 2, 2016
The Texas dairy business took a big hit from Goliath -- the deadly storm system that wreaked havoc in several states near the end of 2015.

PRECIOUS-Gold sinks 10 pct for third annual loss; tough year ahead

Reuters - Jan 2, 2016
....ending the year down 10 percent for its third straight annual decline, ahead of another potentially challenging year in 2016 amid the prospect of higher U.S. interest rates and a robust dollar.

AAA thinks gas prices will remain low in 2016

wtvr.com - Jan 2, 2016
AAA, which compiles gas price information from around the country, is projecting that gas prices will stay lower in the year ahead - maybe even lower than this year.

What 2016 will do to your checkbook: rent, food, gas, raises

The Seattle Times - Jan 2, 2016
Gas prices are expected to remain low. Oil prices have dropped over the last year. However, seasonal factors will push prices up and down throughout the year.

Sugar In Western Diets Increases Risk For Breast Cancer Tumors And Metastasis

Science 2.0 - Jan 2, 2016
The high amounts of dietary sugar in the typical Western diet may increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs, according to a study at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Type 2 Diabetes Increases Risk Of Dementia

Counsel & Heal - Jan 2, 2015
Scientists at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, discovered that "vascular dementia", which affects the flow of blood to the brain, tends to strike female diabetic patients more than men.

The deadliest day of the year is upon us

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Jan 1, 2016
April may be the cruelest month, per Eliot, but it isn't the deadliest. That honor goes to January. The seasonality of death -- more deaths in the winter, fewer in the summer -- is a well-established and long-running public health mystery.

21 achievable New Year's resolutions for your health

CNN - Jan 1, 2016
If you're like almost half of all adults, you have a New Year's resolution. But once the champagne flutes are back on the shelf, it's hard to make that pledge stick.

How painful will health care costs be in 2016?

CBS News - Jan 1, 2016
The once-torrid growth rate of health care costs has slowed markedly, at least for now, and should maintain a more languid pace into the New Year and beyond.

Obama Pledges To Do More To Stop The 'Epidemic Of Gun Violence'

Huffington Post - Jan 1, 2016
HONOLULU (AP) - President Barack Obama will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss executive actions he could take to make it harder for "a dangerous few" to get their hands on guns. (With 90 Americans killed by gun EVERY DAY, it is about time he takes bold action.)

Indian capital starts plan to cut pollution by limiting cars

STLtoday.com - Jan 1, 2016
NEW DELHI (AP) - The Indian capital has kicked off a sweeping plan to reduce its record-high air pollution by limiting the numbers of cars on the streets for two weeks.

North Korea' Kim Jong-Un vows to raise living standards in New Year speech

Zee News - Jan 1, 2016
Pyong Yang: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said raising living standards was his number one priority in an annual New Year`s address on Friday that avoided any explicit reference to the country`s nuclear weapons programme.

Jubilance in Times Square as New York marks the new year

Reuters - Jan 1, 2016
NEW YORK More than a million people in New York's Times Square hailed the arrival of 2016 early Friday with kisses, cheers and a measure of relief as America's biggest New Year's Eve celebration unfolded without a hitch under a blanket of unprecedented ...

China Is Building a Second Aircraft Carrier

TIME - Jan 1, 2016
China is expanding its navy with addition of a second aircraft carrier, the country's defense ministry has announced. Unlike its first aircraft carrier - a refurbished, secondhand Russian ship built more than 25 years ago - the new vessel will be ...

Christmas Bird Count is fun, plays vital role

Winston-Salem Journal - Jan 1, 2016
Christmas celebrations are well past, having concluded a week ago, and now we forge ahead to the New Year and its own set of traditions.

Fire Breaks Out in Dubai Skyscraper Near the Burj Khalifa

NBCNews.com - Dec 31, 2015
DUBAI - An inferno engulfed a luxury hotel in downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on Thursday night as hundreds of thousands of New Year's Eve revelers gathered for the annual fireworks display.

Rouhani expands Iran's missile program despite US sanctions threat

Reuters - Dec 31, 2015
DUBAI President Hassan Rouhani ordered his defense minister on Thursday to expand Iran's missile program, in defiance of a U.S.

Israeli Schools Ban Israeli-Arab Romance Novel For 'Threatening Jewish Identity'

Daily Caller - Dec 31, 2015
The education ministry of Israel sparked a political uproar after it banned a romance novel from being taught in schools because it pairs a Jewish Israeli woman with a Palestinian man.

Some Paychecks Get Fatter: 14 States Hike Minimum Wage Entering 2016

NBCNews.com - Dec 31, 2015
From major cities like Los Angeles to big businesses like McDonald's, 2015 saw momentum for lifting pay above the federal level of $7.25 an hour.

World's Largest McDonald's Closing to Make Way for Even Larger McDonald's

Newsweek - Dec 31, 2015
McDonald's On Wednesday night, the world's largest McDonald's closed its doors. What will replace it? An even larger McDonald's, of course.

Gas should remain a bargain in 2016

USA TODAY - Dec 31, 2015
Consumers reaped a windfall from cheap gasoline in 2015. And that's likely to continue in 2016, due to a global crude oil glut that's expected to ease only marginally.

End Of Fossil Fuels Won't Come Too Soon For Millions Breathing Toxic Air

Huffington Post - Dec #1, 2015
Record-breakingly bad air is likely to worsen as China enters pollution "high season," one expert warns.

2-year-old husky gets new set of 3-D printed prosthetic paws

Fox News - Dec 31, 2015
A 2-year-old husky mutt can stand, sit and run like an ordinary dog for the first time in his life after receiving a custom-made set of prosthetic legs.

Reducing Salt Intake Might Harm Heart Failure Patients, Study Claims

Philly.com - Dec 31, 2015
MONDAY, Dec. 28, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- For decades, doctors have urged heart failure patients to slash their salt intake as a way to preserve their health.

New Contagious Cancer Found In Tasmanian Devils

Forbes - Dec 31, 2015
Sarcophilus harrisii . Cancer isn't normally a contagious disease, but certain cells can spread between individuals - such as 'devil facial tumor disease', a transmissible cancer that infects Tasmanian devils.

New Research Shows How the Liver Fights off Sugar Cravings

Fortune - Dec 30, 2015
A protein in the body could hold the secret to controlling sugar cravings. It's been known for decades that the liver helps to regulate sugar intake.

Ultrasound is comparable to mammograms in cancer detection

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Dec 30, 2015
In the ever-changing, often complicated world of breast cancer detection, a large study led by a Pittsburgh researcher shows that ultrasound screening detected as many breast cancers as mammograms in women with dense breasts

North Pole Set to Unfreeze as Temperature Soars

TIME - Dec 30, 2015
Correction appended. Stormy weather in the North Atlantic is set to bring balmy weather to the world's northernmost point. Temperatures at the North Pole could hit 40 degrees, according to Discovery News, which would be about 50 degrees higher than ...

Police: Fla. mom shot, killed daughter she mistook for intruder

CBS News - Dec 30, 2015
ST. CLOUD, Fla. -- Police say an Osceola County homeowner mistook her own daughter for an intruder late Tuesday night and shot the young woman dead, CBS affiliate WKMG reports. "THE GUN INSANITY BEAT JUST GOES ON"

Islamic State suffers double blow as Ramadi falls, leaders killed

Reuters - Dec 30, 2015
BAGHDAD U.S.-led forces have killed 10 Islamic State leaders in air strikes, including individuals linked to the Paris attacks, a U.S.

For Clinton, New Hampshire could be early but survivable loss

Washington Post - Dec 30, 2015
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - The long mutual affection between New Hampshire Democrats and the Clinton political franchise may not be enough to overcome the next-door-neighbor advantage held by rival Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and no one knows that ...

Campaign 2016: Who will be the next Republican to drop out?

Christian Science Monitor - Dec 30, 2015
One candidate is Ben Carson, who has sunk in the polls and recently called the campaign process 'pretty brutal.' But others have challenges, too.

On Obama's vacation, it's the drones — not the paparazzi — tagging along

Washington Post - Dec 30, 2015
HONOLULU -- When it comes to President Obama's vacation here, the paparazzi is a non-issue. But tiny drones? That's another matter.

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Increases More Than Projected

Bloomberg - Dec 30, 2015
Consumer confidence rebounded more than forecast in December as Americans grew more optimistic about the current state of the economy and job market.

Their dog's sudden death was too much to bear - so they cloned him

NOLA.com - Dec 30, 2015
Here's the story of the couple who loved their dog so much they wanted two more of him.

Massive solar eruption to hit Earth just before New Year's Eve

abc7news.com - Dec 30, 2015
The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, are seen over the Norwegian town of Harstad, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015.

Video shows 58 years of 'space junk' orbiting Earth

Orlando Sentinel - Dec 30, 2015
Almost 20,000 pieces of space debris, larger than a softball, are currently orbiting the Earth. This visualisation, created by Dr Stuart Grey, lecturer at University College London and part of the Space Geodesy and Navigation Laboratory, shows how the

Researchers Create New Metal That Could Lead To Lighter Aircraft And Fuel ...

Design & Trend - Dec 30, 2015
(Photo : Getty Images/Jerry Markland) A group of scientists have created a material that is so strong and lightweight it could revolutionize the construction of vehicles in the airline and automotive industries.


The Birth, around 33 B.C..."Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”


Before the Birth, around 33 B.C... - "...In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.  (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to their own town to register.

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David..."  Luke 2


Syrian government ready to join UN talks to end conflict: Assad aide

Reuters - Dec 23, 2015
BEIRUT A close adviser to Syrian President Bashar al Assad said on Wednesday Damascus was ready to join U.N.-sponsored peace talks with its position bolstered by both Russian backing and the West's retreat from a hardline anti-Assad approach.

US keeps Disneyland-bound British Muslim family out of the country

Washington Post - Dec 23, 2015
LONDON - Ever since Donald Trump called for a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States, many people have decried the idea of excluding people from the country just because of their religion.

Autopsy results expected for woman kicked out of Florida hospital by police

Fox News - Dec 23, 2015
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Police expect autopsy results to be released Wednesday in the death of a woman who refused to leave a Florida hospital when doctors discharged her and collapsed when police arrested and forcibly removed her.

OPEC Sees Demand for Its Crude Oil Falling for Rest of Decade

Bloomberg - Dec 23, 2015
OPEC said demand for its crude will slide to 2020, though less steeply than previously expected, as rival supplies continue to grow.

How SpaceX's rocket landing will shape the future of spaceflight

Mashable - Dec 23, 2015
SpaceX made history on Monday night by becoming the first company to ever bring a rocket stage back from space and land it on solid ground after launching a payload to orbit.

Weight-loss programs tailored to a person's genome may be coming soon

Medical Xpress - Dec 23, 2015
Some health experts predict that the next big advance in helping overweight people achieve a healthier weight will be to use an individual's genetic data to customize diets and physical activity plans, an approach known as "precision weight loss.

Alzheimer's Could Become a Leading Health Care Topic in Campaign

U.S. News & World Report - Dec 23, 2015
Hillary Clinton proposed the most specific approach so far, but other candidates haven't ignored the disease entirely. Hillary Clinton speaks during a town hall meeting at Keota High School on Tuesday, Dec. Hillary Clinton speaks during...

FDA Approves New Gout Drug

WebMD - Dec 23, 2015
The drug is meant to be used in combination with an already approved class of gout medicines called xanthine oxidase inhibitors (XOIs).

Clinton to call for Alzheimer's cure, increase spending to $2 billion annually

USA TODAY - Dec 22, 2015
As U.S. deaths from Alzheimer's are exploding, Hillary Clinton wants to make curing the disease a major issue for the women and minority voters who are at a disproportionate risk of developing it.

Surge in Prescription Costs Hit Medicare in 2014

Wall Street Journal - Dec 22, 2015
Hefty price increases for a number of prescription drugs contributed to higher spending by the U.S. Medicare program in 2014, according to new government data released Monday.

Government panel backs preventive statin use by adults 40 and over

Fox News - Dec 22, 2015
Aligning with heart health groups and other experts, a U.S. government-backed panel now suggests that adults as young as 40 without a previous heart attack or stroke may need to start on a low or moderate dose of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Number of Migrants Entering Europe in 2015 Passes One Million

New York Times - Dec 22, 2015
LONDON - The number of migrants and refugees who have entered Europe by sea and land this year has passed the one million mark, a long-expected but symbolically significant capstone to a year in which displaced people flocked to the Continent in ...

Iraqi Forces Advance in Fight for Control of Ramadi

New York Times - Dec 22, 2015
Iraqi soldiers began a fierce assault to wrest control of the city of Ramadi from the Islamic State on Monday night, and by midday Tuesday had battled their way toward the city center despite heavy resistance, an army commander said.

Greek Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestinian State

Wall Street Journal - Dec 22, 2015
ATHENS—Greece's parliament unanimously approved on Tuesday a nonbinding resolution calling on the country's government to formally recognize Palestinian statehood, during an official three-day visit of the president of the Palestinian Authority, ...

Please, Republicans, believe in science again: We need this climate deal, and ...

Salon - Dec 22, 2015
So, the real question we should be asking about the Paris agreement is whether there is any scenario under which the Republican position on climate might change, and how we can increase the likelihood that it does.

High-volume online shopping is putting a strain on shipping firms and causing ...

Los Angeles Times - Dec 22, 2015
UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said there were some isolated areas in the first week of December where the number of packages coming in exceeded the company's projections, causing a couple days of delay.

An In-Depth Analysis Of Plans For An Amazon Airline

Seeking Alpha - Dec 22, 2015
Sources say Amazon is looking to be the world's largest overnight parcel service within 2 years. The logistics and transport industry is ripe for disruption, a 1% share would add $5 billion in annual revenue.

The Falcon Has Landed! Epic Views of SpaceX's Amazing Rocket Landing

Space.com - Dec 22, 2015
In a history-making launch late Monday (Dec. 21), the private spaceflight company SpaceX blasted one of its two-stage Falcon 9 rockets into space, then returned the first stage of the rocket back to Earth in a stunning nighttime landing.

According To The Climate Negotiators This Issue Needs A Churchill

Insight Ticker - Dec 22, 2015
“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Those were Winston Churchill's words of battle-weary comfort when World War... “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end ...

Las Vegas Strip: Car mows down over 30 pedestrians; 1 dead

CNN - Dec 21, 2015

A car mowed down more than 30 pedestrians when it climbed a sidewalk and careened into the entrance of a hotel in the Las Vegas Strip, authorities said.

At least one person was killed and 37 others injured near the Paris Las Vegas hotel...

Oil prices hit eleven-year low as global supply balloons

Reuters - Dec 21, 2015
NEW YORK Brent crude oil prices hit their lowest in more than 11 years on Monday, while U.S. crude flirted with seven-year lows on more signs that swelling global supply looked set to outpace tepid demand again next year.

US gas prices fall below $2 — and in some places under $1.60

MarketWatch - Dec 21, 2015
Christmas came early for U.S. drivers on Monday, as the national average gasoline price fell below $2 a gallon for the first time since March 2009.

Obama: Trump is 'exploiting' anger and fear over economic insecurities

Washington Post - Dec 21, 2015
President Obama accused Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in an interview aired Monday of "exploiting" anger and fear over economic insecurities among working class men to propel his presidential campaign

Five things to know about the winter solstice

CBS News - Dec 21, 2015
You can say goodbye to shorter days and start welcoming back more sun as the winter solstice arrives. Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, takes place this year on December 22 ...

Amazon breaks sales records and is the go-to store for holiday shoppers

InternetRetailer.com - Dec 21, 2015
Amazon.com, the No. 1 e-retailer in North America and Europe by sales, is getting serious about delivery, with more ultrafast Prime Now delivery markets and rumored cargo jets on its Christmas list.

Winter weather brings seasonal challenges for pet owners

Alton Telegraph - Dec 21, 2015
CHICAGO - Cold weather may have taken a while to arrive, but the calendar doesn't lie. And pet owners should take special precautions as winter gets under way.

Scientists link neurotransmitter activity in human brain with autism

University Herald - Dec 21, 2015
Autism (Photo : Reuters) New research suggests that boys and girls with autism have differences in behavior and brain structure. A new study by neuroscientists at Harvard and MIT has identified a link between the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA ...

Grieving Pennsylvania family turns loss into life for little girl

abc7news.com - Dec 21, 2015
Luis and Evelyn Morales met Kyree Beachem and Kyree's family Wednesday. The Morales' daughter, Arianna, passed away recently, but her organs helped Kyree survive.

Flu season off to slower start this year; might be milder

TBO.com - Dec 20, 2015
There's not much flu going around so far - unlike the last three seasons when doctors' offices were filled with patients before Christmas and illnesses peaked by late December.

Maryland Woman Credits Her Dog with Discovering Her Lung Cancer

Wall Street Hedge - Dec 20, 2015
lung cancer A Maryland woman is crediting her dog with having discovered her lung cancer soon enough for the disease to still be combated effectively.

8-year-old quadruple transplant recipient meets parents of donor

WHAS11.com - Dec 20, 2015
Kyree Beachem, an 8-year-old quadruple-organ transplant recipient, recently got to meet the parents of 5-year-old Arianna Morales, who donated her organs to Beachem when she passed away in November

Iran to ship nine tons of enriched uranium to Russia

Fox News - Dec 20, 2015
Iran will ship nine tons of enriched uranium to Russia as it seeks to speed the removal of economic sanctions following July's historic nuclear deal, the head of its nuclear agency said Saturday.

Clinton turns hawk as she preps for GOP opponent

Politico - Dec 20, 2015
Hillary Clinton strengthened her right flank during Saturday's debate, staking out far more aggressive national security positions than her liberal rivals on everything from Syria to tackling terrorism.

Warming Arctic sets another temperature record

wwntradio - Dec 20, 2015
Air temperature: The average annual air temperature over land areas between October 2014 and September 2015 was 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit (1.3 degrees Celsius) above average, the highest in the observational record which began in 1900, and is a 5.4 ...

Landslide buries buildings in southern China; 27 missing

Fox News - Dec 20, 2015
BEIJING - A landslide collapsed and buried buildings at and around an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Sunday, leaving 27 people missing, authorities said.

Amazon Said to Mull Leasing Planes to Control Delivery Chain

Bloomberg - Dec 20, 2015
Amazon.com Inc. is considering leasing 20 Boeing Co. 767 freighter jets to help gain more control over its delivery methods and costs, according to a person familiar with the plans.

The 'peculiar' history behind science's race to bring extinct tortoises back ...

The Herald - Dec 20, 2015
Jim Grill takes measurements of Lonesome George, a giant Galapagos tortoise, in 2013. Lonesome George, who died in 2012, was the last known living Pinta tortoise.

Take A Virtual Reality Tour Around The White House This Christmas

Huffington Post - Dec 19, 2015
What's Christmas really like inside the White House, and are the trees really as impressive as they seem on TV? A new virtual reality video from Google lets you find out.

Tennessee Teen Zaevion Dobson Dies Shielding Friends From Gunshots: Police

NBCNews.com - Dec 19, 2015
A shooting spree in Knoxville, Tennessee, injured one person and killed a high school football player who was hailed as a hero after police say he died shielding three girls from gunfire.

Are you suffering from 'bah humbug' syndrome this festive season?

IBNLive - Dec 19, 2015
A Danish research team has located the Christmas spirit in our brain. The areas of the brain associated with spirituality and sharing emotions are activated in those who follow Christmas traditions.

China votes against UN resolution on N. Korea rights despite 'domestic pressures'

Korea Times - Dec 19, 2015
A newspaper published by China's Communist Party said Saturday that Beijing voted against a U.N. resolution on North Korea's human rights record despite "some domestic pressures," urging Pyongyang to be "grateful" about the Chinese vote.

Drug-price gouger CEO resigns from Turing

Boston Herald -Dec 19, 2015
Martin Shkreli leaves the courthouse after his arraignment in New York, Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. Shkreli, the former hedge fund manager vilified in nearly every corner of America for buying a pharmaceutical company and jacking up the price...

Congress Beefs Up Alzheimer's research funding by $350 Million

WallStreet OTC - Dec 19, 2015
Congress beefs up Alzheimer's research funding by $350 million in a bid to finally find a cure to the debilitating disease that affects one in three U.S.

Drug Overdose Death Rate at All-Time High: CDC Report

Nesweek - Dec 19, 2015
drugneedles A pipe for crack cocaine use, a needle for heroin use, and a pipe for methamphetamine use are shown at the People's Harm Reduction Alliance, the nation's largest needle-exchange program, in Seattle, Washington April 30.

In Developing World, Cancer Is a Very Different Disease

New York Times - Dec 19, 2015
In the United States the median age at which colon cancer strikes is 69 for men and 73 for women. In Chad the average life expectancy at birth is about 50.

96-Year-Old Doctor Retiring After More Than 60-Year Career

AC New - Dec 18, 2015
A 96-year-old Pennsylvania doctor is hanging up his stethoscope after more than 60 years of practice. Dr. Raymond Grandon tells Pennlive.

FDA must develop plan to label genetically engineered salmon, Congress says

Washington Post - Dec 18, 2015
The sprawling federal spending bill unveiled this week on Capitol Hill included a small passage with potentially big implications in the food world.
MedPage Today - Dec - 18, 2015
In a 10-year U.S. study, people who drank coffee regularly were less likely to die of many causes, including heart disease and diabetes, than those who didn't drink coffee at all.

Congress passes budget deal and heads home for the year

Washington Post - Dec 18, 2015
Congress on Friday cleared a year-end spending and tax deal with a strong bipartisan support, despite grumbling from both parties over what was included in the agreement and what got left out.

The UN Security Council Is Trying to Cut Off the Islamic State's Funding — Again

Vice News - Dec 18, 2015
The United Nations Security Council on Thursday unanimously approved a resolution aimed at further pinching the financial resources available to the Islamic State (IS), and cajoled governments to stand up to their existing obligations to target ...

UN: World's Refugees And Displaced To Exceed 60 Million This Year

Huffington Post - Dec 18, 2015
The estimated figure includes 20.2 million refugees fleeing wars and persecution, the most since 1992, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a report. Nearly 2.5 million asylum seekers have requests pending, with Germany, Russia and ...

4 charts that will change how you think about Syrian refugees

Vox - Dec 18, 2015
One question comes up again and again in the debate over Syrian refugees: Why do they have to come here? Why don't they just stay in the Middle East?

US evangelical leaders urge acceptance of refugees

CBS News - Dec 18, 2015
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Evangelical leaders are urging fellow Christians to welcome refugees from Syria and Iraq despite opposition by many governors and presidential candidates.

China issues another Red Alert for smog-choked Beijing

USA TODAY - Dec 18, 2015
Another week, another red alert for smog-choked Beijing. CCTV News reports that the red alert is in effect from Saturday morning until midnight Wednesday, during which time the smog could be worse than that of early last week.

George W. Bush Tells Donors He Is 'Upbeat' About Jeb Bush's Chances of Winning

New York Times - Dec 18, 2015
President George W. Bush, accompanied by his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, spoke on the South Lawn of the White House in 2006.

These Stores Have the Most Insane Holiday Shopping Hours Leading up to Christmas

TIME - Dec 18, 2015
If you've got a crazy work schedule and can never make it to stores for holiday shopping during normal hours, you're in luck—because several retailers have unleashed crazy work hours to match your own.

Muslim nations form coalition to fight terror, call Islamic extremism 'disease'

CNN - Dec 17, 2015
(CNN) - Calling Islamic extremism a disease, Saudi Arabia has announced the formation of a coalition of 34 largely Muslim nations to fight terrorism.

After half a century, US and Cuba to resume scheduled flights

Reuters - Dec 17, 2015
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore scheduled commercial airline service for the first time in more than five decades in a deal allowing 110 round-trip flights a day between the former Cold War foes.

November, autumn and year-to-date were all hottest on record for Earth, NOAA says

Washington Post - Dec 17, 2015
November 2015 was the warmest such month on record for the planet, says NOAA. But November's record-breaking temperature is far from the most remarkable result in 2015.

Florida Atlantic University to Fire Professor for Being Sandy Hook Truther

Newsweek - Dec 17, 2015
sandy hook Florida Atlantic University is attempting to fire James Tracy, a professor who believes the Sandy Hook shooting and others like it never happened.

Gold drops on dollar after first Fed rate rise in almost a decade

Reuters - Dec 17, 2015
NEW YORK/LONDON Gold fell 2 percent in its biggest drop in five months on Thursday, flirting with a 2010 low as the dollar surged after the Federal Reserve increased U.S.

The budget bill will unleash wind and solar. Here's what that means for the ...

Washington Post - Dec 17, 2017
Who would have imagined that the U.S. would be moving, in a bipartisan way, to advance its climate policy and clean energy goals less than a week after the Paris agreement?

Study: Rising lake temperatures may worsen algae blooms

News Dispatch - Dec 17, 2015
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - A new report says temperatures in the world's lakes are rising more than in the oceans or the atmosphere - which could worsen problems such as algae blooms and oxygen-deprived dead zones where fish can't survive.

Wolf 1061 exoplanet: 'Super-Earth' discovered only 14 light-years away

CNN International - Dec 17, 2015
(CNN) Alien life could be closer to us than previously thought. Scientists have just discovered the nearest habitable planet to Earth.

Targeting Gut Microbes Could Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Live Science - Dec 17, 2015
For the first time, researchers find a compound in some red wines and olive oils can interfere with gut microbes in ways that could potentially help to prevent heart disease in humans.

Ovarian Cancer Screening Study Falls Short

MedPage Today - Dec 17, 2015 - Follow-up will continue in the trial to determine more precisely the magnitude of mortality reduction -- which could increase or decrease at this point -- and whether routine screening

Nine in 10 cancers caused by lifestyle

Telegraph.co.uk - Dec 16, 2015
Up to nine in 10 cancers are caused by environmental and external factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure and air pollution, a new scientific study has found.

Congress Poised To Keep Banning Gun Violence Research

Huffington Post - Dec 16, 2015
Nearly 100 confiscated illegal firearms rest on a table before a press conference on gun trafficking on Oct. 12, 2012 in New York.

'Designer Cells' Show Promise Against Psoriasis in Lab Mice

Philly.com - Dec 16, 2015
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 16, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Scientists say they've engineered cells capable of automatically detecting and treating psoriasis flare-ups in lab mice -- in an early step toward a "precision" therapy for the chronic skin disease.

Shingles leads to short-term rise in stroke risk among elderly

Northern Californian - Dec 16, 2015
People who develop shingles may face short-term increased risk of having a stroke or heart attack, finds a new study. The stroke risk is more than double-fold in the first week soon after the shingles diagnosis, said the researchers.

North Korea Sentences Canadian Pastor To Life In Prison

Huffington Post - Dec 16, 2015
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) - North Korea's Supreme Court sentenced a Canadian pastor to life in prison with hard labor on Wednesday for what it called crimes against the state.

Ryan unveils sweeping $1.6T deal on government funding, taxes

The Hill - Dec 16, 2015
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) announced to the House Republican Conference on Tuesday night that leaders have reached a sweeping year-end deal on taxes and funding the government after days of intense negotiations.

Americans doubt US can stop 'lone wolf' attacks, poll finds

Washington Post -Dec 16, 2015
Over three-quarters of Americans doubt the nation's ability to stop “lone wolf” terrorist attacks by individuals acting on their own, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Legal Fight Over Lethal Injection Drugs Fuels Drop in US Executions

Newsweek - Dec 16, 2015
The death chamber and the steel bars of the viewing room are seen at the state penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. Reuters. Filed Under: U.S.

Cats and dogs partying like animals in ugly holiday sweaters

Miami Herald - Dec 16, 2015
Ugly sweaters aren't just a Christmas tradition for people. Cats, dogs and even guinea pigs are joining the party. Zigzilla "Ziggy" and Chopper "Lambchop" got sweaters from PetSmart this year so they'll be ready when they get an invite to their first ...

US housing starts surge, permits hit 5-month high

Reuters - Dec 16, 2015
WASHINGTON Dec 16 U.S. housing starts in November rebounded from a seven-month low and permits surged to a five-month high, signs of strength in the housing market that could give the Federal Reserve more confidence to raise interest rates on ...

US on verge of lifting 40-year oil export ban

Reuters - Dec 16, 2015
WASHINGTON The United States appears on the brink of ending a four-decade ban on most exports of crude oil, which would end a years-long fight brought about by a boom in domestic shale output that contributed to a supply glut and depressed prices.

Vietnam builds military muscle to face China

Reuters - Dec 16, 2015
... * They had naval confrontation last year in South China Sea. * Hanoi's new submarines now deployed in S.China Sea - source.

How did Fido come to be man's best friend? A dog's tale.

Christian Science Monitor - Dec 16, 2015
Scientists look to dog and wolf DNA to solve the puzzle of the origins of the domesticated dog, Canis lupus familiaris. By Eva

Free Press Report: China, Egypt Lead World in Jailing Journalists

Voice of America - Dec 15, 2015
December 15, 2015 10:55 AM. A global freedom of press advocacy group says that China and Egypt lead the world in jailing journalists, as Beijing and Cairo attempt to silence dissent and limit stories they view as anti-government.

Key Points of the Final Paris Climate Draft

New York Times - Dec 12, 2015
LE BOURGET, France - It still needs to pass by consensus, and given the tortured history of United Nations climate negotiations, that is not a sure thing.

Ben Carson joins Donald Trump in threatening to leave GOP

CNN - Dec 11, 2015
Washington (CNN) Ben Carson on Friday took a page from Donald Trump's playbook by threatening to depart the Republican Party. Ahead of Tuesday's GOP presidential debate, the retired neurosurgeon slammed the party after reports emerged that ...

Medicare Penalizes 758 Hospitals for Safety Deficiencies

Medscape - Dec 10, 2015
Seven hundred fifty-eight hospitals are losing 1% of their Medicare reimbursement in fiscal year (FY) 2016 because they are in the worst performing quartile in the hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) reduction program, the Centers for Medicare and ...

Study links Pineapple Pesticide Found in Hawaii Milk to Parkinson's disease

Uncover California - Dec 10, 2015
A new study published in journal Neuron has linked a pineapple pesticide to Parkinson's disease in men. The pesticide in milk could affect men's brains and contribute to the disorder, according to the study.

Food Sell-By Dates: What They Really Tell You

ABC News - Dec 10, 2015
There are multiple ways to determine if that carton of milk in your fridge should be thrown out (smell test, taste test or just checking the "sell-by" date).

Conn. governor says he'll ban gun sales to people on federal watch lists

Washington Post - Dec 10, 2015
The governor of Connecticut announced Thursday that he intends to make his state the first in the nation to ban firearms purchases for people on federal watch lists, echoing President Obama's call for such a measure after the recent spate of terrorist ...

Muslim group evacuates US headquarters after getting white powder in mail

Reuters - Dec 10, 2015
WASHINGTON A Muslim advocacy group evacuated its national headquarters on Capitol Hill on Thursday after receiving a letter containing white powder, but staff were later allowed to re-enter after authorities conducted preliminary tests and deemed the ...

Scotland cuts ties with Donald Trump. He says it should be 'thanking me' instead.

Washington Post - December 10, 2015
LONDON -- An unrepentant Donald Trump responded Thursday to the backlash in the U.K. over his controversial statements on Muslims by saying that British politicians should be grateful that he has stated “what needed to be said.

Why Beijing's Air Has Turned Deadly and How It Can Be Reversed

Bloomberg - Dec 10, 2015
With toxic haze forecast to return to Beijing on Saturday, many city residents are asking how a deterioration in air quality can be reversed and what city officials can do to avoid the kind of “red alert” that curtailed daily life in the nation's ...

First planeload of Syrian refugees headed to Canada

Reuters - Dec 10, 2015
TORONTO After months of promises and weeks of preparation, the first planeload of Syrian refugees was headed to Canada on Thursday, aboard a military plane to be met at Toronto's airport by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Key to Success of Climate Pact Will Be Its Signals to Global Markets

New York Times - Dec 10, 2015
LE BOURGET, France - As diplomats here work through the final points of a sweeping new climate change accord, experts said the ultimate measure of success of the agreement will be whether it sends a clear signal to global financial investors that they ...

Canada to Announce Plan to Resettle 25000 Refugees Tuesday

ABC News - Nov 24, 2015
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his photo taken with students from a local school following an information session on climate change during a First Ministers meeting at the Museum of Nature on Monday, Nov. 23, 2015 in Ottawa.

Five Black Lives Matter protesters shot in Minneapolis; police searching for ...

Washington Post - Nov 24, 2015
Simmering racial tensions have boiled over yet again after several men shot five people who had been protesting the recent police killing of an African American man in Minneapolis.

Putin wants to turn page from Ukraine to Syria

Politico - Nov 23, 2015
Moscow, the U.S. and EU have a common enemy in ISIL, but Ukraine still divides them. 11/23/15, 5:30 AM CET. Paris, refugees, and Europe's hard borders.

Earthquakes between 4.1 and 6.2 magnitude strike Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal

Firstpost - Nov 23, 2015
A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake on Sunday night shook the Pakistani capital of Islamabad and north-western areas of the country though there were no reports of casualties.

The Paris Climate Summit Is A Step Closer To Solving Global Warming

Science Times - Nov 23, 2015
There have been 138 world leaders that confirmed in attending the fast approaching climate talks in Paris. Just a week ago after the incident that claim at least 130 lives, a big event is about to happen in the city concerning talks about climate ...

CDC: United States sexually transmitted disease epidemic worsening

GazetteUnion.com - Nov 23, 2015
The number of cases for the three most common STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in the United States is on the record high since 2006, it has been revealed recently.

The amazing health benefits of coffee you probably don't even know about

World Tech Today - Nov 22, 2015
A new study has cleared coffee drinking for pregnant women, and that's a good thing. A new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has just provided some reassuring news to expecting mothers that coffee is actually...

Why everything we thought we knew about 'healthy' food could be wrong

The Independent - Nov 22, 2015
If you've ever tried out the latest diet fad only to find yourself gaining weight and feeling awful and wondered what you were doing wrong, scientists now have an explanation for you.

Ben Carson Further Defends Foreign Policy Credentials

ABC News - Nov 22, 2015
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson further defended his foreign policy credentials today, refuting claims that his lack of experience makes him unqualified to be commander in chief.

Italian Muslims Tell Terrorists to Stop Killing in the Name of Their God

Daily Beast - Nov 22, 2015
Muslim marches in Rome and Milan on Saturday called attention to the plight of peaceful Muslims. ROME—The #notinmyname Muslim march against terrorism was never destined to be a high-turnout event in Italy.

Cameron to set out Syria strategy to MPs within days

BBC News - Nov 22, 2015
Prime Minister David Cameron is to set out his strategy for Syria and tacking the Islamic State group in the region before MPs this week.

John Bel Edwards defeats David Vitter in Louisiana governor's race

Washington Post - Posted by SA Nov 22, 2015
Completing a longshot bid that ran counter to the conservative tide sweeping the Southern states, Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards was elected governor of Louisiana on Saturday, defeating his Republican rival, U.S.

The All-Too Common Mistakes People Make With Thanksgiving Turkey

Huffington Post - Nov 22, 2015
The problem with cooking up a Thanksgiving turkey is that there aren't many opportunities to practice. The need for making a huge bird really comes but once (maybe twice) a year.

US oil drillers cut rigs for 11th week in the last 12 -Baker Hughes

Reuters - Posted by SA Nov 22, 2015
Nov 20 U.S. energy firms cut oil rigs for an 11th week in the last 12 this week, data showed on Friday, a sign drillers were still waiting for higher prices before returning to the well pad en masse. (Drill baby drill doesn't work for the American consumer when the oil companies manipulate the prices higher.)

Lutz spruce from Alaska arrives on Capitol lawn

Winona Daily News -Nov 22, 2015
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - The Capitol Lawn is now home to a Lutz spruce from Alaska. This is the first Capitol Christmas tree to come from the country's 49th state, The Alaska Public Radio Network reported

Scientists implant electronic circuits inside plants

Livemint - Nov 22, 2015
Augmenting plants with electronic functionality would make it possible to combine electric signals with the plant's own chemical processes.

Belgium warns of 'imminent terror threat'

News.com.au - Nov 21, 2015
TURKEY has detained a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin on suspicion of links to the Paris attacks, the Dogan news agency reported.

Convicted spy Pollard is released after 30 years behind bars

Northwest Herald - Nov 21, 2015
Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard and his wife, Esther, leave the federal courthouse Friday in New York. Within hours of his release, Pollard's attorneys began a court challenge to terms of his parole.

Vladimir Putin's Massive, Triple-Decker War Room Revealed

NDTV - Nov 21, 2015
The fortified National Control Defense Center was Vladimir Putin's first stop after officials confirmed that the Russian charter jet crash that claimed 224 lives last month was the result of an act of terror.

Parts of Chicago area could see 6-13 inches of snow

Chicago Tribune - Nov 21, 2015
Snow falls as a pedestrian waits for a walk signal at the 3000 block of North Elston Avenue Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, in Chicago. Snow falls as a pedestrian waits for a walk signal at the 3000 block of North Elston Avenue Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, in Chicago.

Malaysian urges world leaders to confront Islamist extremists

Reuters - Nov 21, 2015
KUALA LUMPUR Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak called on world leaders to confront Islamist extremism, saying its "barbaric acts" do not represent any race or religion, as he opened a regional summit overshadowed by a spate of attacks around the ...

Why Do Young People Like Socialism More Than Older People?

NPR - Nov 21, 2015
Rain couldn't keep away hundreds of Georgetown University students on Thursday who waited hours outside for a chance to hear Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explain his support for socialism.

Lottery player wins $1 million -- again

WDJT - Nov 21, 2015
Assailants with guns blazing on Friday attacked a hotel hosting diplomats and others in Mali's capital, leaving at least 21 people dead and trapping dozens in the building for hours, officials in the West African nation said.

Ben Carson: 'I hope that we have a database on everybody'

Washington Post - Nov 20, 2015
CONCORD, N.H. -- Ben Carson on Friday officially filed for New Hampshire's presidential primary, then waded through a bog of questions about whether special surveillance or "databases" were required to keep track of possible Muslims extremists.

Why fewer Mexicans are leaving their homeland for the US

Los Angeles Times - Posted by SA Nov 20, 2015
To its southern neighbor, the United States once represented hope, safety and prosperity. But with the effects of the Great Recession still lingering and tougher enforcement along the U.S.

S&P Posts Biggest Weekly Gain of 2015

Fox Business - Nov 20, 2015
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 91 points, or 0.51% to 17823. The S&P 500 gained 7 points, or 0.39% to 2089, while the Nasdaq Composite added 31 points, or 0.62% to 5104.

Mali hotel attack: At least 21 dead; attackers still inside, army says

CNN - Nov 20, 2015
(CNN) [Breaking news update, published at 2:18 p.m. ET]. A total of 21 people were killed in Friday's attack on the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Mali capital of Bamako, United Nations spokesman Olivier Salgado said.

Is Black Friday dying?

Chicago Tribune - Nov 20, 2015
Black Friday shopping this year will continue to have sizzle for the serious shopper, but the urgency to hit the stores early could be diminished because doorbuster deals won't happen only on Friday - and won't necessarily involve doors, as more ...

Deforestation May Threaten Majority of Amazon Tree Species, Study Finds

New York Times - Nov 20, 2015
Deforestation threatens more than half of all tree species in the Amazon, a new study suggests. Researchers, whose work was published Friday in the journal Science Advances, studied the status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species, including the ...

Remains of a 400-million-year-old tropical forest found in Norway

UPI.com - Nov 20, 2015
"These fossil forests shows us what the vegetation and landscape were like on the equator 380 million years ago," said researcher Chris Berry.

Report Highlights Concerns on Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs' in Farm Animals

ABC News - Posted by SA Nov 21, 2015
Animals raised with no antibiotics are less likely to contain drug-resistant "superbug" bacteria than those routinely given antibiotics, according to a new report.

Pigeons Likely To Help Detect Breast Cancer In The Future, Find Out How

iSchoolGuide - Nov 21, 2015
Study show that pigeons have the ability to detect cancer cells. A discovery that scientists claim to help cancer detection in the future.

Novartis to pay $390 million in US settlement over pharmacy kickbacks

Reuters - Nov 21, 2015
WASHINGTON Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp will pay $390 million to settle U.S. charges that it paid specialty pharmacies illegal kickbacks in exchange for inducing patients to refill certain medications, according to an accord announced Friday.

There Really Is No 'One Size Fits All' Diet Plan, According To Study

Huffington Post - Nov 20, 2015