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Updated:  Tuesday July 22, 2014 


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As of 12:30PM EDT Tuesday, 7/22:

Dead Palestinians - 571 (149+ Kids, 100+ Seniors who could not run fast enough)

Israelis - 27, (25 Invading Soldiers, 0 Kids).

Israel cynically calls it "Mowing the Lawn"

Palestinian death toll tops 550, Gaza officials say

CBS News - Re-Posed by SA July 22, 2014
Last Updated Jul 21, 2014 8:53 AM EDT. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip signaled Monday that the Islamic militant group will not agree to an unconditional cease-fire with Israel, while Israel's defense minister pledged to keep ...

WATCH: Kerry slams Gaza incursion: 'It's a hell of a pinpoint operation'

Haretz - Re-Posed by SA July 22, 2014
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was caught on open mic speaking to one of his advisors on Sunday, saying sarcastically "It's a hell of a pinpoint operation," referring to Israel's operation in Gaza. (Kerry is saying in private what Americans are also saying in private. America should be saying this LOUDLY in public.)

Turkey's Erdogan Compares Israel Gaza Offensive to Hitler

Businessweek -Re-Posed by SA  July 22, 2014
Erdogan had already invoked Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to criticize an Israeli lawmaker on July 15. On July 18, he accused Israel of attempted “genocide” in Gaza.

Israeli military thrust into Gaza sows terror, defiance

Reuters - Re-Posed by SA July 22, 2014
GAZA (Reuters) - Gaza's Palestinians hunkered down in fear for their lives while Hamas militants urged defiance after Israel sent forces into the densely populated territory on Thursday after 10 days of cross-border fire.

UN: 80 per cent of Palestinians killed in Israeli offensive are civilians

Telegraph.co.uk‎ - Reposted by SA July 22, 2014

Four out of every five Palestinians killed during Israel's ongoing military offensive in Gaza have been civilians, including dozens of women... Palestinians have a right to resist the occupation
The Globe and Mail - Reposted  July 22, 2014
War is upon the Palestinian people again. As in all wars, it is the innocent who suffer. According to Defense for Children International, 14 children aged 15 and under were killed in Israeli airstrikes this week, including four toddlers.

(click photo to enlarge "Shrinking Palestine")

(SeniorArk adds: For 60 years the Palestinians have been locked into an ever-tighter virtual prison. For 3 generations they have lived with with little freedom, little hope, little opportunity. Now they are being hit with massive bombs like fish trapped in a barrel. And we stand by just watching.)

Al Jazeera Reporter on Gaza Bureau Shots: 'We Were All Startled'

mediabistro.com - July 22, 2014
Al Jazeera English correspondent Stefanie Dekker, currently in Gaza, is reporting on the shots fired this morning at the network's bureau there.

MH17 plane crash: Remains of victims 'still at crash site'

BBCNews - July 22, 2014
The search for victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine must go on as only about 200 bodies appear to have been found so far, Dutch officials say.

Last victim of fatal Washington mudslide believed found

Reuters - July 22, 2014
(Reuters) - The last victim of a massive mudslide that buried much of a community in the Cascade foothills of Washington state in March and killed 43 people is believed to have been found, county authorities said on Tuesday.

Obama Signs New Job-Training Law

New York Times - July 22, 2014
WASHINGTON - President Obama, citing a “skills gap” that prevents many unemployed workers from qualifying for new jobs, signed legislation on Tuesday to bolster federal job-training programs.

MARKETS-Stocks rebound as Ukraine jetliner tensions ease

Reuters - July 22, 2014
... * Risk appetite rises on cooperation with Ukraine separatists * S&P 500 sets new intraday high, European shares surge * Dollar gains as euro sinks to eight-month low

Google to face lawsuit over providing consumer data to advertisers

RT - July 22, 2014
A federal judge has denied Google Inc's attempt to dismiss a privacy lawsuit brought against the technology giant for commingling user data across its different products and offering that data to advertisers without permission.

Consumer Reports: Skip BMW and Benz, buy a Buick

USA TODAY - July 22, 2014
Widely consulted Consumer Reports says the latest Buick Regal is about the equal of the much more expensive BMW 328 and Mercedes-Benz C250.

Watch: Embryo grows cell by cell

Science AAAS - July 22, 2014
New software offers scientists a spectacular peek into the formation and movement of every single cell within an embryo. Before, researchers could easily use microscopes to see these cells, but tracing and keeping track of hundreds of thousands of them was ...

How A Tiny Fly's Ears Could Help You Hear Better

91.5 KIOS-FM - July 22, 2014
This microphone prototype designed by Neal Hall at the University of Texas is about the size of a fingernail. Neal Hall, Donghwan Kim, and Michael Kuntzman/University of Texas at Austin.

Study Finds New Cancer Risk from Hysterectomy Device

Wall Street Journal - July 22, 2014
New research published Tuesday by a prestigious medical journal estimates that nearly 1 in 370 women undergoing a hysterectomy with a common women's surgical device have a hidden uterine cancer, the largest assessment yet of the risk posed by a tool ...

A Horrified Netherlands May Rethink Its Economic Ties With Russia

Businessweek - July 21, 2014
The Netherlands, a nation of traders, generally doesn't like to let politics interfere with business. The death of 193 Dutch nationals in the Malaysia Airlines (MAS:MK) jet crash could change that.

Karl Albrecht, a Reclusive Founder of Aldi, Dies at 94

New York Times - July 21, 2014
Karl Albrecht, who with his brother Theo returned from Allied prisoner of war camps after World War II to find their mother's corner shop still standing in bombed-out Essen, Germany, then proceeded to build it into the international grocery empire Aldi, died on ...

Gas prices keep dropping

Kearney Hub - July 21, 2014
KEARNEY - Average retail gasoline prices in Nebraska fell 5.4 cents per gallon in the past week to average $3.43 a gallon Sunday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 1,150 gas outlets in Nebraska.

A double scorcher: June joins May with heat record

USA TODAY - July 21, 2014
Last month was the Earth's warmest June since records began in 1880, according to data released Monday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Grand Canyon development proposals stir controversy

Travel Weekly - July 21, 2014