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Greener Living Saving Money With Natural Gas Cars

Owners of cars that run on natural gas save money by only paying 63 cents a gallon. Most owners say they fill up for less than seven dollars. (Four Points Media )

Most people are sick of paying high prices at the pump, but for many Utahans, neglecting to drive is not an option. Instead of not driving, some Utahans are switching to vehicles that run on natural gas.

At a Flying J in Springville, the price of unleaded gas is almost $4 a gallon. But if you look over at the price on natural gas, you see its only 63 cents a gallon.

For business owner, Dustin Robison, running his business means a lot of driving and a lot of trips to the pump.

I own a company called Moster Sak. Just today I had seven bags to deliver between Provo, Herriman and Clearfield, Dustin said.

But surprisingly, Dustin is not complaining. He owns a CNG vehicle and he says he never pays more that 7$ to fill up his tank.

He sold his gas-guzzler two months ago and bought a CNG Van.

It was actually priced a little lower than some of the gasoline vehicles in the same category, said Dustin.

CNG vehicles are getting more and more popular in Utah. Canyon Motors in Provo has a waiting list for natural gas and Bi-fuel vehicles.

We sold eight natural gas cars this week. We cant get them in fast enough, says Dave Gashler of Canyon Motors. I have six of them coming in tomorrow and they are already sold.

Dave says that a lot of CNG vehicles are coming to Utah because natural gas is so inexpensive here but the vehicles are getting harder and harder to find.

Theres just not enough to go around, said Dave.

It feels good because Im literally saving $60 every time I go, said Dustin.

Utah has 20 gas stations that are supplied with natural gas and driving a CNG vehicle allows you to use the carpool lane whenever you want.

Most vehicles are used. The only new vehicle available in the U.S. that runs on natural gas is the Honda Civic.

For more tips on how you can save money and save the environment, go to the KUTV Greener Living web site by clicking the link below.


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