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BBB warns senior citizens of potential annuity scam

Advertiser Staff

The Better Business Bureau is warning senior citizens to be aware of a possible scam circulating Hawaii.

According to a BBB news release, an organization called the Annuity Service Center/ Investors Union LLC is creating confusion and stress for local senior citizens in Hawai'i with a post card stating, "This notice is to inform you that you may have an annuity that has reached the end of its surrender period."

The hope is that the recipient will return the postcard with the requested information filled out or call the company direct and provide personal financial information.

The postcard campaign appears to be a lead generating tool for the company.

The Better Business Bureau of Akron Ohio area, where the company is headquartered, has an unsatisfactory report with the Bureau due to a pattern of complaints, questionable solicitation practices, and failure to correct the underlying reason for the complaints.

The report also includes several government actions in Ohio, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Delaware, and Illinois.


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