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New car hits 92 mpg.

Is this the car of the future?

Fuel Vapor Technologies has developed what could be the highest mileage car in

North America – by a long shot. Created by inventor George Parker, this new

concept car named the “ alé ” (alay) has been in development for 15 years. A

dedicated team has been assembling the 1st prototype over the past year and the

results are outstanding.

Car features:

· 92 miles per US gallon

· 0-60 in under 5 seconds

· 3-wheeled configuration

· 160 horsepower

· 12.9 second ¼ mile time

· 1.7 G’s cornering performance

· “Super-low” emissions rating

Three wheels better than 4?:

The alé features a unique 3-wheeled configuration: 2 in the front, and one in the

rear. The front wheels drive and steer the vehicle. This design enables the car to

perform at a superb level, particularly in cornering, with the car easily pulling

1.7 g’s in corners during track testing on street tires. The three-wheeled

automotive platform also aid in improving fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

Vapor system:

The car’s key innovation is the fuel vapor system. This technology (which is in

the patenting pending process) allows the engine to run on “fuel vapors” rather

than liquid fuel. The majority of gas engines today run 14.7:1 – (14.7 parts air to

1 part gasoline). This proprietary fuel vapor system allows the alé to run on a

ratio of over 20:1 without compromising performance. According to the

textbooks, this ratio is impossible, as a standard engine would not start or run on

a air/fuel ratio this low. With a 10 gallon gas tank found on most vehicles, the alé

can travel from Vancouver BC to San Francisco CA on one tank. Over 15 hours

of driving without filling up.









Not only does the alé have extreme mileage capabilities, but its performance is

better than many high-end sports cars. It accelerates from 0-60 in 5 seconds, and will pull over 1.7 g’s while cornering. Brad Zimmerman, head tech for the company stated during testing, “I drove it hard at the track for 4 solid hours, throwing it into corners and accelerating fast. The car’s performance is spectacular. After all that hard driving, we only went through $10 in gas.”


The alé runs on regular gasoline, and easily achieves the level of “super low”

emissions. Even more impressive is the fact that all the data to date has been

gathered without a catalytic converter.

The Future:

This is the first time the public have had a chance to view the alé. The company is currently seeking investors to take the alé into production. They will also be entering the “Automotive X-Prize” competition for the most fuel efficient production vehicle.


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