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There’s an inexpensive product with so many uses, it can take the place of dozens of other products — white vinegar. Many people know they can clean out a coffee pot by running vinegar through a cycle, but there are many other uses.

  • Remove rust stains from clothing by wetting the spots with vinegar and rubbing with salt before washing.
  • Pre-treat ketchup, spaghetti and mustard stains. Soak clothing in a solution to remove grass, berry, coffee or tea stains.
  • Scrub vinegar onto children’s clothes to remove crayon marks.
  • Get smoke out of clothing by filling a bathtub with one-cup vinegar and hot water. Hang the clothes on the shower rod and close the door. The steam will remove the smell.
  • Use vinegar in the washer’s rinse cycle to dissolve soap and detergent residue, get rid of static cling and whiten whites.
  • Add one-half cup of vinegar when you wash new clothes to get rid of the chemicals.
  • Remove perspiration stains and mildew by spraying clothing before you wash.

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