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New Years Day Tribute to Chester   by Editor, SeniorARK       January 1, 2007

I hate cats! I have said it for years. I have said it to anyone who asks. They smell, they shed, they scratch, and they are aloof. But when we moved to a country home in 1992, my wife became attached to a stray female cat who shortly delivered kittens in our yard. One of them was Chester, a golden short-haired little boy that we could not part with. For nearly 15 years he has been a loyal member of our family. When I began a series of several surgeries three years ago, including open heart, Chester became my constant companion as never before. He seemed to understand. If I was asleep, he slept on top of me. If I tried to walk, he walked with me. If I went outside, he followed me everywhere.

For several months we have been treating Chester for renal failure. Unwilling to let go so fast, we even began administering liquid and electrolytes with injections.

This morning at 8:50 Chester took his last breath while I held him. I cried for a cat; my good friend. He was a noble animal. I will miss him, very much. I am very sad.

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In response to the above tribute, we add the below tip from the Caregiver Links and Tips page.

        SENIOR TIP OF THE DAY - - Perfect Senior Gift       

The day before my mother died, at 94, she asked my sister, "What will happen to Pepsi (her little dog) if something happens to me?" My sister reassured her that she would care for Pepsi. Do not underestimate how important a Senior's pet is to their mental well-being.  Can they afford a medical checkup for the pet they love so much? Shots? Treatment? A visit to the vet would be a great Christmas or birthday gift to a senior. I am a Senior, and I would be thrilled to receive this magnificent gift.

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