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 Congratulations!  You have found the most comprehensive independent "over 50" site on the web!!  You, or someone you love, will benefit from:  www.SeniorARK.com  Thousands of valuable Money-Saving Tips and Links to help Seniors and Caregivers Survive retirement! 

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SeniorArk Needs Your Wise Advice  

Readers: Please help SeniorARK find a single sponsor or donor.      

SeniorARK needs very little per month to pay the bills. We operate very frugally.

 Since our site began in November, 2005, we have not generated one cent of revenue. This was done by design, so that you could be assured that what we say is truly independent. We have never had to to promote or please any commercial or political interest, because we owe them nothing. We have only owed the best information we can present for our Senior readers. But at this stage we must do something to generate some revenue. We have had to buy additional software, and a newer, more powerful, computer, along with peripheral equipment. As volunteers we are a little proud of the website we have put together, now getting between well over 100,000 hits per month. A solid foundation has been laid, and the site is ready to roar! But we know that it needs polish. Our format is too cumbersome for those with older computers or dialup internet service. We need professional help to streamline things.

What we are ideally seeking is a single, private or commercial donor/sponsor. This might be a person with funds who wishes to support, perhaps anonymously, the only truly independent Senior site on the web. Or perhaps a generic commercial sponsor, like Coke, or a hybrid car, or Kraft Foods, or some similar enterprise. We can put their logo, or small ad, on every one of our HUNDREDS of pages. We think that arrangements like these would allow us to remain independent, and avoid those pesky ads that run down the sides of pages on so many Senior sites. We have been approached by senior dating services, retirement community chains, and a couple other enterprises we would rather keep at arms length, at this time.

SeniorARK is a a not-for-profit site, but not a licensed non-profit site, so at this point a direct private contribution to SeniorARK would not be a charitable tax deduction. We could file to become an official non-profit organization if the donor needs this deduction. If you know of someone, or some company who might feel proud to sponsor SeniorARK, please ask them to look us over, and contact us. This would be a golden opportunity for a commercial advertiser, at a very low cost, to get very good exposure to a key segment of their market.

We have been blessed by our effort to help you survive retirement, and hope you have been as well..

Bob Fassbach, Senior, and editor of www.seniorark.com      

email Bob at: SeniorARK@aol.com


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