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(1) Seniors Need Computers !!! 


(2) Tips on Buying a Computer

Also see: How to Get a Computer Cheap, Rather than Getting a Cheap Computer.

 Now an important matter if you are a loved one of a senior, or if you are a senior reading SeniorARK on someone else's computer: BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER, BUY A COMPUTER !!!!!!!!!!

(See SeniorARK Computer TIPS / LINKS)

POINT MADE??????  A Senior with a computer and very minimal instruction can have a new and less lonely world unfold before them. You can get and send email to family. Seniors can chat live with children and grandchildren and friends. And get or send pictures to those folks. Seniors can save money online through comparison shopping, finding clearance sites, or saving on sales tax. (I just bought a set of fireplace gas logs for less than half price and they were shipped to me free from Home Depot Clearance Center) . Seniors can go to Lowes project center, or look up phone numbers all over the country or the world. See other cities anywhere in the world through live cameras. Seniors can go  to  National Geographic, HGTV, the National Weather Center, live radar pictures of your area, travel sites, TV Guide, Get maps of anything anywhere. Listen to NASA. See pictures of all the homes for sale in any area of the country, and some around the world. Do crossword puzzles and more. Seniors can get daily news and health updates. Access The National Institutes of Health and other valuable medical sites. Read about prescription interactions. An active senior can get plans for a rocking horse you want to build for your grandchildren, or access every recipe known to woman (or man!!). Print any tax form. Make new friends. Download and play music of all types. Go to an internet library, your church website. Visit England County-by-County by picture. And millions of more ideas for Senior enjoyment. Exercise the senior mind. Keep it lubricated.

These examples have barely scratched the surface. The world is now at Seniors' fingertips.. A computer can change your life-----at any age. A Senior can buy a great computer system  for under $300, including a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and printer. Maybe even less after rebates.

By the way, a moment ago while I was typing this page, my daughter-in-law in New Jersey sent me an "instant message" and said "We are painting the basement tonight. Please come and help us". We spoke a few more words (in writing), and then she said, "Bye, I have to paint behind the computer." My world was just expanded, and I connected with family. The day before yesterday she sent 20 pictures of our dear grandson Alex. My wife and I sat at the computer today and enjoyed him. 


Here are some ways to pass your used computer on:



Tips on Buying a Computer

Here is some information from www.seniornet.org:


If you are in the market for a new desktop computer, you'll see a lot of technical jargon in computer ads. There are several essential specifications that you need to consider.


Dual-core (or duo) gives you twice the processing power of a regular processor and is worth the extra price.


1 GB of RAM should be sufficient for most uses; 2 GB or more if you use intensive graphics programs or games.


Hard drive storage:
Get a minimum of 100 GB; more if you save lots of digital photos or music. Optical drive: A CD-RW/ DVD Combo drive lets you view and save to a CD and view DVDs. A DVD+/-RW drive does that and also lets you copy DVDs.


Consider a 17" or 19" widescreen flat panel monitor for clear viewing that takes up a narrow (front-to-back) space. "All-in-one" models build the computer into the monitor casing to take even less space.


Operating system:
If you are used to a Macintosh computer, or have friends or family with Macs, you may want to purchase that brand, which is regaining popularity. The market is still dominated by Windows-based computers so that may be the operating system of your choice. Most new computers now come with Windows Vista. Your version choices as a home user are between Vista Basic or Premium. Premium has features such as Media Center to watch and copy DVDs, make custom photo slide shows and auto configure wireless connections. If you use many specialized hobby or other software programs, find out if they will work with Vista. If not, find a vendor who will install Windows XP instead of Vista.


Also see: How to Get a Computer Cheap, Rather than Getting a Cheap Computer.

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