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This is a project every homeowner and renter should do at least once a year, so why not do it in January when other activities seem to slow down. After all, you may be in a cold climate where you can't even watch the grass grow.

Get your camera and take pictures of every room and closet, your basement, attic, garage, and tool shed. And from several angles. Why? Insurance experts say most folks cannot begin to remember everything in a room or closet, not to mention the attic and basement. In the event of a fire, flood, other disaster, or even theft, you will have something to jog your memory---and the faith of your insurance adjuster.

But this is only the first stage. Never store your pictures in the house or apartment. If there is a disaster, the pictures will be destroyed. Rent a safe deposit box at the bank, or store the pictures with other family members---in a different house. You could download the pictures into your computer from a digital camera---provided you send them to someone who will keep them safe on a computer somewhere else.

You may never need to remember or prove what you lost, but there are millions out there who wish they could have had pictures when disaster struck. And you saw it here on SeniorARK.

And while you're at it, collect up those valuable documents: things like receipts for major purchases, wills, insurance policies, birth certificates. They should go into that safe deposit box as well.



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