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Our tribute to:

Mr. Moses Benjamin Middleton, 83, of Silver Spring, MD,

formerly of Bethesda, Maryland,

originally from South Carolina.


Moses died suddenly April 16, 2010, at Silver Spring, MD. Born July 24, 1926.


Moses Middleton (center) in 2009 with friends of near 30 years, Bob and Bette Fassbach


It's hard to know where to begin with our friend and family member Moses. We called him friend, brother, sponsor, loved-one. Moses Middleton was one of the gentlest people we have ever known, a first class gentle-man. He demonstrated this quality to us, and hundreds of others he helped over the years.

I, Bob, was in a tough situation when I first met Moses around 1982. He sat patiently listening to my difficulties and fears. At the end he would say calmly, "Bob, it's a day at a time". I didn't like to hear that. I wanted solutions - now! But after some time, I began to understand, and found great comfort hearing it with that deep resonating voice, "It's a day at a time." When I was in deep grief over the end to my first marriage, he explained that for now I needed to "put it in a quiet place". And I did, as best I could. And in 1987, he stood as my best man in my marriage to Bette. He stood with me through surgeries, financial difficulties, job challenges, job successes, happy times, and sad. I miss this simple, gentle man, profoundly.

We only learned of his death a month afterwards, and were crushed that we could not be at his funeral. The rector of his church in Glen Echo helped us through it on the phone, online, and in the mail. That is the church where Bette and I were married, and where Moses' ashes lie today.

Our last happy memory of Moses was our tour of the Phipps Conservatory, a huge botanical creation in Pittsburgh. That was around September, 2009. We were there less than a week before President Obama hosted the G-20 in that same breathtaking structure. We are grateful for this memory.

Thank you Moses for all that you have meant to both of us for so long.

If you know Moses, or us, and want to talk, or reminisce, or just to say hello, email us at springpure@aol.com  Bob and Bette Fassbach

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