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Living Cheaply: Make Money From Your Junk

.By Victor Blackwell
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- If you're strapped for cash and you're looking for ways to make a few bucks, the money may already be in your home.

You may not recognize it because it looks like junk.

Experts estimate that each year, Americans spend $4.5 billion dollars on junk at yard and garage sales. That doesn't include online sales on sites like eBay.

Mike Hollis' iSOLD it is an eBay drop off store.

"Just treat us like an online consignment shop," said Hollis.

His company will list your stuff on eBay, manage the auction, accept payment and ship the item to the highest bidder.

If you're looking for cash, Hollis will tell you to survey your hobbies. There could be cash, there.

"Musical equipment, right of the bat does real well. Camera equipment does very well - people upgrade. Anytime you're going to upgrade any sort of hobby or system, electronics or home stereo systems... speakers,” said Hollis.

That's just the beginning. A recent study conducted by eBay found that the average family has thousands of dollars worth of unused stuff.

Handbags are a great example.

In the average American home, there are four unused, designer bags.

On average, they sell for about $42.00 each.

That's almost $170.00, just in purses!

According to the survey, accessories account for a third of the unused items in the average household. They’re second only to electronics.

The survey found that in the average family's attic or junk drawer, there's more than $2,200

reprinted from: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/money

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