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CNN/Money Magazine says a lot of the internet advice about saving fuel is just a myth.

Myth: Gas up in the morning, when gas is cooler and you get more.

CNN/Money says that won't make any difference, as we're talking about molecules.  By getting up at 5am, you might save a penny on your $60 fillup.

Myth: Turn your a/c off and open the windows.

CNN/Money quotes experts who say sorry, that will create drag and hurt your mileage.

Myth: Purchase a fuel additive and improve your mileage.

You'll spend more on the additive than you'll save on gas.  CNN/Money says if BP could put in an additive that gave 10% better mileage, BP would have lines at all its gas stations, and would sell billions of dollars more in gas each year.

Myth: Purchase a "Hydrogen Generator," "Water-Fuel Injector" or other gadget.

But engineers say if it worked, GM and Ford would put them on every new SUV, and SUV sales would go through the roof. They would start advertising big SUVs and Pickups that got 30 MPG.  And carmakers could stop building hybrids, because all they would need is a $20 water injector under the hood of every car.

Remember: the US EPA has tested hundreds of fuel saving gadgets and says NONE will substantially improve your mileage.

Want to save gas? AAA says these changes will work.

1. Slow down, you'll get better mileage.
2. Remove anything heavy from your trunk, to save weight
3. Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure

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