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Cheating At the gas pumps (PRINT OUT YOUR RECEIPTS!!!)

This Email was sent to me by a friend whose cousin is an LA fire captain.

This is true. It happened To them three weeks ago somewhere in Pomona on Our way to Pechanga. The pump should have totaled @ $68.00 (and change). When the receipt was printed, And she checked it was $ 77.00 (and Change).
She Got mad, went inside the store, asked for a calculator And let them do the math. They refunded her. She told Them that if they cheat, they had better make it Right. Normally, her husband would skip printing The receipt. Not her

We Saw on the news the other night that this is happening Everywhere.

Brian pumped exactly one gallon of Gas. The price did not match the cost of one Gallon. It was higher. He went inside and Complained, got a refund. 

There is also a Number on each pump that you can call and Complain.

This is a true story, so read it Carefully.

On April 24, 2008, I stopped at a BP Gas station in GA. My truck's gas gauge was on 1/4 of a tank. I use the mid-grade, which was priced At $3.71 per gallon. When my tank is at this Point, it takes somewhere around 14 gallons to fill it Up.

When the pump showed 14 gallons had been Pumped, I began to slow it down. Then, to my 
Surprise, it went to 15, then 16. I even looked
Under my truck to see if it was being spilled. It was 

Then It showed 17 gallons on the pump. It stopped at 18 Gallons. This was very strange to me, since my truck Has only an 18 gallon tank I went on my way a 
Little confused, then on the evening news I heard a 
Report that 1 Out of 4 gas stations had calibrated their pumps to Show more gas had been pumped than a person actually Got.

Here Is how to check A pump To see if you are getting the right Amount:

Whichever grade you are using, putEXACTLY 
 In your tank, then look at the dollar amount. If The dollar amount is notEXACTLY
10 times the price of the fuel you have chosen, then 
The pumps are rigged. 

In My case, as I said, the mid-grade was $3.71 9/10 per 
Gallon; my dollar amount for 10 gallons should have 
Been $37.19. I wish I had checked the pump 
It doesn't matter where you pump gas .please 
Check The 10 gallon price
If you do find a station that is cheating, contact the 
State Agriculture Department, 
And direct your comments to the Commissioner.the info Is on the gas pumps.

sent by Maureen in Sharon, PA

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