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Tell us what you would most like to receive this year, and we will print it on this page, minus your name. This will give our thousands of  readers some idea  what seniors most need this year. A few have not been printed. C'mon now!

1. I could use a gift certificate to my vet, so my pet cat "bitsey" can get care. PA

2. Do utility companies have gift certificates? I am having trouble paying the gas bill. CO

3. I need safety bars installed in my bathroom. FL

4. I just want to see my children. CA

5. Someone to put up smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in my house. NY

6. A gift for my granddaughter. NH

7. I loooveeee candy. MA

8. A ticket to avoid the Medicare doughnut hole. DC

9.Someone to clean snow off the porch. ME

10. Just some company for Christmas. PA

11. I need a slow cooker. VA

12. Mostly I just could use help around the house. OR

13. I need a new computer, but can't pay the prices. FL

14. Peace on Earth - Goodwill Toward Men (and Women).  PA

15. I need a lifeline. NY

16. A nice plum pudding and a cracker (for you Yanks)!   UK

17. I have everything I need. MT

18. A new president.  VA

19. See your humor page here.  (just never mind where I'm from)

20. Money to pay for prescriptions in the donut hole. AZ

21. Less snow. WI

22. Someone to take me to my doctor visits in 2008. CA

23. My husband to get better. WV



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