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 by Editor of www.SeniorARK.com

March 21 and September 21, EVERY YEAR  One of the hemispheres is stirring!

In March--the Northern           In September--the Southern

A Pennsylvania maple is ready for action in March

Do you have a "budding scene" from the southern hemisphere? Please send it.


Twice each year our little planet displays a special miracle. It isn't sudden. It makes no sound. It doesn't cause us to grab hold of something to secure ourselves. Instead it is a quiet, reliable, and stealthy, maneuver. And yet we know it will happen. Humans have predicted it, with varying degrees of accuracy, for millennia: the light from our sun shines at an exact 90 degree angle on the equator at noon. The north pole is aligned perfectly with the south pole, squared with the sun. Equatorial daylight equals the amount of darkness on this day.

I know that may not be earth-shaking information for you---no, actually nothing "shakes". The miracle is that the earth, tilting with predictability on its axis, gets perfectly into position for that to happen twice a year; about March 21, and September 21. Some of you may call that SPRING and FALL. Some of you call it the EQUINOX. Today let's call it a MIRACLE in progress.

Now the southern hemisphere is beginning to get less light each day, and its plants, and some animals are making plans for sleep. The miracle manifests itself in the receding sap of the forests. The further we move south from the equator, the more dormant nature must become in order to survive the coming sleep. All of nature "knows" what to do. The miracle marches on.

But the northern hemisphere is just beginning to stir. It has slept and rejuvenated in a way that we still don't fully comprehend.  Daylight is extending north. The sap of life is beginning to flow. All of nature is preparing for growth and expansion. Buds, many of which have formed months ago, are awakening. The hibernating are stretching stiff muscle. The north will spread out a display of life and beauty that can hardly be described. Wonder of wonders. Miracle of miracles. SeniorARK hopes that you will take the time to savor the miracle this year.


"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."  ~Albert Einstein


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