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Kiplinger's List of 15 things you can do to save money on utilities today

  1. Change incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs

  2. Use power strips with turnoff switch

  3. Insulate you hot water heater

  4. Service your furnace every two years

  5. Lower your home's temperature - carefully for seniors

  6. Set your washer to "cold water", dryer to "automatic sensor" instead of "timer"

  7. Weather-strip your doors

  8. Lower water temperature to 120 degrees, or until shower-comfortable temperature

  9. Add timers or light sensors to lighting

  10. Install low-flow shower head

  11. Check your pipes, toilets,  and faucets for leaks

  12. Run dishwasher only when full

  13. Water lawns and gardens in the morning

  14. Use a drip-hose or irrigation system to water gardens

  15. Retrofit your faucets with aerators

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