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10 Ways to Assert Your Responsibility


1.Get up and force yourself to exercise every morning. Anything that you do will make you feel both mentally and physically better.

2. As long as you don't see your own name in the obituary list, you are better off than those who are listed, and you can begin to challenge the new day.

3. Instead of always complaining about your family, recall how great they really are and what the both of you have accomplished and achieved. You should be proud of them, but more important, they should be proud of you.

4. Your opinions and view points are important to you and you should not be ashamed to express them regardless of how outlandish. It shows you are thinking and trying to stay up with the world.

5. Try traveling to see different parts of this country as well as foreign countries. There are many organizations that cater to seniors---Elderhostels, Tauck Tours, Cruises, to name but a few.

6. Go to movies in the afternoon (popcorn is free on Tuesday). For hearing problems, look for foreign films that have English subtitles.

7. Take chartered bus tours to parks, museums, theatres, and casinos. Take very little money to the casinos and always look for the free or inexpensive buffets. The ride is relaxing and the scenery is beautiful.

8. Check out books in the libraries that have a big selection of books in large print. The most current fiction and non-fiction books are now both in regular and large print.


9. Recognize and accept that you are a senior. When driving your car becomes dangerous, turn in your license and keys before your children start to pressure you.



10. You should always regard yourself as number one. Your children will respect you for your independence



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