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10 Frugal Living Blogs

1A Frugal Living Blog by a Frugal Guy - This guy’s blog is a no-nonsense approach to the benefits of living a frugal life. I have taken a lot of advice from him. I like the fact that he preaches the advantages of living a frugal life by choice and thus being able to pursue your financial goals much more aggressively. He has a great sense of humor as well, one of my favorite posts had to do with this huge pork shoulder that he bought and was trying to figure what to do with it. Good stuff!

2- Wise Bread - Their motto is “Living Large On A Small Budget” and they have great posts and advice on not only frugal living but also financial advice and career advice. The post on ‘Frugal Things My Mom Does’ made me laugh out loud. Never pay for ketchup again baby!

3- Frugal For Live - ”Experience Life, By Living a Simple, Frugal Life”. Dawn has created an excellent frugal living resource. I particularly enjoy her writing style and her recent post “Many Uses For Towels” is hilarious, I had no idea a towel could be used for so much, although I use old towels in the garage for MANY, MANY things. Well done Dawn.

4- Frugal Simplicity- Cindy at Frugal Simplicity writes about frugal living ideas, money saving tips, and budgeting tips. She always writes in a way that just makes sense and she really has a knack when it comes to getting her point across. For example, she recently did a post on ‘How To Conserve Water and Save Money‘ where she clearly explains the costs associated with a leaky toilet and recommends ways to avoid this stinky situation. (Sorry I could not resist)

5- SavingAdvice.com Blog - The folks at SavingAdvice.com have put together a blog of with a ton of useful frugal living articles and content. I visit them often because they have a couple writers that write for them all the time and then they have guest contributors that do excellent work as well. A post that I bookmarked and I know that my wife and I will use is called ‘Ten Ways to Save on Birthday Parties‘ by Shannon Christman. The article gives great advice like choosing a free location like a park to host the party as well as having the party mid-afternoon so you only have to serve cake and not a meal. I like that one!

6- Money, Matters, and More Musings - This blog delves deeply into the topic of frugality as well as other stuff and always has posts that capture my attention and keep me reading! For example, the post titled Motivation For Frugality - It Is Not Always About The Money talks about the idea of being frugal when we are not really intending to be. Like when we walk because driving is such a hassle and would actually take more time. Interesting points and things I had not thought about before.

7- Pat Veretto’s Frugal Living Blog- Pat says that “living frugally is a daily, hands-on affair”. Boy ain’t that the truth Pat! This blog is full of really good frugality advice. Pat really has some excellent advice on how to save money in the kitchen and with household chores and cleaning. Good common sense stuff.

8- Thrifty Mommy - With a name like Thrifty Mommy it immediately captured my attention when I found this blog a while back. I visit often for the coupons as well as the ‘list’ post which include things like Frugal Challenge Saturday - 30 Great tips to get out of debt and Top 10 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy While You’re Working. This blog is written by the talented writers Kelly Saunders and Karen Weideman. Well done.

9- Frugal Underground- Written by a lady named Sarah Lewis, Frugal Underground is chalked full of frugal living tips and money saving advice. Recent posts that I thought were well done include her Frugal Wedding Tips and the advantages of Buying In Bulk. (I love Costco, but remember to only buy what you came for!)  But what I like best about her blog is her personal writing style and you can tell she really has a passion for what she is writing about. I also found it refreshing that she actually asked her readers what frugal topics interested them.

10- I’ve Paid For This Twice Already - Great blog name, it goes back to the idea that anything you bought with your credit card you have probably paid for already due to those outrageous interest charges. Very clever. The lady who writes this blog is a married mom with 2 kids and she blogs about frugality, credit cards, and budgeting to name a few categories. I find the blog to be very informative because she really is an advocate to the idea of being a much happier, healthier person if you get your finances in order and try to get out of debt, particularly credit card debt. The key being not spending more than we earn each month. Easier said then done, but this blog gives you a lot of practical advice on how to make that a reality.



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