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Click to enlarge these Pictures of  NEW CASTLE. PA  Most photos were taken March 27, and July 1, 2007.  It is our town and we are very proud of it. You may also be interested in the links below for the historic Banks Bridge, Neshannock Creek, and a walking tour of the Historic North Hill of New Castle.

We want you to see the NEW New Castle!   Small American renaissance town!

Please click pictures to enlarge and improve quality. All pictures will enlarge.


N Mill St


New Downtown Mall on the Neshannock

(2 pics)

Large area Amish Community


Totally New 2006 Jr.-Sr. High School

Click pictures to enlarge
  Historic, Restored, E Washington St    


New Street Lights and Signs


All pictures will enlarge YMCA


Historic, Restored, and New, S Mill St
Brand New Downtown Zambelli Park

New Public Library


All pictures will enlarge


County Courthouse (Lawrence County Seat)

Click pictures to enlarge
Typical Residential Neighborhoods

We selected photos with a minimum of trees


2 of the Dozens of  19th and early 20th Century Century Restored New Castle Mansions

New Castle, Pennsylvania

click pictures to enlarge and improve quality

See:  Historic Banks Bridge and Neshannock Creek, just outside New Castle

Also see photos of New Wilmington, PA, just outside New Castle

and: Walking tour of the Historic North Hill of New Castle

These pictures attach to article: Retirement Housing on Less Than a Shoestring 

   All About Pennsylvania Taxes for Retirees, and others.   Why Folks are Retiring to Pennsylvania,

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