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take me to some humor

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A plane is about to crash.

Five people are onboard, but there are only 4 parachutes

The first passenger says,

"I am Ronaldo, the best football player in the world. I owe it to my fans all over the world to survive.

He grabs the first parachute and jumps.

The second passenger, Hillary Clinton, says:    "I am the wife of a former president of the United States, a Senator from New York, and I have a good chance of becoming a president myself. I need to survive.

She grabs a chute and jumps.

The third passenger, George W Bush says, "I am the president of the United States of America.  Besides, I am the smartest president in the history of my country, and can't possibly die right now."

So he grabbed a chute and jumped.

The fourth passenger, the pope, says to the fifth passenger, a young boy,

 "I am an old man and have lived a full life. I have no fear of death, so you please take the last parachutte."

To this the young boy replied,

"Don't sweat it old man.....there's a parachute for each of us. The smartest president of America just jumped with my schoolbag."


Isn't it amazing how behavior repeats itself.

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