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Reagan and the Queen Riding Horses

October 7, 2006

This is a story that you will probably only be able to read on SeniorARK.com. Your editor heard former secretary of state James Baker being interviewed on a TV newscast very early this morning. He relayed a true story that he witnessed on a trip with former President Ronald Reagan on a visit with Queen Elizabeth during his presidency.

Reagan was with the Queen at Windsor Castle one morning, and since he and the Queen shared a love for horses, they decided to go horseback riding together. Some distance from the Castle, as Reagan was following the Queen up a small grade, the Queen's horse decided to loudly expel some gas in sync with each step.

 Embarrassed, the Queen turned around and said. "Oh I am so sorry Mr. President." 

"No problem your majesty", replied Reagan, "I thought it was the horse!"

Baker swears this is a true story. And to think, England is still our friend.


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