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There was a little old lady who was very spiritual who would  step  out on her porch every day, raise her arms to the sky and  yell, "Praise the Lord"

One day, an atheist bought the house next door to her,and he
 became very irritated with the spiritual lady. So after a month
 or so of her yelling,
"Praise the Lord" from her porch, he went
  outside on his porch and yelled back, "There is no Lord."

 Yet,  the  little  old lady continued. One cold, wintry day,
 when  the  little  old lady couldn't get to the store, she went
 out  on  her  porch,  raised  her hands up to the sky and said,
"Help  me  Lord, I have no more money, it's cold, and I have no
more food."

 The next morning, she went outside, and there were three bags
 of  food  on  the porch, enough to last her a week.
"Praise the Lord," she yelled.

  The  Atheist stepped out from the bushes and said, "There is
no Lord, ha ha ha, I bought those groceries!"

>(Hold on . . the ending is VERY good!).

  The  little  old  lady  raised her arms to the sky and said,
  "Praise  the Lord, You sent me groceries and you made
the Devil
   pay for them!"


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