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The  computer swallowed grandma.
Yes,  honestly its true!
She  pressed 'control' and 'enter'
And  disappeared from view.

It  devoured her completely,
The  thought just makes me squirm.
She  must have caught a virus
Or  been eaten by a worm.

I've  searched through the recycle bin
And  files of every kind;
I've  even used the Internet,
But  nothing did I find.

In  desperation, I asked Jeeves
My  searches to refine.
The  reply from him was negative,
Not  a thing was found 'online.'  

So,  if inside your 'Inbox',
My  Grandma you should see,
Please  'Copy', 'Scan', and 'Paste' her,
And  send her back to me.


(SeniorArk Editor adds: "Look for a few missing Grampies  in there too")

We  do not stop playing because we grow old;  
We  grow old because we stop  playing.  
NEVER  Be The First To Get  Old!

This  has been a tribute to all the Grandmas (and Grandpas)

 who have been fearless and learned to  use the  Computer...  
They  are the greatest!!!

Thanks to LadyBeth, NJ 

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