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Pain Resources from WebMD

Why Is Pain on the Rise?

As boomers age, the rate of chronic pain is rising.

 Hereís why -- and what you can do about it

The Facts About Chronic Pain

Emotional and Financial Price of Pain


Painís Price: The Emotional & Financial Costs


The damage goes beyond dollars. Pain takes an emotional and financial toll. How much does pain cost you and your loved ones?

Chronic Pain Management and Treatment
Chronic Back Pain Management: The Facts You Need Now
Why are you hurting? How can you stop the pain? The power of pain relief is in your hands. Start with these 10 treatment tips.
4 Ways to Manage Your Chronic Pain
Living Day to Day: 11 Ways to Manage Your Chronic Pain
Pain affects every part of your life. Itís important to get the right kind of help. Here are 11 ways to start helping yourself today.


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