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Here are a few of the "lies" and the truths" gleaned from a recent Chicago Sun-Times article.

THE LIE: The health care reform proposal "adds to our long term deficit."

THE TRUTH: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that the compromise health care reform legislation cuts the deficit by $138 billion over the next decade, and by $1.2 trillion over the following ten years. [Congressional Budget Office, 3/18/10]

THE LIE: "This bill will kill over 100,000 jobs in the state of Illinois." [Fox News, 3/13/10]

THE TRUTH: Annenberg's FactCheck found that the health reform bill is unlikely to have a significant effect on jobs in either direction, while a Center for American Progress analysis found that 17,755 jobs will be created in Illinois. No other respected think tank, or the Congressional Budget Office, or the Congressional Research Service has issued an analysis of the state-by-state employment implications of health care reform. [FactCheck.org, 11/17/09; Center for American Progress, 1/8/2010]

THE LIE: Health care reform legislation would "cut Medicare for seniors."

THE TRUTH: The AARP has endorsed the compromise reform legislation because Medicare savings do not come from cutting benefits, but from establishing new ways to pay doctors more fairly and to reward providers for quality of care instead of paying them a fee for each separate service, as we do now. The bill also reduces billions of dollars in waste and fraud, and cuts the amount of subsidies now paid to private health plans, which cost an average of 14 percent more per person than traditional Medicare does. [Center for American Progress, AARP Bulletin, 8/14/09]

THE LIE: "Employers will face higher costs and taxes under this bill." [Kirk press release, 3/22/10]

THE TRUTH: Small businesses will be eligible for tax credits to help cover their health insurance premiums. [HealthReform.gov]

THE LIE: "Seniors get hit worst of all. The bill cuts Medicare home health, hospital, drug, preventative services, wheelchairs, hospice care and more."

THE TRUTH: The reform legislation helps seniors and extends the long-term solvency of Medicare, which is why it earned the endorsement of the AARP. Most importantly, the bill will gradually close the Medicare donut hole completely for seniors struggling with their prescription drug costs. [AARP endorsement of Senate health care legislation]

Millions seniors will receive free preventive services, and will have their drug costs in the Medicare Part D donut hole covered over time. [HealthReform.gov]


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