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SENIORS: The "Daily Comment" or "Daily Rant", as the case may be, is where we hope to make personal contact with you every day. In this very short article you will find timely information on anything from a threat to Social Security or Medicare, to how our editor is feeling today, or how the weather is developing around our headquarters, or how we feel about a critical vote about to be taken in Congress.
We hope you will make this page a regular part of your daily online activity. There will be important links to information on your health, Medicare, Social Security, money, and much more. A special email address is posted above the article so you can give us your feedback. We encourage your feedback, and will answer every email.
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We apologize that some of our site pages have not been faithfully updated for a while.

The SeniorArk.com editor, Bob Fassbach, has suffered three ventricular events that made emergency electrical shock necessary. This was combined with a blood infection, as well as a bladder infection and a touch of pneumonia. Been on antibiotic drips for over 3 weeks. Not a fun start to 2016. Looks like heart ablation and/or implanted defibrillator are on the horizon.

More to come soon. Prayers are certainly welcome.

Best Wishes, Bob

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