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YOU are the lifeblood of Senior Ark.  We hope you will share your helpful links, tips, photos, recipes, and thoughts,  with other s niors. We really need your input today. AND PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL, EVEN IF ONLY TO TO LET US KNOW THAT THE SITE WAS HELPFUL!

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All  50 US States and the  District of Columbia (88 %), Puerto Rico, Guam, many from  Canada,  the UK,  and Australia, as well as  New Zealand,  China, Indonesia,  India,  Iraq,  Egypt,  Switzerland,  Germany,  Russia,  Argentina,  Mexico, Panama,  Brazil,  Denmark, Sweden,  Malaysia,  CNMI FlagNorthern Mariana Islands, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Norway, France, Singapore,  Austria,  Israel,  Korea,  South Afriac,  Ireland,  Venezuela,     Dominican Republic, Hong Kong,  Thailand, Finland, Philippines Canary Islands, Trinidad/Tobago, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles,  Taiwan,  Poland Oman,  Costa Rica  Algeria, Belgium   Ecuador  Bangladesh  Japan,  St. Johns, Antigua And Barbuda,  Chile,  Pakistan,  Portugal,  Uruguay,  Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, US Virgin Islands,  United Arab Emirates,  Nigeria,  Syrian Arab Republic,  Italy,  Morocco,  Luxembourg,  Kosovo,  Sri Lanka,  Bahamas,  Estonia,  Grenada,  Guatemala, Ghana,  Bulgaria,  Jamaica,  Moldova,  Lithuania,  Romania, Hungary,  Malta,  Jordan,  Iran,  Bermuda,  Qatar,  Belarus,  Slovenia,  c05053.gifMauritius,  Azerbaijan  Lebanon  Latvia  Suriname  Vietnam,  Ivory Coast,  Barbados,  Serbia,  Bolivia,  Myanmar, Macedonia,   Honduras,  Columbia,  Kenya,  Ukraine,  Libya,  Senegal,  Fiji,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,   Guyana, El Salvador,  Laos, Kazakhstan,  Mongolia,  Tunisia,  Cameroon,  Botswana, Saint Lucia,

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You can contact us in any of three ways: Seniors thank you!

(1) Regular Email: seniorark@aol.com

(2) You can also go to the  "message post"  page and leave a message there.

(3) Use this handy dandy form to submit your request, tip, link, recipe, or other comment.


If you would like to submit your photos of scenes in your area, your pets, or YOU, we will display as many as possible. Please clearly identify the location.   email: SeniorARK@aol.com   Let us know if you need help in understanding how to attach a photo to an email.

SUBMITTED READER PHOTOS             Click on one of the photos to see the full size.

Your editor decided to show off a couple of his local photos just for fun, in or near New Wilmington, PA .        Thanks for indulging me. >>>>>

(and the 5 below)


A clematis explodes with unseasonable color in Western Pennsylvania.


    Rt 18 Amish Farm             Amos                     Banks Bridge               Ferris Road           Neshannock Creek


February Rainbow at sunset in McFall, Missouri, Submitted By Carl S.

A simple Western Pennsylvania back yard springs to life.






My pal, Rascal
   Just wanted to show a picture of my wonderful late Mum and Dad. (no name, no location)

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