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those who live by the sword. political comment














nra headquarters


(SeniorArk adds: "The insanity continues! Every two days enough Americans die at the end of the barrel of a gun to fill a Boeing 727. And Congress refuses to address this American terrorism of guns. Now we discover that 44% of Republicans hold a subversive, treasonous, terroristic view, believing that the "time may come soon that we need guns to overthrow the government. Frightening.)


National Rifle Association (NRA) Headquarters - Editorial Image




Wayne LaPierre

weapons of mass destruction


(SeniorArk adds:  Israel consistently thumbs its nose at the U.S. and the world as it represses both Christian and Muslim  Palestinians. They steal whatever land they want from these people, and build homes for Jewish so-called "settlers" with American money. For decades, Palestinians have lived in a virtual prison under the Israeli thumb. At the slightest provocation, they are often beaten, bombed, and shot like trapped fish in a barrel by Israeli police and soldiers. How long will the world and the U.S. tolerate this repressive rouge nation?)